Beanie Babies Worth Money

Below is a list of Beanie Babies worth money. They feature some of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation versions that are hard to find and also rare exclusive Beanie Babies that were not available to the normal public.  eBay is the best marketplace for high and low end Beanie Babies. Very few are worth money, but if you have a 1st Generation Hang Tag Beanie Baby those can sell for over $100.

Condition and the Tags make a huge difference in the price of Beanie Babies. If the toy is well used and shows noticeable wear then that will dramatically impact the final sale price. The Tags play a huge role in determining the value of Beanie Babies. Not only do they identify the toy, but the condition of the tag will also factor into the value.  Beanie Babies with no Hang/Swing Tag will not be worth as much as one that still has the tags attached. Most Beanie Babies have the “Tush Tag” still attached as it was sewn into the toy.

Many of the Beanie Babies listed below are authenticated by 3rd party authenticators. There is a cost associated with grading/authenticating your beanie, usually around $15-20 when shipping is taken into account. If you have a rare beanie, or a 1st generation one, then you might want to consider getting it authenticated to maximize value. There were many fake and counterfeit beanies that were created during the boom of popularity the toys had in the 1990s.

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Top Selling Beanie Babies Archive:

Pinchers Worth MoneyPunchers AKA Pinchers
Authenticated By: – Korean Tags
Hang Tag: 1st Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $1,800.00
Sale Date: June 2, 2013
eBay Seller: tkeeper

Humphrey The Camel
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
No Tags
Final Price: $1,400.00
Sale Date: July 28, 2013
Rare Prototype! Authenticated in 2001

Humphrey the Camels Beanies For Sale

#2 Employee Bear #83/475
Authenticated By:
Hang Tag: 5th Generation
Tush Tag: 6th Generation
Final Price: $800.00
Sale Date: July 8, 2013


Slither The Snake
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Hang Tag: 2nd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $800.00
Sale Date: June 14, 2013
Slither The Snake Beanies For Sale

Coral Casino Bear #/588
Tag Autographed By Ty Warner
Comes with autographed note from Ty
Final Price: $750.00
Sale Date: July 26, 2013


Coral Casino Beanie Babies For Sale

Authenticated By:
Hang Tag: 3rd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $750.00
Sale Date: July 4, 2013


Inky – Tan with No Mouth
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Hang Tag: 1st Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $749.99
Sale Date: June 2, 2013


Quacker Worth MoneyQuacker The Duck – Wingless
Authenticated By:
Hang Tag: 2nd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation – Canada Tags
Final Price: $700.00
Sale Date: March 13, 2013
eBay Seller: tkeeper


Peanut the Elephant – Royal Blue
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Hang Tag: 3rd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $660.00
Royal Blue Peanut Beanie Babies For Sale

Digger Worth MoneyDigger The Crab – Orange
Authenticated By: Peggy Gallagher
Hang Tag: 1st Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation – Canada
Final Price: $650.00
Sale Date: May 23, 2013
eBay Seller: ultrabeaniemasters

Peanut the Elephant – Royal Blue
Hang Tag: 3rd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $649.89
Sale Date: March 28, 2013
eBay Seller:


billionaire 3Billionaire Beanie Baby 3 #390/650
Signed By Ty Warner
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Hang Tag: 6th Generation
Tush Tag: 9th Generation
Final Price: $499.89
eBay Seller:


Purple Bean Prototype
Authenticated By: Peggy Gallagher
Prototype Tags
Final Price: $475.00
Sale Date: July 25, 2013
Rare Prototype of an unreleased Beanie Baby!


Tangerine Bean Prototype
Authenticated By: Peggy Gallagher
Prototype Tags
Final Price: $450.00
Sale Date: July 27, 2013
Rare Prototype of an unreleased Beanie Baby!


Quacker The Duck – Wingless
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Hang Tag: 2nd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $410.00
Sale Date: July 8, 2013


Billionaire Beanie Baby 1
Signed By Ty Warner
Authenticated By:
Hang Tag: 5th Generation – Tush Tag: 6th Generation
Final Price: $399.99
Sale Date: July 3, 2013
eBay Seller: tkeeper


Humphrey The Camel
Hang Tag: 1st Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $395.00
Sale Date: March 30, 2013
eBay Seller: refttt

Billionaire Beanie Baby 12 #141/357
Signed By Ty Warner
Authenticated By:
Hang Tag: 16th Generation – Tush Tag: 14th Generation
Final Price: $340.00
Sale Date: June 7, 2013
eBay Seller: tkeeper


Carvers – With “Boo” on both feet
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Hang Tag: 18th Generation
Tush Tag: 13th Generation
Final Price: $250.00
Sale Date: June 25, 2013


Web the Spider
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Hang Tag:2nd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $250.00
Sale Date: August 12, 2013
View Picture

Humphrey The Camel
Hang Tag: 2nd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $195.00
Sale Date: August 16, 2013
30 Bids – Writing on Both Tags
eBay Seller: tkeeper
View Picture

Billionaire Bear #6 #/696
Authenticated By: Peggy Gallagher
Hang Tag: 11th Generation
Tush Tag: 13th Generation
Final Price: $182.50
Sale Date: June 10, 2013
eBay Seller: epicstuffshippedfast

Ally the Alligator
Hang Tag: 1st Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $148.11
Sale Date: July 9, 2013
eBay Seller: tkeeper
View Picture

Bronty The Dinosaur
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Hang Tag: 3rd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $135.00
Sale Date: August 14, 2013
View Picture

Trap The Mouse
Hang Tag: 3rd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Final Price: $122.00
Sale Date: August 8, 2013
Notes: 39 bids! Rare!
View Picture

Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Hang Tag: 15th Generation
Tush Tag: 13th Generation
Final Price: $81.01
Sale Date: August 19, 2013
Notes: Rare! 2008 Release Was Cancelled by Ty!
View Picture

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  • Angie says:

    I am just wondering the worth if any, of the American trio …. Righty, Lefty, and Libearty! All in their packages…. Or maybe you can tell me where to find the worth of other beanies! Thanks so much!

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello, the American Trio set typically sells online for between $5-10. eBay tends to be the most active marketplace for Beanie Babies.

