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1998 Beanie Babies Cards Series 1 Checklist

Beanie Babies Trading Cards – Series 1
Release Date: November 1998

Box Configuration:
24 Packs Per Box
8 Cards Per Pack
1 Puzzle Card Per Pack
1 Checklist Card Per Pack
1 – 5×7 Box Topper Per Box
RARE: Ty Autograph Cards #/1 – 296 Total Copies

Series 1 Cards on Amazon

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Original 9 Beanie Babies Cards

The first 9 cards in the Beanie Babies set are some of the most rare and valuable.

They are serial numbered and have different variations: Red, Blue, Silver and Gold.

You can find some of the cards without serial numbers. It is debatable how rare the ones without serial numbers are worth.

#1 Chocolate the Moose
Red #/8840 - Blue #/3510 - Silver #/884 - Gold #/182

#2 Cubbie The Bear
Red #/7480 - Blue #/2970 - Silver #/748 - Gold #/154

#3 Flash the Dolphin
Red #/6800 - Blue #/2700 - Silver #/680 - Gold #/140

#4 Legs the Frog
Red #/8160 - Blue #/3240 - Silver #/816 - Gold #/168

#5 Patti the Platypus
Red #/8160 - Blue #/3240 - Silver #/816 - Gold #/168

#6 Pinchers the Crab
Red #/8840 - Blue #/3510 - Silver #/884 - Gold #/182

#7 Splash the Dolphin
Red #/6800 - Blue #/2700 - Silver #/680 - Gold #/140

#8 Spot the Dog
Red #/5400 - Blue #/2160 - Silver #/540 - Gold #/112

#9 Sqealer the Pig
Red #/7480 - Blue #/2970 - Silver #/748 - Gold #/154

Retired Beanie Babies Cards

The Gold Parallel Cards are the most rare worth the most from this section of cards as they are serial numbered #/150.

Odds: 1:7 packs to find a Retired Beanie Babies card.
Common Card: “BLUE” Retired Stamp
Parallel Cards: Silver Not Serial Numbered – Gold Serial Numbered #/150

10 Bongo the Brown Monkey
11 Bronty the Brontosaurus
12 Chilly the Polar Bear
13 Goldie the Goldfish
14 Humphrey the Camel
15 Lefty the Donkey
16 Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant
17 Peking the Panda
18 Quackers the Duck
19 Slither the Snake
20 Steg the Stegasaurus
21 Teddy the Brown Bear
22 Trap the Mouse
23 Web the Spider
24 Zip the Cat

Birthday & Rookie Beanie Babies Cards

Overall Odds: 1:2 packs to find a Birthday /Rookie Beanie Babies card.
Color Odds: Red 1:3 Packs – Blue 1:6 Packs – Silver 1:24 Packs – Gold #/150

The Gold parallel cards, serial numbered #/150 are the most rare and most valuable.

Rookie Cards on eBay

25 Ants the Anteater
26 Batty the Bat
27 Bessie the Cow
28 Bubbles the Fish
29 Bucky the Beaver
30 Clubby the Bear
31 Crunch the Shark
32 Erin the Bear
33 Fetch the Dog
34 Fortune the Panda
35 Glory the Bear
36 Hippity the Bunny
37 Kiwi the Toucan
38 Lizzy the Lizard
39 Mel the Koala
40 Nanook the Husky
41 Nip the Cat
42 Pinky the Flamingo
43 Princess the Bear
44 Radar the Bat
45 Scoop the Pelican
46 Stinger the Scorpion
47 Strut the Rooster
48 Tabasco the Bull
49 Valentino the Bear


