Are McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Babies Worth Anything?

No. None of the Ty Teenie Beanie Babies associated with the McDonald’s promotion starting in 1997 are worth anything.

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Customers who purchased a Happy Meal from McDonald’s during the various promotions were given a Ty Teenie Beanie.

Did You Know?

The 1997 promotion was so popular McDonald’s had planned to giveaway 100 million Teenie Beanies in 5 weeks. 

According to a new book about Beanie Babies – it only took 2 weeks before they were all gone.

1997 McDonald’s Teenie Beanies
Value: $0.50-$1.00 each


1998 McDonald’s Teenie Beanies
Value$0.50-$1.00 each

Bones the Dog
Bongo the Monkey
Doby the Dog
Happy the Hippo
Inch the Worm
Mel the Koala
Peanut the Elephant
Pinches the Lobster
Scoop the Pelican
Twigs the Giraffe
Waddle the Penguin
Zip the Cat

1998 Teenie Beanie Box Set was available via mail order. It featured all 12 Teenie Beanies from ’98.

Complete 1998 box sets can sell for around $20-$50.

1999 McDonald’s Teenie Beanies
Value$0.50-$1.00 each

Antsy the Anteater
Chip the Cat
Claude the Crab
Freckles the Leopard
Glory the Bear – Employee Exclusive
Iggy the Iguana
Nook the Dog
Nuts the Squirrel
Rocket the Bird
Smoochy the Frog
Spunky the Dog
Stretchy the Ostrich
Strut the Rooster

1999 International Versions
Value$0.50-$1.00 each

Britannia the Bear
Erin the Bear
Glory the Bear
Maple the Bear

2000 McDonald’s Teenie Beanies
Value$0.50-$1.00 each

Blizz the Tiger
Bronty the Dinosaur
Bumble the Bee
Bushy the Lion
Coral the Fish
Dotty the Dog
Flip the Cat
Flitter the Butterfly
Goochy the Jellyfish
Lefty the Donkey
Libearty the Bear
Lips the Fish
Lucky the Ladybug
Millennium the Bear
Neon the Seahorse
Rex the Dinosaur
Righty the Elephant
Schweetheart the Monkey
Slither the Snake
Spike the Rhinoceros
Spinner the Spider
Springy the Bunny
Steg the Dinosaur
Sting the Scorpion
The End Bear
Tusk the Walrus

2000 International Teenie Beanies
Value$0.50-$1.00 each

Germania the Bear
Osito the Bear
Spangle the Bear

2000 Legends Versions

Chilly the Polar Bear
Humphrey the Camel
Royal Blue Peanut the Elephant

In 2000 – some McDonald’s workers were given a pin to commemorate the promotion.

2004 McDonald’s Teenie Beanies

Big Red Shoe the Bear
Birdie the Bear
Burger the Bear
Fries the Bear
Golden Arches the Bear
Grimace the Bear
Hamburglar the Bear
Happy Meal 10th Bear – Canada Exclusive
Happy Meal 25th Bear
Happy Meal the Bear
McNuggests the Bear
Ronald McDonald the Bear
Shake the Bear

2009 McDonald’s Teenie Beanies

Clipper the Dolphin
Maiden the Ladybug
Boomer the Dog
Ronald McDonald the Clown
 Jumps the Frog
Woolsy the Lamb
Quackly the Duck
 Aussie the Koala
Streamers the Bear
Fez the Monkey
Pico the Chihuahua
Thirty the Bear
Chill the Penguin
Radish the Dog
Fluffball the Guinea Pig
Topper the Giraffe
Rascal the Labradoodle
Yammy the Cat
Fable the Unicorn
Ming the Panda
Grimace the Taste Bud
Skunkers the Skunk
Hydrant the Dalmatian
Spurs the Horse
Cargo the Bulldog
Pops the Gorilla
Frostiness the Polar Bear
Oasis the Tiger
Splits the Flamingo
Celebration the Bear

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  • I have toys from McDonald from before 1993. From cars too firbees and ty. Bears. Willing to sell. If interested

  • I have Maple the Bear. Error version.Says 1993 on tag and Oak Brook is one word .I want to sell.In original packaging .

  • I have a valentino pvc pellets and 1 of the 4 mf errors mine has brown nose not black original swing tag with plastic cover. I am interested in selling to a serious collector . What made the one last year sell for 42,000

    • I want to know the answer to your question too!
      I have the same Valentino and thought I really hit the jackpot, however when I researched, mine has a 7th generation tush tag. Only 1st generation are worth something, most $0.

  • I have complete sets of McDonalds teeny babies still in the original packages, would anybody be interested in buying them? I also have a few extras if anybody’s missing some from a set that would like to buy?

      • My deceased parents collected a lot of happy meals toys.i cleaned out 5here house and I found a full tub of TY BABY BEANIES IN ORGINAL PLASTIC BAGS. You can give me a offer for all. I can send you pictures if you send me your email address.

      • I have 11 from the 1999 collection to get rid of along with the set of 4 international ones and also all of the 1996 Space jam ones all for sale.

  • I have a Very rare Valentino bear. Its got the errors on the tag but one foot is clearly smaller and the ears are off set and one eye is sewn all messed up. Seriously looks like someones first day on the job. I dont know what to do because i have no idea if this thing is worth more money than i can fathom…If you have any advice or opinions or If you want pics email me at

  • Hello,

    I have 4 Ronald McDonald International Bears in their original box. I’m trying to understand if they are worth anything? There are mixed articles online.

  • MY Mom has a HUGE collection of the beani babies. She has some of the very rare ones. If you are looking for a specific one ….rare one or not let me know and I will look to see if we have it. She started buying them from day one and they are in perfect condition.

  • I have a ty teenie beanie baby “FRECKLES the LEOPARD”. But the tush tag says “1993”. Although your site implies teenie beanie babies, made for McDonald’s began 1997?? I’m confused, can anyone help me figure this out??

  • I have a teenie beanie from MacDonald’s ( light blue), that has a silver metal keychain on it. Is this unusual? I can’t find anything like it, anywhere

  • I cant locate the information I need in reguards to my Ronald mcdonald house beenie..Maple the bear. This is one of 4 beenies in the collection. Im npt sure what generation it is because the box says bad today introduced was February 27th of 1997 but the date of birth is July 1st 1996 and the tag says 1993. Someone please give me some information on this

    • It’s an error so it’s worth more just no one is buying these things this one I have it’s a green Erin bear in the box and it’s tag says 1993 someone has one listed for like $750 like “yeah good luck with that situation” lol I’m trying to sell some as well but not looking to promising but yeah look up 1993 tag error and the name of it on eBay you will find prices all over the grid from $1-$5000

  • Th McDonald’s one I have isn’t in a plastic bag. It’s in a book-like package with a hard plastic bubble for th bear opposite from the last page of a story book. Worthless, really? The End

  • I have 3 out of 4 international beany babies, from Mcdonalds in pkgs unopened, Britannia, Erin Maple.
    Does anyone know if there worth anything. my mother had them

  • I have a couple of large totes with approximately 170 beanie babies and a lot of Teenie beanie babies I would like to get rid of the whole lump sum. If anybody would be interested in them I could take pictures also I could make a list of everything that’s there . If anybody is interested please email me and I will get with you as soon as I can thank you

    • If not worth much for sale, they are still useful for giving as a gift (birthday, Christmas, etc.) and save you the money of buying a gift. Children will love them regardless of value.

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