Garcia Beanie Babies Price Guide


Hang Tag Generation: 3rd Generation

Tush Tag Generation: 2nd Generation

Authenticated By: True Blue Beans

Sold For: $169

Date Sold: March 2017


Hang Tag Generation: 3rd Generation

Tush Tag Generation: 2nd Generation

Not Authenticated

Value: $50 +/-


Hang Tag Generation: 4th Generation

Tush Tag Generation: 3rd Generation

Not Authenticated

Yellow Star on Hang Tag

Value: $10 +/-

4th Generation versions can sell as high as $20+ if they have unique colors.

Named after Grateful Dead singer Jerry Garcia. The estate of Garcia sued Ty to get the bear pulled off shelves. Ty later made a similar bear and called it Peace. ​

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  • I’ve just listened to your message about Garcia. My tag says dated 8-1-95 which seems to differ from what you say. It’s been sat in a case with tag protector in the dark for at least 18 years in storage.
    It has style 4051 on it.

  • How do I know how much my Garcia and Peace are worth? Do I have to get them authenticated? How do I do that and what is the best place?

  • My Garcia is…I dk.tis got a 4th gen tag and idk tush.looks uniqe.but da nose is kinda squashed with da eyes.is it authentic?

  • What would an original Garcia (generation 2) be worth of the tag has fallen off? It still has the loop on the foot that says the name, copyright year and no damage. Is it worth listing?

  • I have a Garcia beanie baby with a piece symbol and a miniature Grateful Dead ticket around the neck. I can’t find one on the internet to compare it with a ticket. Does anyone know what this is worth or the generation?

  • I have received a large group from sister-in-law’s estate. I am looking for the best book for information on all the bears that give you errors of tags, fabrics,

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