Beanie Babies Error Price Guide

Many Beanie Babies were made with factory spelling or Tag errors. Below is a list of confirmed sales of errors that are known to exist.

Please read this next sentence very closely.

Often times, an error doesn’t raise the value of Beanie Babies.

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Types of Beanie Babies Errors

- Wrong Tush Tags -
- Gasport Error -
- Misspellings -
- Poem Errors -
- Punctuation Errors 

The dates being "mismatched" on the Hang & Tush tags IS NOT AN ERROR!


Wrong Tush Tags

VALUES: These errors typically sell for 1.5x what a regular version sells for. 
Beanie Babies Price Guide

Known Tush Tag errors:

Blizzard: with Bones Tush Tag
Chip the Cat: With Cubbie Tush Tag
Chip the Cat: With Strut Tush Tag 
Chocolate: with Squealer Tush Tag 
Claude: with Snowball Tush Tag
Congo: with Snip Tush Tag
Coral: with Ziggy Tush Tag 
Doodle: with Snip Tush Tag
Early: with Tracker Tush Tag 
Fetch: with Chocolate Tush Tag 
Freckles: with Ears Tush Tag
Freckles: with Pugsly Tush Tag 
Inky: with Prance Tush Tag 
Koala: with Scoop Tush Tag
Lucky: with Pouch Tush Tag
Maple: with Pride Tush Tag
Nanook: with Gobbles Tush Tag 
Neon: with Clubby Tush Tag 
Pinchers: with Chocolate Tush Tag
Rainbow: with Mel Tush Tag 
Rainbow: with Iggy Tush Tag 
Scottie: with Congo Tush Tag
Seaweed: with Peanut Tush Tag
Sparky: with Dotty Tush Tag
Spinner: with Nanook Tush Tag
Spooky: with Scoop Tush Tag
Stinky: with Sly Tush Tag 
Stretch: with Prance Tush Tag
Wrinkles: with Spike Tush Tag
Ziggy: with Derby Tush Tag 

Pinchers the Lobster
With Chocolate Tush Tag
Sold For: $45.00 + $5.00 Shipping

Gasport Instead of Gosport Error

These are very common to find and have next to zero added value.

1999 Signature Bear: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Beak: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Butch:  with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Canyon: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Derby: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Erin: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag 
Ewey: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Fortune: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Fuzz: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
GiGi: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Goatee: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Halo: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag 
Hippie: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Hope: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag 
Jake: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Kicks: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Kiwi: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Loosy: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Luke: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Mac: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Mystic: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Mooch: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Nibbler: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Nibbly: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Peace: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag 
Prickles: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Princess: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Rocket: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Sammy: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Scat: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag 
Scorch: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Slippery: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Stilts: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Valentina: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Whisper: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag

Millennium Beanie Babie Error

The word Millennium is misspelled “Millenium” on the Swing & Tush Tag. This is a very common, lot’s of them exist.

On their best day, an error Millennium might sell for $20.00 online.

Typically they sell for $0.99-$9.99.

Garcia Bear Errors

Garcia the Bear
Poem says “The Beanies use to follow” instead of “used”
Made in Korea Tush Tags
Sold For: $45.00 + $5.00 Shipping

Most error Made in China Garcia Bears sell in the $10 range.

Garcia the Bear is well known to represent the Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia.

It’s believed Ty retired the Garcia Bear because of pressure from the Garcia family who received no royalties from sales of the Bear.

The same day Ty retired the Garcia Bear, May 11, 1997, they introduced the Peace Bear which is the exact same as the Garcia Bear except the peace symbol and the name change.

Additional Garcia Bear Errors: Garcia with Blackie Heart Tag

Peace Bear Errors & Variations

Peace: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag
Peace: with Blackie Tush Tag
Peace: with “Original” misspelled “Oriiginal” on Heart Tag
Peace: with “Surface” misspelled “Suface” on Heart Tag
Peace: with Surface Wash Sticker 

Peace Bear errors are fairly common.

They typically sell in the $3-20 range online.