50 Ally the Alligator
51 Baldy the Eagle
52 Bernie the Dog
53 Blackie the Black Bear
54 Blizzard the Tiger
55 Bones the Dog
56 Britannia the Bear
57 Bruno the Dog
58 Bumble the Bee
59 Caw the Crow
60 Chip the Cat
61 Chops the Lamb
62 Claude the Crab
63 Congo the Gorilla
64 Coral the Fish
65 Curly the Bear
66 Daisy the Cow
67 Derby the Horse
68 Digger the Crab
69 Doby the Doberman
70 Dotty the Dalmatian
71 Early the Robin
72 Ears the Rabbit
73 Echo the Dolphin
74 Fleece the Lamb
75 Flip the Cat
76 Floppity the Bunny
77 Flutter the Butterfly
78 Freckles the Leopard
79 Garcia the Bear
80 Gigi the Poodle
81 Gobbles the Turkey
82 Gracie the Swan
83 Grunt the Razorback
84 Happy the Hippo
85 Hissy the Snake
86 Hoot the Owl
87 Iggy the Iguana
88 Inch the Inchworm
89 Inky the Octopus
90 Jabber the Parrot
91 Jake the Duck
92 Jolly the Walrus
93 Kuku the Cockatoo
94 Libearty the Bear
95 Lucky the Ladybug
96 Magic the Dragon
97 Manny the Manatee
98 Mystic the Unicorn
99 Nuts the Squirrel
100 Peace the Bear
101 Peanut the Light Blue Elephant
102 Pouch the Kangaroo
103 Pounce the Cat
104 Prance the Cat
105 Puffer the Puffin
106 Pugsley the Dog
107 Rainbow the Chameleon
108 Rex the Tyrannosaurus
109 Righty the Elephant
110 Ringo the Raccoon
111 Roary the Lion
112 Rocket the Bluejay
113 Rover the Dog
114 Scottie the Scottish Terrier
115 Seamore the Seal
116 Seaweed
117 Sly the Fox
118 Smoochy the Frog
119 Snip the Cat
120 Snort the Bull
121 Snowball the Snowman
122 Sparky the Dalmatian
123 Speedy the Turtle
124 Spike the Rhinoceros
125 Spinner the Spider
126 Spooky the Ghost
127 Spunky the Dog
128 Sting the Sting Ray
129 Stinky the Skunk
130 Stretch the Ostrich
131 Stripes the Tiger
132 Tank the Armadillo
133 Ted the Cranberry Bear
134 Teddy the Jade Bear
135 Teddy the Magenta Bear
136 Teddy the Teal Bear
137 Teddy the Violet Bear
138 Tracker the Basset Hound
139 Tuffy the Terrier
140 Tusk the Walrus
141 Twigs the Giraffe
142 Velvet the Panther
143 Waddle the Penguin
144 Waves the Whale
145 Weenie the Dachshund
146 Whisper the Deer
147 Wrinkles the Bulldog
148 Ziggy the Zebra
149 Zip the Cat

Puzzle Cards
Odds: 1 Puzzle card Per Pack

Born to be wild
It's A Dog's Life
Star Spangled Beanies
The Faces of Teddy
The Original Nine
Tropical Heat Wave
Winter Beanie Wonderland
Jungle - Dogs Card

5x7 Box Topper Cards
Odds: 1 Box Topper Per Full Box

Born to be wild
It's A Dog's Life
Star Spangled Beanies
The Faces of Teddy
The Original Nine
The Original Nine
Tropical Heat Wave
Winter Beanie Wonderland

  • elke says:

    i got hundreds of beanie baby trading cards ,inaugural edition 98
    dont know nothing about them , can you help me what they worth and where to sale them??? im in las vegas nv.

    • Love My Beanies says:

      Hello, the Beanie Babies cards worth the most are the ones that are serial numbered, similar to the Pinchers on this page. Check your stacks of cards to see if you have one like that. The best market to sell them would be eBay.

  • Melba Metts says:

    How do I find out what my beanies are worth. I have approx. 500 to 600. Most of them are retired.

  • Debbie says:

    Hi, I have card in a plastic container. One says Series A, Set 1 and the other is Series A, Set 2. Are these worth anything? Thank you for your help. 🙂

    • connie says:

      I have a hand full of the limited edition Official Collector Card sliders.. I have four different ones. Are they worth anything? Or should I just give tem to my grand daughters?

  • kandi says:

    I have 5 boxes of 24 packs if series 1 beanie baby cards. They are all unopened. About how much do you think I could them for? And where would be the best place?

  • Nancy Carter says:

    I have THE ORIGINAL NINE Beanie Babies’ puzzle trading cards from 1998 (Perfect Condition).
    I have many other cards too, I’m just trying to get an idea how much this set is worth. I’m very new at this.


    I have a almost complete 3 albums, with the Diana beenie bear. How do I sell it?

  • Mario manna says:

    I recently acquired probably 2,000 beanie baby cards series 1 2 and 3 not sure the value or what I’m looking at so if somebody could contact me that would be awesome off the subject I also acquired probably 5,000 to 10,000 baseball cards every rookie card made from 88 to 93 for genressome autographs I’m not autographed I have probably 10,000 football cards rookie autographed on autograph basketball as well

  • Deborah Haley says:

    I’m looking for the original 9 beanie baby cards, I never saw them, are they in series one cards and where can I purchase them..

  • Stark Puffenbarger says:

    How much is a signed peanut the elephant series2 worth

  • Sarah says:

    I have a silver Cubbie original clear card, numbered 002/748. What should I make the asking price?
    Also have a silver Legs original clear card numbered 456/816. Would the Cubbie card be higher in value since it’s number 2?

  • >