Beanie Babies Hang Tags

It’s very important to know which Hang Tag your Ty Beanie Babies have in order to determine the value. Here are links to pages that will help you identify which Generation your Hang Tag is.

1st-4th Generation Hang Tags

5th Generation

6th Generation

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Lacey - 9 September, 2017

Where is the best place to go to sell your beanie babies for the best prices

Kathy W - 26 August, 2017

POuch 4161,
Can you tell me what these are worth? Thank you.

Julie - 16 August, 2017

What if I have a beanie baby that is missing the U.K after Fareham Hants address? Does this make it rare?

Tiny - 24 July, 2017

Can you explain why there are some tush tags with numbers in black. Tush tags with red oval, with Chinese writing and red numbers with in. Tush tags with out any thing on the inside?

Dawn - 27 June, 2017

If beanie baby has no hang tags but have the tush tags are they worth anything?

nancy - 18 April, 2017

i have beanie babies that i need to sell there from 1990’s ok thanks nancy t

Crystle Jones - 2 April, 2017

What if the “I” looks like a lower case “L”

    Anonymous - 5 April, 2017

    Typically this means it is a different style and will have the style number listed inside of the hang tag.

Anonymous - 31 March, 2017

My sister has some beanies and doesn’t want them anymore. What should she do with them?

    Anonymous - 28 June, 2017

    donate to Operation Gratitude for distribution to our troops. Full explanation given on line on their site.

Anonymous - 17 December, 2016

I have all ty beanie ba

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