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Way back in the day….. Beanie Babies were hot. People lined up in front of stores waiting to get their hands on the latest version. The passion for the toys led collectors online to create websites where they shared links, rumors and tips about collecting beanie babies. Most of those beanie babies collector sites don’t exist anymore, but they were an incredible resource for those that were around during that time period.

In the late 1990s it was popular to link to news stories about beanie babies on a daily basis. Several websites, like Beaniemom, RandyandTheresa and aboutbeanies were updated everyday. Without question, some of those sites got thousands of visits a day. Collecting and hunting back then was fun, exciting and filled with mystery. Beanie Babies creator Ty Warner tried to keep things interesting at all times. He would post cryptic “News Flashes” on the Ty website and the infamous Ty Cyberboard. In August 1999 he sent the beanie collecting world into a frenzy when he announced the retirement of all current babies. For several months after the announcement, there was confusion and rumors about the future of beanie babies.

Shortly after the year 2000, the demand and value of beanie babies dropped off the table. Most collector sites vanished or stopped updating content. This page will pay tribute to the style of those collector sites back in the day.

Ty Warner gets 2 Years Probation – No Jail Time
Chicago Tribune – January 14, 2014
Warner will serve a two year probation sentence, but no jail time for pleading guilty to tax evasion. U.S. District Judge Charles Kocoras cited Warner’s numerous charitable efforts as a main factor to not send the Beanie Babies founder to prison. There is a video of Warner leaving the courthouse inside the Tribune article.

Ty Warner Deserves Jail-time For Tax Evasion: Prosecutors
Forbes – January 8, 2014
Ty Warner has already paid a $53.55 million fine for stashing his beanie riches in a Swiss bank account, but Chicago prosecutors want him to face jail time.

Meet The Reclusive Billionaire Behind The Beanie Baby
The Huffington Post – January 5, 2014
Jillian Berman gives insight into the Beanie Babies mystery man Ty Warner. New information about Warner has surfaced since he pled guilty in October 2013 for tax evasion.

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