  • melina terry says:

    I have “The Attic Treasures Collection” Orion Ty Beanie Baby in great condition with a pink hang tag instead of a red one. Some I have seen online with a pink hang tag are worth $200,000 but I can’t find anything about the one I have. Surely I don’t have the only Orion with a pink tag! If anyone knows how much it is worth or how i can find out please let me know! Thanks!

    • holly says:

      Hi there, I can get my hands on punches the lobster 1st Gen tag and tush tag…..2 are for sale the only difference is the tush tag , one has 4 line Korean and the other has 5 line Korean? I need to move fast and info would be great….also one of the hang tags has the glue on it from the price sticker being removed. ….you can read most of it….

      • Love My Beanies says:

        If they aren’t authenticated by someone like Peggy G or True Blue Beans I wouldn’t buy them unless they are basically free.

        • holly says:

          Thank you!

        • melina terry says:

          Is the Attic Treasure Collection with the pink hang tag worth anything?

          • Love My Beanies says:

            A few of the very early ones have some value, similar to how Beanie Babies work, the earlier they were made the better.

          • melina terry says:

            Ok thank you. I have several made in 1993. Not sure when all of this started so I don’t know if it will be considered an early one..

          • Love My Beanies says:

            The dates on the tags don’t mean much. A 1st Gen with 1993 or 1995 won’t effect the value. It’s the combination of Tush and Hang tag that makes it valuable. Ones with a 1st Generation Tush Tag AND 1st Gen Hang Tags are worth the most.

            Generally speaking:
            1st Hang Tag + 1st Gen Tush Tag- big value
            2nd Hang Tag + 1st Gen Tush Tag – have solid value
            3rd Hang Tag + 1st Gen Tush Tag – Some value

            Anything else without a 1st Gen Tush Tag, pretty much in the $5 range except for a few of them.

          • melina terry says:

            Ok I see. Thank you so much for your time and information.

  • JackieSmithAuthor says:

    Hi! I have an Osito red Mexican Flag Bear, pretty much in mint condition, who came with two hanging tags, one on each ear. Would this be considered a rare Beanie Baby? Thank you so much!

    • Love My Beanies says:

      There are examples of Beanies that have two hang tags. It doesn’t effect the value that much because it would be easy to apply another hang tag to any Beanie. Beanie Babies with two tush tags would be an interesting item.

  • Chris says:

    We have a whole bunch too! Just recently learned about the oddities that can add value so we went exploring in our lot. Guess what! We found that we have ones with the double I in original, no r in surface, pink stamps, and double reds ( to hold swing tags)! We also have a ton of originals regular size and just about all of the teenie ones too! Any suggestions on how to advertise to the most interested audiences? We have a daughter trying to get through college, even textbook money would help. Thanks!

  • stormy says:

    I have a Bessie with pvc pellets. On the tush tag, where it has the TY heart logo, there’s a sticker the logo. Idk what is underneath, not wanting to ruin it by peeling the sticker off.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the sticker on the back of the tag has “surface wash” on it it’s covering a miss spelling. May be worth some money

  • JOsh says:

    Now I am just curious, I have a Platinum Membership kit Clubby II bear with a gold coin, I have the whole kit. I am just curious if this is worth anything

  • stormy says:

    I….have a purple Peanut….at least the hang and tush both says its peanut…never heard of a purple Peanut….what do i do with it?

  • josh says:

    I have several Beanie babies I need to get rid of. Some very nice ones. I’ll get rid of them for an amazing deal.. I just want them out of the hose please let me know if anyone is interested

  • casey says:

    I have Princess, Handmade in Indonesia 1997, In mint shape everything matches, whats it worth

  • Whitley says:

    I have Millenniumthe bear and Spangle the bear. Are they worth anything?

  • stephanie says:

    Hello, I have a plush bunny that I think is called nibbles. They made a brown one and a white one. I have the brown. the tush tag has only the red heart with ty in it and the other side just says ty, Inc 1993 and then pvc china. (more words in between) I do not have the hang tag. I have looked and noticed that the tush tag was 2nd generation. Is it worth anything?

  • Cheryl says:

    I have 6 beanie babies most have both tags not the original one with the heart, I have the book one but the tags on the babies are dated from 1996 to 2002

  • grace says:

    show more pictures and more beanie babies!
    i have many rare ones more than these pictures, so come on show more!

  • jihan says:

    I have digger left,birthday bear, chops without hanging tag are they sellable

  • Dan says:

    Hello I have this 1993 teddy. The heart tag is generation 3 and the lush tag is generation 1. I am
    Not sure what color it’s considered but I am thinking cranberry. It also seems to be the old face but I am not sure. If I could post a pic I would. It has green ribbon around the neck. What would it be worth?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello! 3rd/1st Generation Teddy’s tend to have some value. Usually in the $40-50 range. Take a look at this one, does yours look like this? If it does, it’s a 3rd/1st Generation Cranberry New Face Teddy.

  • Natalie Anne says:

    I believe I may have Pinchers 1st Gen, but the tag is missing. Is it worth anything?

  • gage says:

    hi i have an original beanie babies princess diana bear 1997 with tags and the plastic tag cover. how much is its value? its not the misspelling version

  • Gretchen says:

    I have a mint princess bear with an iggy tush tag….what would this be worth?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Gretchen. Recently a Princess with an ‘Erin’ Tush Tag sold for $29 on eBay. Error beanie babies are tricky, most tend to be worth less than $29.

  • Bob says:

    I have some teenie beanie babies that I would like to sell. One is Rocket the blue Jay.

  • Andrea says:

    Hi! I have a Millenium bear. I’m trying to price it, but it’s hard to find a range as the prices on ebay can be misleading (some people are asking 1 grand+, and I’m not sure if it’s legit.) It’s in great condition. I’ve done some research on what verson it is, and it’s the first. Both mispellings are on the tag and tush tag. Thank you in advance!

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello! There might have been a time when those were worth something, I think that is where some of the crazy asking prices come from. I’ve seen quite a few sell online, on the best day maybe $10. Most tend to sell in the $1-3 range.

  • Hunter says:

    I have a blizzard that has a iggy tush tag,is that worth anything?

