1999 Signature Bear: Ty Beanie Babies


1999 Signature Bear
Style Number 4228
Swing Tag 5
Tush Tag 7
D.O.B None

Value: $3

Notes: Don’t be fooled by the eBay auctions you might see for 1999 Signature Bears with error tags. You can see those auctions here. They claim that the Signature Bear has some sort of rare error on the tush tag. While the name “Gasport” is used instead of “Gosport” on the inside of the swing tag, this error shows up on just about every Signature Bear made. Neither version is worth anything. It appears to be an uncorrected error by Ty, which means that there is no added value to any of the Signature Bears.

1999 Signature Bear Tag Errors: with Gasport instead of Gosport on Swing Tag – No added Value

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  • I have a 1999 Signature Bear with a misprint 199 on the red heart on the bears chest. I am the original owner and purchased on day of release. I have also keep in a plastic case from pet free smoke free home. How rare are these type of errors. How can I get a COA as I am thinking of selling

  • I have an original princess Diana Bennie baby worth 149, 000 on the internet I’m trying2 sell her to the highest bidder

    • Did you ever sale her? I have one too. And can’t find anyone to buy. Not even make an offer. How’s your luck been. Bout ready to donate mine. Thx for any info

    • lol…Internet pricing on these has gotten crazy. That’s not what it’s worth, that’s just what some hopeful is asking… and will never get.

  • I have a 1999 signature bear in factory sealed bag with no ear tag but does have the red heart on chest and tush tag, how much is it worth?

  • I have a weenie beanie babie from the early maybe even inaguration game of the Tampa Bay Devil rays with ticket and all is it worth anything?

  • I have a 1999 Signature bear with a “1” in the 1999 that only appears to be half sewn. Do I have a collectors piece?

  • I have a 2000 3rd generation with 3 errors but it also has his tush tag sewn into his leg. Doe that make a difference in value?

  • I have a green 4th generation bear named Erin. It is in it’s original case and even the Ty label is in plastic and never been opened. It is 1997. Is it worth money?

  • I have 1999 birthday beanie baby. How can I have this authenticated. It was given as a birthday gift to my daughter when she was little. Just knowing the value I don’t know price points on this little guy and it’s intact in a clear display box.

  • I have all 4 of Ronald McDonalds international beanie babies still in their original packages.
    Princess ty bean that was put out for her chairty benefit
    Valentino Bear with the brown.
    And a few more all in mint condition

  • I have a princess diana beanie missing the tag i suppose its worthless Also Fuzz please respond if either is worth anything

  • My Grandma told me to look up the price for her 1999 signature bear, thinking it would be worth a fortune. I told her it was 3$ and she said that it was probably more money to buy it than what’s it’s worth.

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