Other Known Errors

Beezee: With “Return” Tag for Reference instead of “Retain”.
Chocolate: with misspelled Tush Tag “Chocholate”
Curly: with with Original misspelled “Oriiginal” & “Surface” misspelled “Suface”
Hippity: with with Original misspelled “Oriiginal” & “Surface” misspelled “Suface”
Inky the Octopus (with 7 legs) 
Kuku: ! space error on poem
Roary: with with Original misspelled 
Slippery: ! space error on poem
Tuffy: with with Original misspelled “Oriiginal” & Surface Wash Sticker
Tusk: with mispelled “Tuck” on 4th Gen Swing Tag
The End: ! space error on poem
Valentino: with Original misspelled “Oriiginal”
Valentino: with with Original misspelled “Oriiginal” & Surface Wash Sticker

Goldie the Fish
Heart Tag Generation: 4th
Tush Tag Generation: 3rd
Error: Surface misspelled “Surfrace” on Tush Tag

Ally the Alligator
Heart Tag Generation: 4th
Tush Tag Generation: 3rd
Error: Surface misspelled “Surfrace” on Tush Tag

Runner Ferret Weasel

Mean (Rare) Poem:
“I’m not so mean, I’m really shy
But every cobra has to die,
I grab them by their little head
And whack them till they’re stone cold dead!”

Nice Poem:
“A ferret, mongoose, weasel or mink
What am I . . . what do you think?
Find a book, look and see
I’m whatever you want me to be!”

Sell Your Beanie Babies

If you know of more error Beanie Babies please leave a comment below!

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linda - 27 May, 2017

i have several sledder the husky jna 2008 with the tags on the wrong ear where do I go to find out how much they are worth?

Anonymous - 26 May, 2017

I have a “jolly” that has no writing in the hang tag star where it should say “beanie original baby”…..worth anything?

Michele - 6 May, 2017

I have a Legs the Frog with a “Spot” heart tag.

Debra - 4 May, 2017

Beanie baby hippie may4,1998 …why do I see 16,000-then 750.00
Then nothing over $10 ?? I can’t find original tagging is speculatively differ t so how do I know why is real..have photos …need answers.

Jonathan Karalla - 2 May, 2017

I have Flip the ty beanie baby . The tush tag is dated 1993 and the TY tag has DATE OF BIRTH : 2-28-95. Is that a rare error that would add value to it?? Also the tush tag has a little sticker with the TY in the heart, star top left of sticker and the R in a circle is at the bottom right side of sticker.If anyone can help, I would appreciate it so much.thank you

    Jim G - 3 May, 2017

    I just found a Valentino with that same little sticker on the Tush Tag like you described. I want to pull it off so bad to see what mistake they are trying to hide but if that’s the way they were supposed to come then I would have ruined my Beanie. Let me know with a post if you find anything out. Thanks

      Ryan - 4 May, 2017

      Hello, I highly suggest you leave the sticker on. Any value attached would be gone if it were removed, besides the Valentino with the sticker is valuable. Many of mine have stickers and variations/errors. It truly makes a difference from the regulars

    Ryan - 4 May, 2017

    Hi, I have the same kind of Flip and a Pinchers,Ziggy, Spot and MYSTIC. To my knowledge the sticker is there because it was originally released without the star on the swing tag, which would be a factory error. Then re-released as the one you have. I’m not sure the value, I can only assume it has a little more value being a factory error. They did release various Beanies without a heart on the tush tag, which are errors themselves. They make up a good part of my collection. One tip, look in second hand stores for Beanies, they go cheap there. Many of mine were purchased that way. Happy hunting

Phyllis Harrell - 2 May, 2017

Hi I have Quackers the duck with a Zip the Cat Tush tag is it worth anything? It has a 4th Gen hang tag.

    Ryan - 4 May, 2017

    Hello, the answer is YES it does have value, check eBay. I have a Goldie w/ a Spot heart tag and it’s one of my faves. I suggest check online at other sites, if anyone says it’s worthless don’t believe them, otherwise every Beanie would have the factory errors

      Gary - 12 May, 2017

      Quackers w/ a Zip tush tag MAY have additional value. But that is very different from a Goldie w/ a Spot heart tag. ANYONE can switch heart tags. Not all “oddities” are valuable. And not all errors are “rare”. When Iggy & Rainbow were introduced it seemed that more were made with the others tag than their own. Check multiple sites before spending money on some of these rare, hard to find oddities and errors.

