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5th Generation Hang Tags

5th Generation Hang Tags are very similar to 4th Generation versions, but you should be able to tell the difference. The big difference is the Comic Sans font for 5th Generation Tags. Also, on 4th Generation Beanies, the style number is listed next to the Beanies name, on 5th Generation versions, there are no style numbers on the Hang Tags.

5th Gen Tag Front






5th Generation Hang Tags feature Comic Sans Font.
5th Gen Tag






5th Generation Gosport German Tag

Gosport German Tags








5th Generation Gosport Tag misspelled ‘Gasport’

5th Gen Gasport







5th Generation Original is misspelled ‘Origiinal’ on Tag front
Click on image for larger view

orgiinal tag error






5th Generation Surface Wash misspelled ‘Suface’ Wash
Click on image for larger view

suface wash error tag






5th Generation Hang Tag Cover-ups
More Information







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