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Bronty Beanie Babies Price Guide

Regular Ty Bronty Beanie Babies have 3rd Generation Hang Tags.

The Tush Tag can either be 1st Generation or 2nd Generation

Other versions, such as the McDonalds or Beanie Buddy version of Bronty will have different tags and will be worth less.

Authentic Bronty's have the date 1995 on the Tush Tag.


Hang Tag: 3rd Generation

Tush Tag: 1st Generation

Sold For: $76

Date Sold: September 2017

Charity auction for victims of Hurricane Harvey. 

Bronty Beanie Buddy

Sold For: $9.99

Date Sold: September 2017

Bronty McDonald's Version

Sold For: $0.25-$5

Smaller version - given away at McDonald's stores.