Carol j Welper - 1 May, 2017

I have a seaweed the otter with two swing tags. Is this rare? How much would it be worth

    Ryan - 4 May, 2017

    Yes it is, any Beanie with two swing tags is scarce and valuable. Check eBay and other sites for value. Trust me, it’s not run of the mill!

      Love My Beanies - 4 May, 2017

      Anyone could just add another swing tag to any Beanie. I would be careful buying these.

      jennifer - 14 May, 2017

      I have the class of 99 wiser with 2 swing tags. I almost donated it with the other tons of beanies. I have had it since it first came out and never thought anything of it till I came across this form. Thanks I guess I will have to check it out. No mine is not fake I have been the sole owner since I purchased it at Hallmark way back when he first came out. 🙂

DURAN - 1 May, 2017

i have a 1996 error on a hang tag of floppity rabbit its printed origiinal if anyones interested in it$$$$

Lisa Selig - 1 May, 2017

HI! I just found a Beanie Buddy “Melvin” Moose that has a “Herder” Sheepdog heart tag. Is this a know error? Thanks for any info!

Carrie - 30 April, 2017

I have a Stinger the Scorpion beanie baby with a swing tag for “Princess.” Is there any information on such an error?

Jim G - 29 April, 2017

I know I just left you the information on my Claude but I also have another. I have a Royal Blue Clubby with a rainbow ribbon around his neck and a club button on his chest. He is still sealed in the manufactures plastic bag. My question is he was manufactured with out a bar code on the back of his swing tag. I was told by a collector that the reason he has no bar code is because he was part of a set, so I looked up all sets with him in them and yes there are no bar codes on the back of the swing tags but in red in the middle of the tag is the word Beanies. And there pictures of there Clubby are totally different than my Clubby. So then I was told that it was impossible for any Beanie Baby made after 1996 to leave the factory without a bar code. My Clubby is 1998. What should I do with him?

    Love My Beanies - 29 April, 2017

    Perhaps it’s the version that came in the Club Packs?

      Jim G - 1 May, 2017

      Thanks for the response. So now I’ve looked up pictures of all Club Packs that contained 1998 Clubby and the back of the swing tags associated with 1998 Clubby Club Packs do not compare with each other. Your response window will not allow me to insert pictures. If you have an email I can send you some pictures if that would help. And if this is as rare as I think it is should I get him Authenticaded?

Jim G. - 29 April, 2017

Hello: I need someone who can guide me. I have a Claude with what I count as having 16 errors on him.
Never been played with stored in an air tight container protected from heat and cold. Never exposed to a smoker. Absolutely stunning condition. This Clause has many errors. Making him one of the rarest Beanie Baby I have ever seen. Look at pictures provided to follow list of mistakes. Starting with the face of the swing tag the “I” in Original look like lower case “L’s”. BEANIE AND BABY are bold lettered. Inside left swing tag has a R with a circle around it after the word Babies, and the letters “TM” after the word Collections. Right side of swing tag spells his name as follows “Claude” not “CLAUDE”. Also has style 4083 after his name. After DATE OF BIRTH there is a space then a colon a space. There is an “!” Right after the last L in SHELL with no space, after the word “page” there are 3 “!!!” Considered to be very rare. Now moving to the Tush Tag. There is no factory stamp on the inside of the Tush Tag, there is a red star on the front of the tag with 2 R’s with circles around them and 2 TM’s, his name is written Claude not CLAUDE. On the back side of the Tush Tag there is no punctuation after Oakbrook, and this Claude which is not a mistake comes with P.V.C. Pellets. So that’s a total of 16 errors when matched up with the Manufacturer Standards. I can take additional pictures upon request.free shipping for US only. Should I get him authenticated?

    Love My Beanies - 29 April, 2017

    Some Claude’s can sell for upwards of $20. It would not be worth authenticating because it would cost around that to send it in. There are at least 5 known tush tag errors on Claudes. It has a number of other errors associated with its production. If you actually found one without errors, that might be worth more then the ones that do have errors.

Jack - 29 April, 2017

On the left arm of a snort beanie baby there fabric error where the red fur meet else meets the hood fur. It must been the end fabric. What is this worth?

