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5th Generation Beanie Babies Tush Tags

There was not much change from the 5th Generation Beanie Babie Tush Tags compared to the 4th Gen versions.  

Two changes from 4th Gen tags were an ® symbol that was added to the "Beanie Babies" in the The Beanie Babies Collection line. On 5th Generation tush tag versions, a ™ was added after the name of the Beanie Baby.

The 5th Generation Beanies once again have the name of the toy on the tush tag.

Very few Beanie Babies with a 5th Generation Tush Tag are worth many. Very, very few.

These tags were produced in the mass production era of Beanie Babies and collectors tend to want the 1st and 2nd Generation Tush Tag Beanies or ones that are much more rare.  

For example, a Goldie The Fish with a 5th Generation Tush Tag that was even authenticated by True Blue Beanies only sold for $8 on eBay in June 2013. A 1st Generation Tush Tag Goldie The Fish would sell for over $100+.