  • Nikki says:

    I have a baldy and it has PVC pellets and a tiny and a tuffy are any of those rare

  • Nicole M says:

    I have a collection of about 300 beanie babies that I am wanting to sell. I just moved and don’t have room to store them any longer. Most of my beanies have tag protectors and are all in mint condition. I have a bunch of bears, some in cases. Some of the original 9, some PVC beanies and some with spelling mistakes. Additionally I have some of the McDonalds collection as well. Pleas email me if you are interested in buying my collection


  • jason says:

    Ty Classics Thomas I have him in mint condition. Any idea what he may be worth?

  • Kaite says:

    Hi, we are in the process of moving and I’m going through my daughters Beanie Babies. I found a blueish-green Chameleon Hang tag says Rainbow and the tush tag says Hissy, PE pellets, no tongue and yellow eyes. Can’t find any with a Hissy tag. Any ideas on value?

  • maggie says:

    I have a peanut royal blue don’t know how to tell the geniration

  • maggie says:

    I have lots of beanie Babies but I can’t get anyone to buy do you know where I can sell besides online?????

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Aside from local flea markets or some kind of thing like that, it would be difficult to sell Beanie Babies unless it was online. One thing to keep in mind, online or not, there are way, way, way more people trying to sell Beanie Babies than buy them. Finding buyers for Beanie Babies can be like a needle in a haystack unless they are for some of the very rare ones.

  • Foreveryoung says:

    I have a beanie babie no1 employee bear that was signed by Ty Warner, but it wasn’t numbered. I know there is only 253 made. I took pic and have done research n everything about it is ligit. Everything is okay except that there is a blank space under his name. I think they forgot to number it. I never realized it until lately when I was checking to see what number it was. All the ones I saw online are numbered except the one I have.

  • KRYSTYN says:


  • Mary Allen says:

    Hello I have the try beanie babies that went in the McDonalds Happy meals about 17-18 years ago all still in the plastic bags looking to sale any help I would thankful.

  • Anissa. says:

    I have Quackers, but the tag was removed :o( how much would he be worth without the tag?

  • Anonymous says:

    I have Peanut Royal Blue Elephant from McDonalds new in box. They made an error on the color for the beanie babies so is the one from McDonalds rare???

  • Nicolas says:

    Hey there! I recently purchased two authenticated Hong Kong Toy Fair Bears. The 2012 and 2013 edition. They were both rated MWMT’s MQ. I’m wondering what they’re worth? Thanks a bunch!

  • jo says:

    Hi I have a green frog called prince his tush tag is white with a red heart , 1993 his is worth anything , just wondering as I have many beanies but this is the only one with this colour tush tag x

  • Lisa says:


    Maybe you can help me with a clearly decreased value beanie. :( I have a red digger crab with a 3rd gen tush tag, but no swing tag. Is it even valuable anymore?


    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello! If it was a 1st Generation, you’d have a little something even without the hang tag. Once you get into the 3rd Gen Tush Tags with most beanies we’re talking $5 or so at best. Diggers with 1st/1st Tags have real value, easy several hundred for an authentic one, it’s crazy how the value drops off the table so quick for ones that have 2nd or later tags.

  • tony Carter says:

    I have two princess Di beanie babies. Both are PVC filled and are first editions based on everything I can see and everything I have read regarding the tags. Is there any value to these? I have pics…

  • Guy says:

    Can someone tell me anything about a purple Ty Teddy # 4056 1993 ORIGINAL TY NEW FACE PURPLE BEAR BEANIE BABY DOLL Ebay item 330548458782
    It has a 1st generation tush tag and a 2nd generation hang tag from the UK and it is the color of a Millennium Beanie baby but with no image on the front and has a pink ribbon
    Is this authentic or a fake as I have not seen another like this?
    Any information will be helpful
    Thank you

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello! That one might be a little questionable. On the inside of the tag I believe authentic versions have Ltd. That one has LTD.

      • Guy says:

        If you go to
        and scroll down to 2nd generation hang tags you will see a 2nd generation “Web” hang tag with the LTD in capital letters and that is saying it is an authentic tag.
        Can you explain?
        Thank you

  • Guy says:

    I have a “Chocolate” beanie baby 1st tush tag/3rd hang tag but the hang tag says “Daisy”, is it worth anything?
    Thank you

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Guy!

      That’s a tough one. It would be easy to switch out hang tags, but it could have very easily come like that. It probably wouldn’t raise the value, but a normal 3rd/1st Chocolate is actually a nice find and can sell in the $10-20 range online.

  • Vicki says:

    I have a peace bear that is in itself a common bear. Im guessing 4th generation hang tag and 5th generation very faded tush tag. The thing that makes it rare is that it is from a 1998 rock concert and it is numbered 188 out of 350. The tag on it is yellow with black writing and it is attached to the left shoulder. It says 1998 Commerative Beanie Baby curved across the top, then in the center it says Rockin The Hills with a guitar and below that in tiny print, ROCKIN’ 98 Below that in red is a number from a numbering machine which reads No 188 and at the bottom also curved along the bottom is Limited Edition 1 of 350 Series 1.

    I have tried to find out information on this beanie for years and have found nothing. I got it on ebay I believe in 2003 or 2004 when I was actively collecting them. I think I paid $25 at the time because I collect peace bears and this one was different. Do you know anything about this bear? Is it rare or do I just have a different peace bear :)

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello! That sounds like a really cool Peace Bear. Much like you, I’ve looked and looked and haven’t found much outside of a 2012 eBay auction for one that went for $37.99. It probably worth around, or slightly more than the $25 you paid for it. It’s definitely worth hanging onto as most Beanie Babies have waaaay more than 350 out there. It’s rare.

  • Amber Wills says:

    Hello, I have a remarkably clean Valentino Bear with P VC pellets, made in 1993, 2 misspellings ( original in ear tag is spelled with two i’s “origiinal”, and on back surface is spelled “surface”, no lot number on inside of tush tag, face is narrow with nose close to eyes. The tush tag still has . Plastic cover over it and the bear is in pristine condition. I was wondering how much am I looking at? How do I tell what generation the tags are?
    I also have Pinchers with P VC pellets, no lot number but dont know if its first edition? Also have “Cheri” a poodle that stands with a beret on, pvc pellets, 1993, there is just a TY on ear tag and the tush tag is brown with tan letters and just a TY…can u help with this?
    Thanks so much!