    Love My Beanies - 29 April, 2017

    Probably the same as a regular Snort.

Lisa B - 29 April, 2017

Thank you so much for this valuable information. I got excited when I saw the post on Facebook. But should have know, it was too good to be true.
Between me and my family we have over 300 BB’s.
I retire next month. Looks like a fun project to dig into.
Thanks again!

Beverly - 29 April, 2017

I have a white Magic the dragon with iridescent wings and the tush tag says Pinky. Anyone know the value?

neil - 27 April, 2017

Hi I have Mint B.B Bear with the badge upside down on the chest and also a
Clubby bear again with the badge upside down – both are mint what do you think they would be worth?

also i have some halo’s with black eyes and brown nose and PE pellets marked on the Tush tag, all mint are these worth anything? thanks

marieseath - 25 April, 2017

vI have two beanie babies which I purchased in Canada quite a few years ago I have mac the red cardinal with I error on tag and rocket the blue jay

Lindsay - 24 April, 2017

I have a KuKu with the mentioned space ! Error mentioned above. However it also has a “Stinky” tush tag bearing the registered, and TM symbols. Any advice as to value for this? Thank you!

Holli Goulden - 24 April, 2017

I have Stretch the ostrich with a Batty tag… is it worth anything

Amanda - 23 April, 2017

I just found a Teenie Beanie Baby Glory the Bear, but the USA flag on its chest is upside down. Does this affect the value?

Casey - 23 April, 2017

I have Squealer and the last line of the poem reads “There is no doubt he’ll will make you smile”

Does this tag error increase his value?

    Love My Beanies - 23 April, 2017

    Perhaps if it has a 1st or 2nd Generation hang tag.

David H - 20 April, 2017

My wife has a Snort with and error in the poem and it reads “Although Tabasco is not so tall” instead of Snort. It has other errors as well just was wondering what it could be worth.

abby - 18 April, 2017

i have Blackie the Bear on hang tag the G in original is a C

Rachael - 18 April, 2017

I have Kicks with a 1998 hang tag and a 1999 tush tag. Does this error make it more valuable? How much might he be worth?

    Love My Beanies - 18 April, 2017

    Hello! The mis-matched dates on the tags is not an error, that is how they were originally made.

Brittany Ewing - 17 April, 2017

My beanie boo nellie owl has two different eyes what do I do with it

Adrean Parks - 17 April, 2017

I have the beanie baby blizzard with a freckles tush tag.

haley - 14 April, 2017

What if I have a curly original with all the errors? What would the price be?

Donna - 13 April, 2017

I have a Princess Beanie Baby without a rose. It’s solid purple. Have you heard of this before ?

archie - 12 April, 2017

I have halo with brown nose and black eyes…worth anything? I have many th beanie babies and few have kr on tush tag…are they worth anything?

Allison - 12 April, 2017

I have two beanie babies with errors on them my monkey Bongo has a tush tag that says Batty on it. I also have a snake and the heart tag says that it’s name is Paul but the tush tag says that it’s name is Hissy.

Lisa Royall - 12 April, 2017

I have a Clubby II beanie which has a Clubby TT. Is this a known error.

Daryl Druktenis - 11 April, 2017

I have a pink Inky and the tush tag says sufrace instead of surface. Does this present any value? Probably a 5th generation

andy - 10 April, 2017

I have a 4 set of Ronald McDonald charities set of beers with a 1993 make date that released in 1999 are they worth anything thank u for any help

Ronnie - 10 April, 2017

I have a millenium beanie baby that is spelled milienium.how much is it worth?

    Love My Beanies - 10 April, 2017

    The price for this is included in the article.

Chelsea - 10 April, 2017

I have one of the birthday month beanie babies but it has a July body and a September head… someone offered me $400 for it. Wondering if it’s worth more…

Jenuwin - 7 April, 2017

I have almost 5000 beanies; almost every generation HT & TT, with and without stars on TT’s, no stamp in TT’s, Canadian TT’s, Korea TT’s…PVC, PE pellets etc. I’ve spent months researching these guys. I sell on eBay and will not- WILL NOT be one of those sellers that makes a big deal out of a CLAUDE with name in all caps in HT as an error- because I know it’s a one day run on Mother’s day, not an error. I have a Roary with an OZ hat and a cape that I haven’t seen before and some other oddities. I can’t trust eBay to price these guys according to sold items; they sell one for thousands (to a friend I’m sure), and then it’s relisted (you can tell- they are too dumb to take another picture). I only desire to sell to real collectors, and those business practices are insulting to folks who know their beanies. Any advice on pricing? It’s too costly to have Peggy G authenticate all of them. Which ones in your opinion are worthy of authentication? Thank You Kindly for your time- your site is a wonderful wealth of information!!

