Your Beanie Babies Aren’t Worth Anything

Your Ty Beanie Babies aren’t worth anything. Sorry to break it to you.

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Maybe you did some internet searches and saw some Beanie Babies were supposedly worth thousands of dollars. Hopefully you don’t believe everything you read on the internet. 

Stop and think for a minute, why would someone pay $10,000 for a stuffed animal? 

Your Beanie Babies aren’t worth anything because so many were made during the 1990’s, anyone who does want some, can find them easily and cheaply. 

Do you pay $10,000 for things you can also find at Dollar General? 

But you probably don’t understand supply and demand if you think your Chocolate the Moose is worth $10,000. 

The people who think their Beanie Babies are worth something are seemingly stuck in a time warp. Like they haven't left the days of dial up internet and AOL Instant Messaging. Perhaps still preparing for Y2K. 

Your Beanie Babies aren’t worth anything because the Beanie Babies that are worth something, are very rare. Having a rare Beanie Baby isn’t like finding a needle in a haystack, its like finding one in the bottom of the ocean.

-Beanie Babies Worth Money-

The Ty Beanie Babies you have aren’t worth anything, it doesn’t matter what Yahoo, True Legacy Homes or Ask Money says.

Your Beanie Babies aren't worth anything because you don't understand why one would be valuable. You haven't taken the time to research and learn about Beanie Babies, you don't appreciate them. 

Rare Beanie Babies have very rare tags. 

Beanie Babies Hang Tag Guide

Beanie Babies Tush Tag Guide

And hey, maybe it can be a little tricky. Put a $500 Patti the Platypus and a $1 version next to each other and they look the same. But a quick look at the tags will show a huge difference. 

If you are reading this. You don't have the $500 version. No, you really don't. 

We all want to believe we have some buried treasure hidden in our closet, or something valuable left to  us by a relative. But your Ty Beanie Babies aren't going to be it. 

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