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Is Princess Gasport Error Worth Anything?


I have one of the Princess Diana Beanie Babies and it has “Gasport Hampshire” on the Hang Tag, (spelled wrong should be Gosport) does this make a difference? Is it worth anything?

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Some recent sales of the Gasport error Princess Beanie Babies have been in the $6-$10 range on eBay. Ty donated over $20 Million to the Princess Diana Memorial Foundation from sales of the Princess bear, a significant gesture. What that means though is that there are several million Princess Beanie Babies in existence. People who have paid big money for any Princess bear would have been better off donating that money to charity.

Princess Beanie Babies on eBay

The Gasport error is very common on many other Beanie Babies and you can check some values on our Beanie Babies Error Page.