Beanie Babies Price Guide: Bently – Bianca

This is a price guide for Beanie Babies: Bently, Bernie, Berry Ice, Bessie and Bianca.


Style Number 40809
Swing Tag Generation 17th
Tush Tag Generation
Date of Birth September 3, 2009


Bently Value: $18.57

Notes: These can sell for over $15 online as there appears to be very few out there. One of the few modern Beanie Babies that sell for more than what they originally cost at retail.



Style Number 4109
Swing Tag Generation 4th-5th
Tush Tag Generation 3rd-6th
Date of Birth October 3, 1996


Bernie Value: $3.51

Notes: There are a ton of these out there and they are best served for the $1 bin, even the 4th/3rd Generation versions.


berry ice

Berry Ice
Style Number 40678
Swing Tag Generation 15th
Tush Tag Generation 13th
Date of Birth June 23, 2007


Berry Ice Value: $3.16

Notes: This was apart of a six Beanie set exclusive to the 2007 Summer Show. The other beanies are: Cherry Ice, Grape Ice, Lemonade Ice, Lime Ice & Orange Ice.



Style Number 4009
Swing Tag Generation 3rd-4th
Tush Tag Generation 1st-5th
Date of Birth June 27, 1995


Notes: If you have a 1st Generation Tush Tag on your Bessie then it’s worth over $20. Any other version is worth considerably less, probably in the $1-$5 range.



Style Number 40156
Swing Tag Generation 12th
Tush Tag Generation 13th
Date of Birth September 15, 2004


Value: $10.51

Notes: This is the original version that was released in 2005.

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  • my Bessie is missing hang tag but I noticed her eyes and nose holes are set more in the center and her little horns are pink is this of any value 2ond gen tush tag 1995

  • Do you have Bianca the cat with the date of Birth of September 15th. I am interested in buying Bianca because is has the same date of Birth as my great granddaughter Sophia and I would like to get it for her because she also loves cats. dianerwelch@gmail.com Thank you

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