    • Love My Beanies says:


      With Valentino, the only ones worth anything of real value will have a 1st Generation Tush Tag:

      Other versions that are not 1st Gen, even with the Tag errors, those are fairly common on Valentino’s and it looks like it was one of the most mass produced Beanies Ty made. If it has a 1st Gen Tush Tag, it and will have either a 2nd or 3rd Generation Hang Tag:

      2nd Gen Hang Tag – 1st Gen Tush Tag versions can be worth over $100
      3rd Gen Hang Tag – 1st Gen Tush Tag versions can be worth $20+

      Same idea with the Pinchers. Depends what tags it has. If it has 1st/1st tags, those can be worth several hundred dollars. 3rd-5th Gen tags and they are pretty much worthless.

      The Cheri is apart of the Attic Treasures line. Those don’t have quite the same popularity as regular Beanie Babies, a Cheri is only worth $1-3 or so.

  • Connor Prow says:

    Hello. I have 2 beanies that I think are potentially rare. One is Valentino with “oriiginal” on swing tag, brown nose, and the 1993/1994 error. It also has a sticker over the “suface wash” mistake to correct it. The other is a millennium bear with a “Gasport” error. Millennium is spelled correctly though. Are these worth any money? Thank you.

    • Connor Prow says:

      Both Bears are P.E. Pellets btw.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello! The Valentino is a nice find, someone on eBay has been trying to sell one with those tag errors for $40 with no luck. It’s worth less than that, probably in the $10 range, but it’s a nice one to have. The Millennium Bear is very common. No more than a few dollars for that one.

  • Ashley says:

    I have speedy the turtle with I believe a fifth generation swing tag (has yellow star with original beanie baby) and third generation tush tag (has no small star). Birth year is 1994 but tush tag says 1993 and a canadian tush tag and PVC pellets as well. Is it worth anything?
    I also have Ears the bunny with fifth generation swing tag, PVC pellets, and third generation tush tag as well. Is this worth anything?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello! Unfortunately, a 5th Gen Speedy, even with a Canadian Tush, doesn’t have much value. Maybe $5 on a good day. Same thing with Ears, from the 3rd Generation on up with Beanie Babies, it’s hard to have one of any real value.

  • Katy says:

    I just recieved a billionaire 2 bear but the signature in the hand tag isnt actually hand signed and I was just curious if he is worth anything at all? Or if it’s worth being sent to aunthenticate? Or were they mass produced? Thanks!

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello! It looks like those were signed in, what appears to be Gold Ink, and they are also hand serial numbered with the same gold ink. What color is the signature on your bear?

      • Katy says:

        I believe it’s more a black color and i can’t tell if it was hand signed. Where would the serial number be? Because all that is in the hand tag is the TY signature.

  • Lisa says:

    I have the princess beanie with correct hang tag that says princess but the tush tag says “Erin”. 1997 china pe pellets no number in tush tag. I cant find another one like it on ebay. Can you tell me what this might be worth?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Lisa! There might be a slight premium above what a regular version might be worth. There are several different versions of the Princess, most are only worth a few dollars. See if you can identify which one you might have on this page:

      It might be worth 1.5 – 2 times what a normal one might be worth but that is just a guess. With so many Princess Bears out there, it can be hit or miss getting value for one. It might only sell for what a regular one would. It would all depend on how many potential buyers might be interested. I’ve seen a few other Princess Bears with error tush tags, one had Blizzard on the Tush Tag, but I haven’t seen one sell to get an idea what the value might be.

  • Martin says:

    My wife just found a royal blue peanut Ty . It does not have the ear tag but it does have the 2nd tag also says 100% tylon instead of nylon 1998

    Anybody have any idea what they are worth without the ear tag? Other than that it’s in great condition

  • Guy says:

    I have a “Princess” Beanie and the left foot is almost 1/2″ longer than the right, is that common?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      It’s tough to say with those because so many of them were made. It could have just been a slight error, it could be counterfeit, as a lot of those exist. In the end, there are so many out there in general, that none of the Princess Bears hold much value, even ones that have some quirks with the tags or with the fabric.

    • Sandra Cada says:

      I have a 1993 ty “patti” platypus in the fuschia or purple color with tag says 1993. Clean, not played with and trying to find out what it is worth. I also have “chocolate” the moose, 1993 but with out ty tag. A bongo monkey again with out tag. I have a whole bag of these things I bought for my daughter. Most of them have tags on them, most of them have 1993 -96,97 tag dates, most have the ty tag as well and almost all state hand made in china on them. Some newer ones say Indonesia, but the other ones say china, hand made. What are all these things worth?

  • Chris says:

    I recently bought an orange crab beanie “digger” with no Ty tag. Still has the tush tag. I was wondering what the value would be. It is dated 1999.

  • dana says:

    Do u know where would buy beanies from me I dont have time for ebay and alo that

  • Joy Jones says:

    I have recently inherited a large beanie baby collection. If anyone is interested in seeing what I have please contact me at

  • Laura says:

    Hellow! I have a rare 2003 PVC pellet Valentino in mint condition, never been used. It has the 4/5th generation tag which has spelling mistakes on both the original and surface wash on the back. Do you know how much this is worth? Thanks

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Laura! Some of the earlier Valentino’s with a 1st Generation Tush tag can have value, but as you get into the 4th and 5th generations, you’re only looking at a few dollars, even with the tag errors.

  • Aimee says:

    Hello, I have an Issy Santa Barbara and have been looking to sell it for a while. Any idea how much this is worth? Thank you!

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Aimee! Recently, an authenticated Issy Santa Barbara sold for $130.00 on eBay. With the right buyer, you can probably get between $75-130 for it.

  • Bill says:

    All, I had a friend leave me a box of McDonald toys. All are still in the boxes and the bags. From TY toys to Furbys to Walt Disney figures. Does anyone know how I go about getting the best price, or are they not could they be not worth anything. I know I have only given a general description but I can go into detail if requested.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      The Beanie Babie ones aren’t going to be worth much from that group, but you might want to check out the Disney and other things. Search eBay to see if you can find anything listed for sale. Most of the McDonalds toys were heavily mass produced, so they might have to be really old to be worth anything of value.

