Valentino Beanie Babies Price Guide

 One of the most commonly found Beanie Babies is Valentino.

Depending what tags it has, your Valentino could be worth a $1 to a few hundred. Millions of Valentino Beanie Babies were made, which means most of them are worthless.

This guide is to help you figure out which Valentino you have.

Counterfeit versions exist.

Did You Know?

Only Valentino Bears with these Tush Tags are worth money:

1st Generation

2nd Generation

Lots of misinformation exists online about Valentino and other values of Beanie Babies. The rare ones are very hard to find, but millions of Valentino's exist with more common tags.

All Valentino bears have brown noses.

Valentino The Bear
Original DOB: February 14, 1994
Retired: December 31, 1998
Style Number: 4058
Hang Tag Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5
Tush Tag Generations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Valentino Beanie Babies worth the most money will have:

2nd Generation Hang Tag
1st Generation Tush Tag


Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Hang Tag: 2nd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Price: $399.95 - February 8, 2017
Price: $177.50 - November 26, 2014
Price: $102.50 - May 18, 2014
Price: $97 - October 2018

Not Authenticated
Price: $300 - August 2021

It is very rare to have that tag combination.



Comes with autographed card of Scott Carpenter and Ed Gibson.
Serial Numbered #/250 – Issued on July 26, 1998
Sale Price: $300.00 – January 1, 2015

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Toys For Tots
Limited edition of 5,500 Versions
Promotion for the Marine Corps Reserve in 1998
Comes with Certificate – Worth Less Without It
Sale Price: $29.99 – December 18, 2014
Check Current Price: eBay

Hang Tag: 3rd Generation
Tush Tag: 2nd Generation
Price: $19.95 – June 28, 2016
Check Current Price: eBay

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Hang Tag: 4th Generation – Korea
Tush Tag: 3rd Generation – Korea
Handmade in Korea – Added Canadian Tush Tag
Price: $14.99 – February 19, 2015
Check Current Price: eBay

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Valentino – Special Olympics
Comes with Certificate – Worth Less Without It
Price: $9.99 – December 20, 2015
Check Current Price: eBay
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Hang Tag error of Original being misspelled as “Origiinal”
Surface is also misspelled as “suface” on the back of the Hang Tag
PE Pellets or P.V.C Pellets
Hang Tag Generation: 5th Generation
Tush Tag Generation: 6th Generation
Average Price: $2-$5

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Hang Tag Errors: Original being misspelled as “Origiinal” – Surface Wash sticker on back
PE Pellets or P.V.C Pellets
Hang Tag Generation: 5th Generation
Tush Tag Generation: 6th Generation
Sold For: $4.00

On May 17, 1998, David Wells, the New York Yankees' left-handed pitcher threw a Perfect Game against the Minnesota Twins. A crowd of over 49,000 was present, nearly filling the stadium to capacity. A notable segment of the audience had been children attending the special Beanie Babies Day. Kids under the age of 14 had received a Valentino Beanie Baby along with a unique, numbered commemorative card.

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  • Valentino Bear.
    Brown nose
    “Original” spelling on hang tag.
    “2-14-94” Dob spelling tag.
    Handmade in China w/no inner stamp on tush tag.
    “1993” and “P. V. C Pellets”
    spelling on tush tag.
    Pics available. Any idea if any value?

  • Not sure if this is worth any but it has brown nose, no star on the tush tag the eyes are placed uneven, pvc pellets, yellow star on the hang tag but the letters inside the tag are bolded.

  • I have a Valentiono, brown nose,1993 Tush tag, made in China, PVE pellets, 4th generation swing tag (with yellow star)Two misspelled words on swing tag, Original and surface. Do you know it’s value based on this? I know you say it’s impossible to have 1st gen tush tag with 4th generation tag, but I do! My tush tag has the star so it know it’s 4th, not 3rd gen but tush tag definitely says 1993.

  • My Valentino Beanie Baby has a generation 5 (I think?), but it doesn’t have the misspelling of “origiinal”. That word is spelled correctly.

  • My name is Sabrina Martinez I have Valentino the bear is white with a heart on the left hand side red ribbon and it has a tag of beanie baby original date of birth February 14th 1994can someone please let me know how much it is cuz when I look it up it’s saying it’s a lot of money but then I see other sites and a saying as little money

    • Hi Joe mama. While researching this bear today (8/28/20) for my daughter, I Just came across your post. I just had a HUGE laugh-out-loud moment. Shared it with my family as they heard me laughing. Just what I needed in these crazy times!

  • I have a question. We came across a Valentino and need a few questions answered. It has a misspelled “suface” on the tag, brown nose, and pvc pellets. In a case with tag protector. What is this thing worth?

  • I have a Valentino with both the misspelled words (ORIGIINAL, SUFACE), has a brown nose, a semi colon instead of a regular colon, and P.V.C. pellets instead of P.E. pellets. Could you tell me how much this would sell for?

  • I have seen Valentino with errors sell online for thousands. Look it up on ebay and use the “sold” filter. These ppl saying there not worth anything don’t know what they are talking about.

  • My Valentino has pvc pellets both “suface” and “origiinal” are both spelled wong the handmade in deos have the extra space..anyone know what its worth someone please help

  • I have a Valentino bear with no hang tag but tush tag says hand made in China in 1993. Is it worth anything?

  • I have the Valentino bear,Mint Condition. Tag attached, as well as the Purple Diana Bear Mint Condition. Both Kept in Clear case box. What’s the Valentino bear worth in Mint Condition?
    They’re kept under lock and key.

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