    Love My Beanies - 7 April, 2017

    Hello! While eBay can be frustrating, it is still the most active marketplace for Beanie Babies. I would never just look at 1 completed listing for beanie babies. Take a look at as many as possible. If one supposedly sold for $1,000 but 15 others sold between $1-$10 then the $1,000 sale never took place. It’s something that happens on eBay in other categories as well, and not exclusive to Beanie Babies.

    Good pictures, affordable shipping price (most should be able to ship for about $2.61 1st class with tracking number) and having some history selling all makes an impact. It might take 6 months to sell a beanie babie. They won’t fly out the door like they did in 1998. Other then eBay there really isn’t anything reliable to gauge pricing. The values have dropped so much since the 1990s that perception of value is going to be all over the map. In reality, most are worth $1-$10, which is still really good considering most originally cost $5.

Shelley gensrich - 5 April, 2017

I have a Sammy beanie baby with 1998 ear tag and 1999 tush tag , no red star on tag, a space between twin and ! I have seen many different posts for different prices. I also have a Hippie rabbit with wrong dates on the tags. Any value?

Crystle Jones - 3 April, 2017

I have Erin and he is missing the stitch on the nose so it almost resembles the old face bear. I purchased him that way. Also says Gasport instead of Gosport. Any value in that?

Ang Newman - 28 March, 2017

Hi I have kicks buddy that doesn’t have a football badge sewn on
Is this worth keeping ?

Glen Schneider - 25 March, 2017

Have a valentina bear full size with two years the tag says 1998 the tush tag says 1999 also gasport instead of gosport any isea if its worth anything? Ive seen the same one with same errors go for around $8000

Kathy - 25 March, 2017

I have a mint 1995 Tusk beanie with multiple errors. The letter “y” in the word “you” at the end of the poem is capitalized, there is no comma after Oakbrook and IL on neither the tush nor the swing tag, there is no U.K. after the 8HH, there is a comma after IL on the tush tag instead of a period & it’s made with PVC Pellets. I haven’t seen any with these errors especially the poem typed “You”
Is this worth anything? Thank you!

Anonymous - 25 March, 2017

I have a mint 1995 Tusk made with PVC PELLETS that has the letter “y” in the poem capitalized. I haven’t seen this before. Also there is no comma after Oakbrook and IL & a

Robin Riehl - 24 March, 2017

I have a 4th generation Pouch with a Princess tush tag. Does that increase its value significantly? I haven’t seen that one mentioned. Thanks!

    Love My Beanies - 25 March, 2017

    Maybe not significantly, but probably a little bit.

      Robin Riehl - 25 March, 2017

      Thanks! Figured it wouldn’t make a big difference. Appreciate the response!

barbara - 24 March, 2017

Hi, I have a hoppity rabbit and the back of the swing tab has a piece of tape with surface wash which I’m assuming is there to cover up the misspelled suface wash also original is spelled origiinal on the front of the tab. Any comments on these errors would be appreciated.

Merinda Baptist - 21 March, 2017

I have a peace bear style 4053 with a possible error on swing tag.
It has copyright symbol then TyInc Oakbrook IL. U.S.A
There is no space between Ty and Inc
It also is made of the P.V.C pellets.
Just wondering if it’s a rare one or not.

Joan Broadway - 21 March, 2017

I have a black Zip the cat 1993 tush tag and another tush tag. It has a small white spot on the forehead. Is it more valuable?

Nancy - 21 March, 2017

I have a squealer with a blank tush tag… Is that an error and is it valuables?

Dave - 19 March, 2017

I have a beanie baby and it has a consumer tag on it as well as the tush tag. Is this rare. I haven’t seen anymore like it. I wish we could add pics on here

Janet - 15 March, 2017

I have a Books Beanie Babies with no pellets or stuffing in the legs. Is this normal?

