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5th Generation Hang Tag Cover-ups

When the 5th generation Beanie Babies hang tags started appearing, many of them had dual spelling errors that Ty later corrected on some toys. On the front of the tag, inside the yellow star, the word original is misspelled “ORIGIINAL”. On the back of the tag, the word surface is misspelled “suface.” It’s believed that Beanie Babies: Blackie, Curly, Floppity, Hippity, Hoppity, Peace, Roary, Squealer, Tuffy and Valentino have been found with these two mistakes on them.

Peace Beanie Babies versions with the “suface” misspelling can sell in the $10-20 range.  Many sellers on eBay overprice the error “suface” beanie babies, but they weren’t that difficult to get. 5th Generation Beanie Babies were highly mass produced, there are very few worth anything today.

5th Generation Tush Tags

Ty started using a sticker to correct the “suface” misspelling on some of the 5th generation swing tags. Known Beanie Babies with the sticker correction are: Hippity, Hoppity, Floppity, Peace, Tuffy and Blackie. Those with the sticker all have a special pre-cut sticker with the words “surface wash” printed on it, and placed directly over the mispelled “suface wash.” No attempt was made by Ty to correct the spelling of Original on the front of the hang tags.


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