1st Generation Beanie Babies Tush Tags

1st Generation Beanie Baby Tush Tags are really straight forward and simple. They have black lettering on white background sewn into the tush area of the Beanie Baby.

Beanie Babies with 1st or 2nd Generation Hang Tag will have a 1st Generation Tush Tag EVERYTIME.

Some 3rd Generation Hang Tag Beanie Babies will also have the 1st Generation Tush Tag.  Generally speaking, Beanie Babies with a 1st Gen Tush Tag can be worth money, especially if they also have a 1st Generation Hang Tag.  

All 1st Generation Tush Tags will have the date 1993 or 1995 on them.

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  • Most Common 1st Generation Tush Tag

    In the picture above you can see that it says the Beanie Baby was Handmade in China. There are some variations to the 1st Generation Tush Tags, and those are explored more in depth below.

    Korean & CE Tush Tags

    Generally speaking the “Hand Made in Korea” Tush Tag is considered more rare and can at times command extra value.

    You’ll also notice that some of the 1st Gen Tush Tags will have the letters ‘CE’ on one side. These are sometimes referred to as the U.K. tag as they had to put the CE lettering to conform with local laws.

    Rare Korean 4 Line Tag

    This 1993 Tush Tag is the very rare “4 Line” version. You can see that it has 4 Lines of text, and does not have the words ‘Surface Washable’ underneath the ‘Handmade in Korea’ line. 

    If you have a 1st Generation Beanie Baby with this 4 Line Tush Tag then you might have just hit the jackpot. A Punchers/Pinchers version sold on eBay for $1,800 in June 2013.

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  • Hello…I have 300 Beanie Babies and some Buddys.I started collecting in 1993 .I bought almost everyone out there.Ive had them stored away in perfect condition Mint with tags and I have A lot of good ones some with mistakes odditys..My Goal is to sell the WHOLE lot so I can get to florida and see my Mother whos sick but most are 4th generations and some with 2nd 3rd tags ILOVE MY BEANIES its killing me that after 24 yrs there not worth anything..people want 3-5$ for one Ill keep them before I go giving them away.for those prices.Ill sell individualy but if anyone is interested in 300 for 325$ that’s like a dollar a piece is a GREAT DEAL especially if you saw what I have Their all bagged Im not gonna take them all out and take pics but I can send u a list..BUT I DO have MY OWN Facebook Page with most ofhttps://www.facebook.com/llynnette125/?ref=bookmarks them on there and there not selling because im asking to much they say I think 10$ is fair on most..i can work on prcices no problem but if I have to ship that whats gonna cost but if you live in CT or NY that would be great..im so desperate right now I just need enogh money to fly to florida so im willing to sell them for practicly nothing…if interested please email me

    I don’t know if this link will work the page is called Beanie Babies and other Bean Bag collections Thanks

  • My Yellow/greenish hard TY bear has a green ribbon around his neck, no hang tag and a brown tush tag. (Tush tag reads1993 ty inc. surface washable, polyester and p.v.c. pellets,
    reg. no. pa-1965 (KR) Oakbrook il.,U.S.A. He is all fuzzy with a sewn nose and black beady eyes. His snout is long and he has long solid arms and legs. CE
    Could you please give me information on my bear. I have checked on the computer and found nothing close. Please advise.
    Jean Jahelka

  • I have a sparky the Dalmatian to beanie baby, with a spooky hang tag.is it worth anything? I also have a collection of about 350 beanie babies.who can I contact to get them authenticated?

  • I have a derby with no star, coarse main, 1st Gen tush tag, a 2nd Gen hang tag, pvc pellets, no space between “3and” on the tush tag, and there is no poem in the tag, it just says the regular info on left side and then says derby with style number and then a to and from spot where someone would write in names as to give as a gift. Any idea what this is worth? Any idea why there is no poem? Thanks!

  • Looking to sell about 25 beanies not sure the worth of them. Don’t believe any are first generation tho. I’ve been collecting since I was a kid. Don’t want to get rid of them but I am a single mother of 4 kids and I’m looking to sell so that my kids can have Christmas this year. If anyone is interested. My email is….. welchs.beautiful0814@gmail.com….
    Please feel free to contact..thank you

  • I have a Peanut the Elephant beanie baby. it has both the hanging tag, as well as, the tush tag. My question is; i noticed in the pictures of the tush tag it had black lettering. The lettering on mine is red. Does that mean it’s fake?

  • I have a beanie whose name is Cheri. It’s just not have a birthday inside the Hang tag all it says is Ooh La La. It is a little grey dog with the maroon cap and bow tie in the tush tag is also maroon. The date on the tag is 1993 and the front of the hang tag is just the red heart with white letters “ty” and nothing else. I have looked and look for any information on this particular Beanie Baby and haven’t been able to find any if you could help me out I’d really appreciate it

  • hi all, i have a blackie with tush tag dated 1993 white tag with red writing any ideas on the value? many thanks. kevin

  • I have 2 TY beanies babies that have misprints on the tag. Both say “Origiinal” and both say “Suface wash” on the hang tag. They are the Valentino (born 2/14/1994) and Peace (born 2/1/1996) TY Beanies. Do these have any value?

  • I found two Wise Class of 98 beanie babies. What’s puzzling was the swing tag has a plastic case on each. However, they have different shapes. One is a heart shape while the other one was a combination of one side vertical and one side horizontal while the edge kind of slanted.

    The other curisity was the heart shaped swing tag plastic shaped can’t be opened at all. It was sealed so there is no way to read what’s inside it.

    Anyone know heard about it.


  • I have a Bones tush tag 1993. TY tag said it’s a Teenie Beanie Babies but tush tag said it was mfg for McDonalds. Worth anything?

  • Hello everyone! I have a Peanut the elephant beanie baby (light blue) with a 1st gen tush tag but no hang tag. How do I find out if it’s worth anything? Thank you!

  • Hello, I have a first generation flash dolphin with the rare Korean 4 line tush tag but no hang tag, do you know if it would be worth anything please?

  • I have a 1993 beanie baby it’s a bear with a red hat and scarf with moveable arms and legs, the tush tag is brown and the hang tag is tan with red lettering, is it worth anything?

  • I have a Valentino Bear, with brown nose, 4th generation hang tag, with Original and surface spelled “Origiinal, suface, and Date of Birth; February 14, 1994. On Tush tag is has extra space between Handmade In China and 1993 TY Inc.
    Would this bear be worth anything?

  • Spot the Dog without a Spot, 1st generation Heart and Tush tags, 4-Line Korean tush tag, For Sale on Ebay. Any Takers? Value?

  • Anyone ever see a product shipping tag under the tush tag? The type of tag I’m talking about is similar to the ones on pillows or mattresses where it tells you not to remove tag. Sometimes they are called customs tag.

  • I have a Legs frog, made with the pvc pellets. Tush tag is red. It also has the TY ear tag as well. Any value to this???

  • I have a Patti she has the TY info, birthday Jan 6 and year 1996 in a clear heart shaped plastic casing with that info..the white tag has faded but you can tell there’s (was) writing on it.Inside her are pellets, she’s purple with yellow feet and beak, eyes are black..is it Patti anything?

  • I’ve a Beanie Buddy Bear A black tie around his neck I’ve had it for 35yrs the tag I belive is a read heart tried in gold with I multi color star in the upper right corner mint condition is it worth possibly anything ??

  • I do have a Patti with the rare 4 line Made in Korea tush tag. The swing tag was chewed off by my dog back in 1995. This beanie was a gift to my 34 yr old daughter when she was 5 in 1993. I’m pretty sure it could be worth something. How do I find out? Colleen

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