  • Emma says:

    Hello, A lot of beanies were donated to my work place to sell to raise funds for the children here with cerebal palsy. I couldn’t resist and bought the lot. They are all new with tags. Just wondering if any might be worth something.
    I have speedy with P.V.C pellets hang tag 4th, tush 3rd. Floppity with P.V.C pellets hang tag 4th, tush 5th, Hoppity P.V.C pellets Hang 5th, tush 6th. Spooky P.V.C pellets Hang 5th, tush 4th with clear sticker.
    All of the following beanies have P.E pellets with hang tags 5th and tush tags 6th….
    Princess, Seaweed, Hippity, Britannia, Baldy, Glory, Gracie, Zero, Hippity, Fortune, Congo, Curly, Bones, Peace,Valentino and Erin.
    I think these ones have hang tag 5th and tush tag 10th….
    1999 signature bear. Ewey, Butch, Tiptoe, Wallace, Kicks and Silver.
    And I also hace Clubby but having a bit of trouble identifying his tags.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Emma :0)

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Emma. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. I will try to help you the best I can.

      Speedy 4th/3rd. Some Speedy’s are worth a little bit, but yours is a couple years too old :( Any Speedy with a 1st Generation Tush and even some with 2nd Generation Tush tags can bring a little bit of money.

      Hoppity & Floppity are real common, only a worth a couple $ at best.

      Like Speedy, some of the early Spooky’s can be worth something. But yours is a little too old. With the 4th generation sticker, that’s interesting, but doesn’t boost the value very much at all.

      Princess: refer to this guide. There are so many versions that it all depends which one:

      Seaweed: Only 3rd/2nd Generation ones have value unfortunately.

      Hippity – same as hoppity and Floppity. As a set, maybe $10 total.

      Britannia I tracked – has an average price of $6.10 from 31 sales:

      Baldy – one of the most common Beanie Babies, only worth a couple bucks :(

      Glory – if it doesn’t have a USA Flag on it’s chest yes, it can be worth $. Or if it is turned upside down. Otherwise, only a couple bucks.

      Gracie – Zero – Fortune – Congo – Curly – Bones – Peace – Valentino – Erin – hold the same fate as the others.

      1999 Sig Bear – Ewey – Butch – Tiptoe – Wallace – Kicks – Silver all are worth $1-5 range.

      Sorry for the not so great news :( Always be on the look out for some of the early Beanies if you find more. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Miss E Campbell says:

        Thank you so much for your time. I know how long it took me just to work out what tags they all had. I do not mind at all that they are not worth much as the money I paid for them goes to charity. They are also so cute, and my nieces will love them, so it a win win situation all around. I will keep my eyes open for rare beanies now, all this researching has made me nearly a beanie expert haha. Thank you again. Kind regards. Emma.

  • I have two Iggy’s and Two Rainbow’s. One of each is Tie Dye, and one of each is the blueish color. They haven’t been on any of the lists I’ve seen yet. Do you know more about them? Are they fake or just overpopular?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Cheyenne! Looks like they made a couple versions, the tie dye and the deep blue color. They do appear to be fairly common :( as they were released in the late 1990’s. They are definitely real, Ty just made too many of them to be popular.

  • MsLojack says:

    I really like that you have kept this site up! Thank you for your dedication. Where would you suggest I look for beanie buddy current value listings?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello MsLoJack, that is actually a good question. I’m not sure there is an updated site that keeps track of Buddy prices. The best bet is to search sold auctions on eBay for certain ones you might have. I will put some information on Buddy prices starting in May, because I have gotten a few requests.

  • Sara dykes says:

    I have a Nuts the squirrel with a production error. He only has one arm. Do you think because if that he’s worth anything?
    Thanks so much-Sara

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Sara, There probably is a little bit of value there. How much, I’m not sure, maybe $15-20, maybe less, maybe a little more. It’s definitely rare and worth hanging onto. Nice find.

  • Chloe says:


    i have around 50 original beanie babies with a few i think are worth a few more than the rest

    please can someone give me some values as i am looking to sell them..
    all with tags in cases and excellent condition,

    Possible rares are Mystic white with rainbow fine hair
    Large Peking the Panda bear
    Chocolate the Moose



  • Sara says:

    Hi I have a 1996 ty cocoa with pvc pellets is he worth keeping

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Sara, The Cocoa dog is actually somewhat hard to find. You’re probably looking at somewhere between $10-25 as a value. It’s definitely worth hanging onto.

  • Eva Webb says:

    Hello, I am hoping you can help me. I have the 1996 “Batty” beanie baby, with the hang tag still attached. The tush tag says 1998. I was told this is an “error” and it ups the value of this toy. Is this true? Any help you can provide is much appreciated.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Eva! It appears the Tye-Dye version of Batty came with a 6th Generation Tush Tag. Those can have the dates: 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997 or 1998 printed on them. Many beanie babies have discrepancy’s between the birthdays and the tush tags. I’ve seen many beanie babies listed for sale that describe these as rare, but I believe that is how they were intended to be made. The Batty Beanie babie wasn’t introduced until 1999, so the date of birth of the beanie babie can be out of whack to when it actually hit the market. To my knowledge the batty isn’t rare, it’s just how the 5th/6th Generation Batty’s were originally produced.

  • T says:

    Hi:) I have a question about fake beanie babies…….alot of the research about this states that fake beanies will have tush tags that are orange, and authentic beanies tush tags will be printed in red. How come there are several “expensive, authentic, rare beanie babies” with ORANGE tush tags being sold on ebay??

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello T! That is actually a very good question. I have seen the warnings about the writing being Orange on counterfeit beanie babie tush tags. It’s possible that some counterfeits are good enough that they would pass some sort of 3rd party authentication. I’ve seen it happen with baseball cards and definitely in the autograph community. Counterfeit beanie babies aren’t necessarily my specialty, but if I were in the market for some of the older beanie babies, it would be something that would worry me. Anything made after year 2000, I doubt there are many counterfeits as that is when the mass popularity fell off. Anything pre-1999 I would be careful with, especially 1st Gens and ones that seem to be mass counterfeited like Princess, Valentino, Peace/Garcia, etc.

  • Brenda morrow says:

    Hi my wife has tubs upon tubs of mint condition beanie babies which she has no use for anymore and wanting to know if there are any buyers out there because these are older generations of beanies if anyone wants to e-mail her with complete list that’s not a problem

  • holly says:

    Hi there, i have a peace bear with 3 errors, the 2 common misspelled words and his hang tag says curly? Thanks so much for helping us…..really cool, holly

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Holly! The Peace Bear seems to be plagued with errors, is it the Tush Tag that says Curly? One with the two misspelled words with a Curly Tush Tag recently sold for around $30. It’s probably in that $15-30 range if it’s in decent condition.