Michelle croley - 13 March, 2017

Have a 1999 international bear. Brittania bear with no flag on it. Is it worth anything?

Patty - 10 March, 2017

I have Batty and his butt tag says Spooky instead of Batty

Renee Schmick - 5 March, 2017

I have a millennium bear that never got a tush tag. Just an ear tag

Nichole - 2 March, 2017

I have a Amber beanie baby. February 21, 1999
Space between tame and !
tame !
Her mouth is crooked.
And her tush tag is only one sided. Not doubled or looped.

Lydian Ryan - 1 March, 2017

Who where and when are all these comments and questions answered? How much would a Millennium bear without the two in 2000 be worth?

    Love My Beanies - 20 March, 2017

    As explained in the article, Millennium have very little value.

wondering - 28 February, 2017

I have a Snort with a strange watermark under the Ty heart on tush tag. It’s almost like a sideways “&” watermark. Any thoughts?

julie addington - 21 February, 2017

i have beanie baby named baby ginger it has so many factory mistakes its unbelievable i believe it is a proto type that shouldnt have left the factory .
how do i go about getting ahold of ty warner and being able to speak to him about it.

    Love My Beanies - 20 March, 2017

    He is one of the richest people in the U.S. – perhaps try staying at one of his hotels.

Christine - 18 February, 2017

Is there a reputable TY Beanie Babies dealer in the San Francisco or Sacramento area so that I can bring the beanies to a live person instead of EBay or Amazon?

Rick - 17 February, 2017

I have a Hoppity with a Ringo tush tag, have you heard of that one before?

Cody - 14 February, 2017

I have a Princess Bear with a lighter yellow star on tag. All other tags are bright yellow. Is this normal

Rhonda Lemieux - 12 February, 2017

I have a Radar 3rd generation tush tag with the word SUFRACE, spelled wrong. Worth anything?

Raymond Garcia - 12 February, 2017

First let me say I am glad this is here to assist New customers. I have the whole set of four McDonald’s international bears. The great blessing is each one the four bears in set have same exact error from box, to ear tag and rush tag. Each was made and introduced in 1998 and 1997, but on tush tag it is printed 1993. Since these bears share several rarities I can not see asking for less than $2500.00

Kathy Kruse - 31 January, 2017

I have a 1997 white Angel cat beanie. 3rd gen swing tag with surface spelled “suface”. It has 1st generation tush tag that says it’s made with “polyester fiber & PVC Pellets in cloth bag” Made in China.
I have not seen this error on this particular beanie before. Tags are near mint with slight rub off of the word retain on the back of swing tag. I’m looking to sell it. Any ideas on if it’s rare? Thank you!

    Love My Beanies - 20 March, 2017

    I don’t think it has a 1st Gen Tush, check again.

      Kathy - 25 March, 2017

      Hi again! I’m not sure what generation tush tag it is because it is made of CLOTH & not like the other material that beanies have. The front of the tush tag is the red heart with white ty & underneath to the right is the registered mark in black. The back of the tag has TY, INC. then the copyright date of 1997 in red, the rest of the tag is in black. It has the CE on the bottom of tag too. I have it listed on eBay. I don’t know when cloth tush tags were produced…???

        Love My Beanies - 25 March, 2017

        Hey! So that Angel is apart of the Ty Classics line. There are 6 different versions:

        2 Persian Cats: one 17 inch and one 20 inch
        4 Himalayan Cats: 10 inch, 12 inch, 17 inch and 20 inch.

        The larger they are, typically you can get slightly more for them.

        Abigail O'Neill - 18 April, 2017

        you don’t say which Beanie it is, but it sounds like a 1st generation.
        look up 1st generation tush tags

Lorie Eads - 29 January, 2017

Had a dog named Gigi the tag Iggy which is lizard

Sheryl Craig - 28 January, 2017

I have a 1997 Bongo, date of birth: August 17, 1995, the tush tag has Prance on it. Would this increase the value?

darci smith - 23 January, 2017

I have a doby that has a 1997 teddy tush tag. I bought it when doby first came out from couch house gifts

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