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Here are some of the top posts and messages sent via the #1 Facebook Group For Beanie Babies. 

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I feel like there should be a Netflix documentary on this Beanie Babies heist! We've all wanted to steal a Royal Blue Peanut, but did you think to replace it so the owner maybe wouldn't know??!!

Sadly the photo evidence from Pinterest never materialized and this case remains unsolved!

Notorious Beanie Babies buyer RJ Boyle was SICK of people thinking they had something worth more than $0.50 cents. 

Sometimes it takes tough love to get through to the Beanie Babies community! RJ lays out which Beanie Babies have value really well despite the colorful language. 

Thomas went though several stages of grief here. Initially he said he had a rare Claude the Crab but just hours later he says the entire market for Beanie Babies is dead. 

Stephanie didn't have a good experience in the group. Perhaps she can find a safer space somewhere on Facebook. 

Many months later and I haven't heard from Ty about selling knockoff and replica Ty  products. 

Steve was so mad his Patti wasn't going to pay his bills this month he advised me to dig my own grave and bury myself. 

Someone claimed they sold a Princess bear with Diana's drivers license. 

Princess Bear Price Guide

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