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    • Hello! One of the best places online to sell Beanie Babies would probably be eBay. They obviously have quite a few fees involved, but it is safe and it’s the largest marketplace for Beanie Babies at the moment.

  • I have a greenish blue Iguana or chameleon , swing tag says Rainbow, tush tag says Hissy. Any ideas on this, couldn’t find any with a Hissy tush tag.

    • Hello Kaite! Something happened with many of the Rainbow Beanie Babies at production, many of them have wrong Tush Tags on them. As a general rule, most of the Rainbow’s don’t have much extra value with the wrong tags, they might be worth in the $5 range.

  • Thanks For The Information. I have hundreds, but after clearing up many of my questions, I still don’t see, in all the data, the comparison or designation of the two sizes of the examples. (I have many large animals). Thanks, Larry (betzlerlarry@yahoo.com)

  • Hello, I have 3 Beanies from McDonalds. I have 2 “DOBY” (1) and 1 “Bones” (9) all are still in the original plastic bag unopened. I am not sure I understand what you are talking about when you say “Tags” They do have TY on the bags and as far as I can tell the BONES and one of the DOBY have a pink and white heart shaped tag that also says “TY”. The 2nd DOBY I am not sure if it has the pink “TY” tag on it and hate to open the bag to see. They do have a white tag on the leg’s that say A17 and A19 and 328 or 32S on BONES all have TY on the other side, are these the tags you speak of? I would think they would be real as they all came from McDonalds. Any idea of what I have?

  • hello, im looking for a price on two beanie babies that I have.. one is called Jammin Jenna and the other is Burrows the blue bunny.. can you find a price on them for me.. thank you

    • Hello! Jammin Jenna is apart of the Ty Girlz line and they tend to sell online for about $5.00. Burrows Beanie Babies are in about the same price range, $3-$5.

  • Hello! I have over 100 beanie babies, all with preserved hang tags and about 500+ teenie beanie babies, all still in the packaging and some of them are full sets still in the boxs (about 100 of them). Plus I have Beanie Buddies and Attic Treasures. What is the best way to go about selling these?

    • Hi! The only potentially liquid market for Beanie Babies would be eBay. Other than some local flea market or antique show where you could blow them out for $1-$2 each, online, and specifically eBay is the only real option. Some sellers have success selling them in big “lots” for somewhere between $0.25-$1.00 each.

  • Ok, So I have a TY Beanie Baby whose name is Curly…. However, the only “Curly” I can find on here is a 1993 bear… Which I also have… The one I am looking for though is a white bunny…. I have it, I am just curious as to how much it may be worth, if anything??? It is a 1991 Beanie with a strawberry sweater on… Tag is like new… Says “Curly” “I’m All Ears!” Does anyone know anything about this specific Beanie!?!

  • Hello! There are a few beanie babies that I have that I could not find on your lists. I have Nibbly and Nibbler both rabbits. Loosy and Congo. All have tags on them and are in great condition. What would be the price value for these? Also I have Happy the Gray Hippo but I dont know the difference between the generations. Thanks so much in advance.

  • Hello. I have 4 beanie babies that I couldnt find on your lists of price values. I have Nibbly, Nibbler, Congo, and Loosy. Was wondering if you knew the price value for these. Also I have Happy the Gray Hippo but im not sure how to distinguish between the different generations. Thanks so much in advance. 🙂

  • I am a bit confused about your website. When you list the prices beanies were sold for, did you sell them or is that what they sold for on ebay or other places?

  • Hi there,
    I have a Jabber…it has a 5th generation hang tag, 6th generation tush tag, PE pellets, and it is red stamped in the tush tag. This would not be anything special except this one has a second tag that is larger than the TY. I have never seen this before on Jabber. I have been trying to find one on ebay or on the internet and cannot seem to find it. Do you know anything about this at all?

    • Hi Bobbie! What you might have is a Canadian Tush Tag. It’s over-sized and were attached to Beanie Babies sold in Canada. Here is a picture of one:

  • You do not list Snort, # 4002 the red pig or Waddle #4075 the penguin. Also my Inky # 4028 is not grey it is very light pink. I am still not clear how to tell the generation (all of mine have the # after the name on the hang tag) or tush tag generations.

  • I can not find any information about this ty beanie and the value. Hope you can shed some light for me.

    My best effort of description: a mottled brown & white bear with pair of black antennas. Has brown feet and brown paws. Condition: Good to very good. Missing hang tag yet has a red plastic tag which I assume holds the hand tag.

    On FRONT of TUSH tag is brown letters lowercase ty in a white background heart with brown dots inside heart. Then follow by a R in circle. Followed by HANDMADE IN CHINA.

    ON BACK of TUSH tag: copyright circle c 1993 TY INC.
    REG. NO. PA-1965(KR)

    I will be glad to send picture but did not know how via comment. Again, many thanks for any information and/or value.

  • I have tons of beanie babies I’m Looking to sell but looking for private buyers or stores i can take them to without having to sell through the internet off you can help me i would Truely appreciate it and u may contact me via email leone3172@gmail.com

  • I have a 2000 u.s.a written on chest of the bear also has a silver stamp on back tag handmade in china oakbrook il. u.s.a. I was wondering if it was worth anything

  • Hi lovemybeanies. I would like to sell my lot of 220 babies they are all 5th generation and newer. Nothing valuable from what I can see. What do you think a good asking price would be for the whole lot on eBay? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello! Recently I’ve seen lots sell for around $1.00 each including shipping. You have a fairly large lot, and I see no reason why you can’t get between .75-$1.00 each with good pictures and such. Dial in your shipping costs and someone will most likely pay upwards of $220 for everything.

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