Aurora Beanie Babies: Price Guide




Value: $3.20

Notes: If you have the Aurora that was given away at the Chicago Cubs game on September 10, 2000 – with the Commemorative Card (pictured below) that probably has some value. Just the card shown below sold for $10.00 on eBay. With the Aurora Beanie Babie and the card together you might be able to get $15-20 out of it. They gave away 12,000 Aurora’s at that game.

The regular version of Aurora Polar Bears aren’t worth much at all. $5-10 at the very best, but in reality they are just $1.00 items at this point.

aurora cubs





Style Number 4271
Swing Tag Generation 6th-7th
Tush Tag Generation 9th
Date of Birth February 3, 2000

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  • I have a # of TY beanie babies, some marked wrong just like to know if they were valuable. Like the millennium bear, I have 3 different ones.

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