  • Alicia says:

    I have a big Humphrey beanie original buddy yellow star on tag.. 1996..number 09307 would u know what its worth

    • Love My Beanies says:

      The big Humphrey Buddy is probably worth in the $5-15 range. It is one of the early ones, as the other ones tend to have 1998 tags.

  • George says:

    Hello fellow Beanie baby lovers.
    I personally worked with Ty Werner when he first
    Launched b b ‘s. He came to my families full service
    Printing company back in the 1980’s.
    So I worked with him and a lady he was with.
    This brochure was probably the first one in color
    produced. It was a beautiful brochure using spot
    gloss and dull varnishes.
    I still have one left.
    It could be one of the only ones
    left in the world.
    I might sell it, for atleast $ 1200.00
    If interested leave a v m.

  • Claire says:

    I have a patti that has a 4th gen tag. With style number 4025. What is this worth. I have hundreds of beanies and have no idea what they are all worth.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Claire! After the 3rd Generation, Patti’s aren’t worth very much at all. On it’s best day, $5-$10. Keep looking through the ones you have and let me know if you find any others you need help on.

  • Mary says:

    Hello again from Mary at the thrift store. Before I took over the “stuffed animal” department, BBs were being priced at $.50. They usually sold right away. I am currently pricing those with both swing and tush tags (and in good condition) for $1.50 and those with just tush tags for $1. They are still selling quickly so I’m pleased. Do you think my pricing is reasonable? I value your opinion!!
    I always pay attention to tag generations and have saved some to ask if you think I can/should price these differently.

    Mystic pvc pellets, 3rd gen tush and 4th gen swing with tan horn and thick tail yarn.
    Chocolate pvc, 1st gen tush and 3rd gen swing.
    Pinchers pvc, 4th gen tush and swing tags.
    Valentino pvc, 3rd gen tush and 4th gen swing. Surface (sufrace) on tush is misspelled.
    Valentino 6th gen tush and 5th swing. Surface (suface) and original (origiinal) mispelled on swing.
    Bucky pvc, 2nd gen tush and 3rd gen swing BUT the to-from section was written in.
    All of the above are in very good condition and don’t smell.

    The last two were donated w/o swing tags which I know diminishes their value, but thought I’d run them by you.

    Chocolate pvc and 3rd gen tush.
    Hoot pvc, 4th gen tush along with the Canadian tush tag.
    Both are in very good condition.

    I have some more unusual ones that I will ask your thoughts on but first they must be aired out from smoke ;(

    Again thank you for your time and willingness to help me!!!!!

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Mary – great to hear from you again!

      $1.50 seems like a real fair price. I often see them priced between $1.00-3.00 when I see them at antique or baseball card shows. If they keep selling really well, you could bump them to $2.00, but $1.50 is real fair.

      Mystic - You are just one generation too late on the swing tag with Mystic. If you see any with a 3rd gen or lower swing tag, those are good. $1.50 bin :)

      Chocolate 3rd/1st – You did well here. It’s in the $15-60+ range. Anytime you see a 1st generation tush tag or especially a 1st generation swing, you did pretty well. If you sell it in your shop. Minimum $10. The right person will see that is a good deal.

      Pinchers - too late a generation for this pinchers. $1.50 bin :)

      Valentino - I do see some interest in these. The one with the double tag errors is probably a tad bit more desirable. A little all over the map as far as pricing. Several have sold for $25-35. While some have sold in the $5-10 range. On eBay, sometimes there is a wide range of pricing, but they are worth a tad more then the $1.50 bin.

      Bucky - that one is tough with the writing. If no writing, it might be in that $10-20 range. With the writing, bumps it down a bit. $1.50 would be a good deal on it, but you wouldn’t have to feel too bad about letting it go cheap.

      Chocolate 3rd Tush – Once you get past the 2nd generation tush on Chocolate = no $. $1.50 bin :)

      Hoot - kinda the same as the Bucky – with the swing tag – $10-15ish. Without it, $5 or less.

      Let me know on the other ones you have! I enjoy hearing about which ones you get. Keep your eye out for anything with a 1st Gen Tush or Swing, and the 2nd Generation Swings can bring good $ too.

      • Mary says:

        Thank you! I went to the store this afternoon and saw that the BBs put out on Sunday were gone. (The store is only open Wed-Sat.) I think I will raise prices a tad bit higher and see what happens…..a common saying amongst the volunteers is ‘you can always lower prices if it doesn’t sell’ ;) As soon as the others don’t reek of smoke, I’ll write again. Thanks so much for all of your help ;)

  • Gorilla says:

    I have a Millennium with the misspelled name inside hang tag plus the ‘Gasport’ also has the hard ribbon instead of soft. Also a ‘Curly’ bear with a 3 year difference between the hang tag and tush tag. Also have a bunch with a 1 year difference between tags or just the ‘Gasport’ misspelled. Values on these? Thoughts of what to do? Thanks

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Gorilla – the Millennium spelling error is fairly common, as well as the Gasport errors. The difference in years on the Tush and Swing Tag are not errors. That is the way they were originally made with gaps in years between the tags.

  • Josh says:

    Have you ever seen a 1997 Holiday Teddy mislabeled tush tag Erin or a 1998 Holiday Teddy tush tag Peace? Any idea how much they could be worth? Thanks

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Josh! The errors may raise the value slightly on the Holiday Bears. Tush Tag errors are fairly common, but there are some interest in them. You’re probably looking at anywhere from $5-$15 each.

  • tim says:

    I am looking to sale about 239 bears. I sat down and put them all on spreadsheet but really do not feel like going through the tipical ebay stuff and all that. Do you know anyone that will look at list and make a fair deal. Most are in box still.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Tim, It would be difficult to find someone who will buy them sight un-seen. You could list all the Beanies together on Craigslist or eBay as a lot, which you might get .25 cents – .50 cents a beanie.

  • RichS says:

    I have recently opened two full storage containers filled with Ty Beanie Babies. I have researched some of these. The prices of these beanie babies vary a great deal with each of these websites and catalogs. Which one would be accurate and up to date?

