Ants Beanie Babies: Value Guide

Hang Tag Generation: 5th
Tush Tag Generation: 6th

$2 - Mint or New Condition
$0.00-$0.25 - No hang tag

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Love My Beanies

  • I have the original beenie baby pounce for sale it’s the one with the darker nose asking $3500 obo if interested contact Jodie @

  • I have absolutely prefect beanies for sale . From 1996 through 97 . All are in near to prefect condition including the tags. Most tags are in closed in plastic . I have double of most bears. Send me request and i will send you photo of my beanies.

  • I have a 1997 Ants that’s supposedly rarer because of a typo on the swing tag poem. There’s an extra space at the end of the poem between “fly” and the exclamation point. It’s in incredible condition. Would it be worth more than $2?

  • Hi I’m trying to distinguish my ANTS BEANIE BABY
    *Date birth November 7,1997 * it has the space between fly and!
    * tush tag is orange. * PE pellets *REG. NO PA 1965(KR)
    *The tag itself has a red plastic attachment

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