Clubby Beanie Babies Price Guide


Prototype PAX Tags

Ultra Rare

Authenticated By: Peggy Gallagher

Sold For: $390

Date Sold: August 2014


Hang Tag: 5th Generation

Tush Tag: 6th Generation

Authenticated By: True Blue Beans

No Button On Chest

Sold For: $250

Date Sold: March 2017


Hang Tag: 5th Generation

Tush Tag: 6th Generation

Not Authenticated

Very Common - Not Rare

Value: $5 +/-

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Love My Beanies

  • I have a blue clubby that has an odd hang tag. The back of it has “Beanies” in bold red block letters. I haven’t been able to find another hang tag like it to determine the generation

  • I have a “Bessie” the cow with errors on the hang tag and the error on the tush tag…anyone interested to buy her?

  • I have a Clubby….but it is like a purple, pink and blue mixed color….also the hang tag says Clubby 2 and tush tag says Clubby

  • I have one that doesn’t have the red TY tag. It’s got the cubby tag and the bottom and the button on the chest. How much is it worth?

  • I have a platinum clubby in a case with coin, pack of cards membership card etc and I’d like to know what he’s worth thanks

  • Why are some Clubbys (dob7-7-98) selling for $500 – $900 while others that seem to be the same bear sell for only $5 ? Thanks Great site !

  • I have a 1998 Clubby Beanie Baby in very good condition but it doesn’t have the heart shaped tag. How much is it worth and how much value does it not having the tag take off?

  • How do I tell which version of Clubby I have? The hang tag and tush tag both say Clubby but he’s not as dark as the one in the photo.

  • I havr a clubby 2 light blue kind of sparkly. Its in a sealed up platinum membership bag. Same white tie on the zipper. Collector cards coin and membership card. How do I find out how much its worth

  • I have a royal blue Clubby with a rainbow bow, a button, a ear tag that has the yellow star, and the tush tag says 1999. How much is it worth? I don’t come across many online that is the 1st Gen royal blue with a 1999 tush tag.

  • I have a dark blue “Clubby” with a 4th generation tag (yellow star on tag) and the button on chest. But it is unique as the tush tag and the other tag (the second tag attached to the rear of the beanie) was connected together with the same red plastic that connects the 4th generation tag to the ear of the beanie. It is like the second tag on the bottom was never sewn on, and just attached via the red plastic to the tush tag. Hopefully you don’t mind giving your thoughts on an estimate?

    • i have a clubby bear with exact same tush tag being attached sepretly, check to see if there is a number above the ty heart logo. there could be a 01, 02, or 03

  • I just got Clubby II for 6 dollars. I think many people buys them to collect but some we buy them because will like them. ❤ the person gifted me part of the official membership first edition envelope and poster -guide. I must tell you I buy memories since these beanies reminds me to my son childhood.

  • I have a royal blue Clubby with the multicolored ribbon & the Official Club Pin. It’s 1998. Still in plastic. Mint condition. Made in China. Date of Birth: July 7, 1998. Can you tell me how much it’s worth?

  • I have lots of beanies in mint condition like peace with pvc pallets has atlest 8 errors have princess diana hace erin habe signature bear with mistakes mac the cardinal with mistakes mcdonalds international ones i have dozens of veey rare high dollar beanies lokkinf to sell cheap get hold of me email Campbelllarry724@gmail.com or call 3307713421 if interested in buying I’m selling real cheap u can peobally but them and make triple ur money

  • I have a colorful clubbing that’s pink blue and purple with the plastic around its tag and a silver bow tie

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