    Like an earlier comment above, I have a complete Ty Beanie Baby Case, complete with a coin, collector cards, a membership card, and other items….including a Clubby II beanie bear….I have also found several different versions of Derby, Mystic, and Iggy….Lefty and Righty (2000). Would you know the accurate pricing for these?

    Also, do you know if Legs is worthy? I found him in a sealed display container with a worn price tag. I could not make out how much the price tag says, but both of the Ty tags (Swing and Tush) are attached. Thanks for your help.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello, There are several factors to determine the price of your Beanies.

      A) I wouldn’t advise using a catalog. Those are typically out of date and usually reflect prices for Beanie Babies when they were popular. They are not mainstream popular anymore and the prices have tanked since the year 2000.

      B) All the prices on this website are from completed sales on eBay. I don’t make up prices or take guesses. I get prices from eBay and even double check them to make sure they were legitimate sales.

      C) All Beanie Babies Prices Depend on the Tags. A 1st Generation Bones the Dog is worth good money. A 5th Generation Bones the Dog is almost worthless. The only difference between the two are the tags. So you might see a “Bones” sell for $100 and another one sell for $0.99 cents. You have to know how the tags work in order to know the accurate pricing.

      I can help you out if you know a little bit about which ones you might have. Sometimes just knowing what Tush Tag it has can unlock keys to knowing the value.

      • RichS says:

        I apologize. I do not know much about the Ty Beanie Baby collections…and thank you for your patience with me.

        A) I have found out that Lefty and Righty are 6th generation.

        B) There are three Derby’s…

        1) No star/Course mane (4th generation)
        2) Star/Course mane (5th generation)
        3) Star/Fine mane (5th generation)

        I still need to find out about Mystic and Iggy. I’ll let you know more details as soon as I can. Again, thank you for your time.

      • Mary Allen says:

        Hello my name is Mary n I have the try beanies that came in the McDona
        D’s Happy back in the day I have a lot of them still in the plastic bags n some I have more then 2 of I would like to sell them to help my grandson can u help me or anyone can surrgest any thing please respond to thank u 4 ur time

  • Lisa groves says:

    My son has the collection of super Mario beanie babies from 1997 does anyone know if they worth anything?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Lisa, were those the ones with BD&A tags? Looks like they weren’t made by Ty, but some other company. Some of them appear to have a little bit of value if they have both tags on them. In the $10 range, some a little more, some a little less. Some of them you can get over $20 for on the right day. Super Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Yoshi appear to be the ones with the highest value.

  • Kari says:

    I have alot of beanie babies that i collected from 1997 to 2000, wondering how i find a true collector, they have been stored for 16 years, and live in a smoke free and pet free home. Have over 100 and wonder how i can find out the value of them, like which catalogue to get etc. thanks in advance, live in Calgary Alberta.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Kari! Finding a true collector could be difficult. Very few people collect beanie babies anymore and there are many people who want or would like to sell the ones they have.

      I would stay away from any price guide or catalog. Most of them will be outdated and prices tend to be inflated. Your best bet is to go through some of the ones you have, I like to search completed eBay auctions for an idea on value. Keep in mind the tags on the beanie babies make all the difference. A 1st Generation Bones the Dog is worth good money. A 5th Generation Bones the Dog is almost worthless. The only difference between the two are the tags. Some of the ones still worth decent money today are 1st Generation Heart/Tush Tag versions.

  • Jill says:

    Hi, I have several beanie babies that I bought from a storage unit. They are all in plastic boxes and have the tags on them with plastic also. Some of them are 1990’s and early 2000. Do you know how I can find out how much they are worth, and where I could sell them?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Jill. With Beanie Babies, the tags hold the key to knowing the true value. Much like baseball cards, very few beanie babies are worth anything. I would start by seeing if you have any with 1st Generation Heart Tags. They should be fairly easy to spot as they are the only beanie babie heart tags that did not open like a book. Here are some pictures of Tags Generation 1-4:

      Beanie Babies with a 1st Generation Heart Tag will have a 1st Generation Tush Tag: Beanie Babies with those two tags are typically worth something. It’s very hit or miss with Beanie Babies that are not 1st Generation.

      The largest market for beanie babies is eBay. I generally search completed auctions to see what one might be worth. Granted, the Tags make all the difference. A 1st Generation Bones the Dog is worth good money. A 5th Generation Bones the Dog is almost worthless. The only difference between the two are the tags. Take a look at what you got and let me know if you need help figuring out which ones you might have. It can get confusing! :)

      • Jill says:

        I went through them all, and I don’t happen to have any 1st generation tags at all. I have some really neat ones that I have not seen often, so I will look on the ebay auctions, like you said, and see what I can do with them. Thank you so much for your help. Have a great day!!

  • colin69 says:

    I have a royal blue peanut elephant 2gen hang tag 1gen tush tag is it worth out

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello. I believe that Royal Blue Peanut Beanie Babies did not come with a 2nd Generation Hang Tag. Only 3rd Generation hang tags for those. Take a look at the hang tag again and see if maybe you have a 3rd gen one.

  • Abbey says:

    Ok, thanks so much. What about the Beanie Buddies are they worth very much? I have a few of them in excellent condition with hang tag and tush tag. The ones I have are on the retired beanie baby list.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      The Buddies are cool, and some of them can have a little bit of value. Do you know some of the names of the ones you have? It all depends with those, much like regular beanie babies, certain ones can be worth more than others.

      • Abbey says:

        I have the Orange Crab Digger, Quackers the Duck with wings, Bronty the Brontosaures (part of the trio of dinosaurs). They are all the Beanie Buddies.

        • Love My Beanies says:

          Looks like for Digger, about $5-10. Quackers, a little bit more, about $10+. Bronty, about the same as Quackers, $10.

  • Berylene says:

    I have a Nuts Beanie Baby that was part of the Kmart Valentine Sale in 1998. They were ordered by a judge to remove them from the stores. Was wondering if it is worth anything, Still in the original plastic container with the necklace to.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      That’s a nice find. Here is some information on the original promotion:

      “More than 40 different Beanie Babies varieties are included in the promotion. Each will be “hugging” a pedestal that displays a genuine 5-point diamond pendant. The round diamond is in a 10-karat yellow- and white-gold scalloped setting and hangs from an 18-inch link chain. “At $49.99, this is a sweetheart deal.”

      And that is correct, Ty sued K-Mart and they had to stop selling them, shortly after they went on sale. It appears they were only on sale for a little over a week.

      The 5-point diamond pendant on the 10K yellow/white gold chain has some monetary value. It probably depends a little on the quality of the diamond. It’s worth at bare minimum the value of the jewelry piece.

      It’s hard to find one of those for sale. Back in October 2013 there might have been a couple listed on eBay for $35.00. I could only see the listing title which described it as a 10k diamond pendent with the beanie babie. I would think it’s worth somewhere in the range of $30-50. Which seems cheap considering they are very rare. If I find more information on these or find one for sale I will pass along the information.

      • Berylene says:

        Thanks for the information. I already had the article you sent. It is funny to me that I paid $49.99 for it and it is not worth any more then that today. Very strange.

        • Love My Beanies says:

          I’d think it’d be worth more too and to the right person who knows the back story they might pay a premium. One problem was 1998 was at the very tail end of Beanie Babies craze and only a few buyers remain today. If it had happened a little earlier in the 1990’s there would probably be a little more awareness of these which would probably push the price up.

  • Abbey says:

    I have several beanie babies only with tush tags would like to know what they’re worth…. I have a princess Diana in mint condition all tags intact…. I have a couple beanie buddies in excellent condition and on the retired baby list please let me know

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Abbey, most beanie babies without the hang tag are not worth very much. The hang tag is one way to identify what generation the beanie is from, and without it, it can be difficult to know. Most Princess Diana Beanie Babies are worth in the $2-5 range. They made over a million of them so they are very easy to find.

  • Frances Brabham says:

    I have a huge beanie collection from 1993 to 2001. All are mint in display case and tag protectors. They are all 4th generation hang tags. I also have a number of errors for instance I have four different versions of Mystic the unicorn, one of which has a Jolly tush tag. I also have Princess with PVC and no space on poem and dark purple color. I have four Derby two no spot on head. Are errors more valuable?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Error Beanie Babies can be worth more, I think it is generally seen as being a little more rare. It really depends on what generation it’s from and the demand for it. Certain errors can command bigger $$. Sounds like you have a real nice collection!

  • molly garrison says:

    Hi I have a Millennium in box still color purple with date stamped of 1999. Wondering how much its worth ??

  • Mark Keels says:

    I also found a Coral with what I think they call a tush tag in black and white but my daughter wrote “coral” on the tag. Is it worth anything? thank you

  • Mark Keels says:

    Hi- I just started going through my daughters old collection of Beanies and came across a KUKU with a tag where the star is in white with black writing and not yellow with black writing. I cannot find information on such a tag anywhere. Any help? thanks

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hi Mark – it looks like there were some Beanie Babies that did have the “White Star” on the hang tag. Counterfeiters would sometime put the white star on beanie babies, but I have not heard of any KuKu’s that were mass counterfeited. Beanie Babies with the white star are considered rare. It’s hard to put a value on it, but I would guess somewhere in the $10-20 range. To the right collector who might be more familiar with the rarity, possibly more.

  • Mary Marshall says:

    This website is great! I don’t collect them, instead I volunteer at our local Meals on Wheels thrift store where many Beanies are donated. I’m curious, what made the Osito bear recently sell for so much money? Thank you.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hi Mary!

      I might have to double check the sale price of that Osito. Osito’s are little more rare than other beanies,but not in the $3,000 range. Many sales on eBay are a mistake or don’t ever get paid for. Looks like most Osito’s are worth less than $20.00, and there doesn’t appear to be anything special about the one that sold for $3K. Thanks for commenting! I’ll make a note on that page about the unusual price.

      • Mary says:

        Thanks! I read that they were only sold in the U.S. but I was taken back by the reported selling price. Now I have a better idea of how to price the one we have. Being a thrift store, we price items to sell but we also want to earn money for the program. Would you mind helping me with any future Beanie questions I might have? Thanks again!

        • Love My Beanies says:

          You’re welcome Mary! Thanks for bringing that one to my attention. I would love to help you anytime you get some beanie babies at your store. Let me know when you get some in.

  • curiosity says:

    I have found a large amount of beanies and am trying to figure out the value of some of them. The main eye catchers I have right now that have peaked my curiosity are:
    Princess 1997 with no number stamp in the rump tag
    Peace 1996 with no number stamp in the rump tag
    Halo 1998
    All of them are in perfect condition with tags completely intact.

    Also, I have a beanie case that has never been opened with tag completely intact. Inside it has a beanie coins, pack of collector cards, a Clubby II bear and membership card.

    Does anyone have any information about these items??

    • Love My Beanies says:


      For the Princess, there are many different versions. Most of them are worth less than $10, but there are a few that are worth something. This is the best page on the Princess Ty Beanie – see what version you have and there is a value chart at the bottom that is updated monthly:

      With Peace, there are also many different versions. One that appears to have value has: the word “original” misspelled as “oriiginal” on the front of the heart tag, inside the yellow star. The word “Surface” is misspelled as “suface” on the back of the heart tag. One recently sold for $317.00 with those tag errors.

      The Halo is in the $5-10 range.

      The beanie case you have is a real nice find. Those were collector kits and are somewhat hard to come by. It’s probably worth in the $15-40 range.

  • Isabel says:

    I have Beanie Babies where the tush tag says Mfd for McDonald’s. I have Pinchers, Peanuts the elephant in baby blue and Waddle The 3 of them have the Heart tag. Does anyone have any information on these?

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello Isabel!
      The McDonald’s beanie babies were one of the most popular promotions MCD ever had. It worked out well for McDonalds and Ty, but unfortunately because they made so many of these toys, they aren’t really worth anything at all. There is a Ronald McDonald Ty Beanie Baby that is worth around $40-70.

  • susie says:

    Hi can you tell us anything about a 1997 Teddy (tan) with a Santa’s hat? Haven’t been able to get any information about this in any book.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hi Susie!

      Is it “Kringle”? It’s a tan bear that is also wearing a santa suit with a santa cap. It’s style number: 40138. They sell for about $5-10 online. If that isn’t the one, let me know.

  • money love says:

    I like Beanie Babies Worth Money | Love My Beanies!

  • Beanie Lover says:

    Thanks for all the great information about rare Beanies and their current value! Beanie Babies are such fun, cute collectibles and I hope that they continue to be popular.

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