Retired Beanie Babies List

The retirement of Beanie Babies became a critical part of the history of the Ty toys.

In the early-mid 1990s, the retirement of Beanie Babies helped catapult them into some of the hottest collectibles of the decade.

Collectors would eagerly await the next "Newsflash" on the Ty website for the most recent retirement. In the early days, when Ty would retire a Beanie Baby, it would usually drive the price of that particular one up on the secondary market.

Since 2000, the values of Beanie Babies have dropped significantly, and the retirement announcements are not quite as newsworthy. In fact, most Beanie Babies are retired shortly after being produced, and the prices today are modest compared to the frenzy in the 1990s.

These were the typical retirement announcements made on the Ty Website.


  • Click on the link to find out if your Beanie Baby is retired.
  • The lists are broken up and listed alphabetically.
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Love My Beanies

  • I sent areply but i dont think i listed all of the info 1999clubby2 in the collectors. Kit the case never opened coin and cards all included. Trying to get a price and possibly a buyer

  • I have a 2000 Thank You Beanie Bear in a case with signature letter never opened. What might it be worth.

  • Hi i have a princess Dianna beanie baby in mint condition with the tag having its plastic cover on it i would like to know the value. I believe its the first generation one.

  • I have 20 beanie babies to sell in mint condition with tags a few with plastic cover. I don’t know what they’re worth. They are: Tracker, Derby, Rainbow blue & green, Kicks, Stretch, Pouch, Right 2000, Rainbow pink & green, Tuffy, Valentino, ty 2k, Peace, Early, Osito, Sly, Bb bear, Waves, Smoochy, Halo & Fuzz. If anyone”s interested in buying any just make me an offer or you can call or text at 225-281-4725.

  • I have tons of beanies to sell. All have tags and protectors. Also have some rare like Strips, Rover, Twigs,Quackers, etc. Plus many bears. If anyone is interested

  • Before I begin I thank Love My Beanies for her/his help. Thank You!

    Hello, I have a Roxie Reindeer. Info below:
    Born: December 1, 2000
    Retired: December 12, 2000
    Errors/Rare things: Unknown yet.
    Status: Ripped antler, in recovery
    Residence: My shelf unlined with soft blankets
    Value (Acc, to list): $5
    Rarity Rate: High
    Valuable: Yes

    Then I have a Chameleon from 1993 from The McDonald’s Teenie Beanies Stage
    Born: Unknown
    Retired: Unknown
    Error/Rare things: Unknown yet
    Status: None, not ripped/hurt
    Residence: On my blanket shelf along with Roxie
    Value: Pending from Love My Beanies
    Rarity: Legendary
    Valuable: Yes

  • Hey its Marcey i have alot of 1990s, excellent condition with the plastic tag on it. Alot of the fish ones bats, which ones from the 1990s are weath a good amount?

  • I have a retire Beanie Baby collection which is 1997 hissy. in clean condition but does not have the tag I see that they’re selling for pretty expensive I’m trying to sell mines if anyone is interested please contact me and trying to sell soon as possible thank you

  • I have a 1999 Valentino Beanie Baby, he has a red nose, I can’t find any like this, is it rare? Plz message me back any information on Valentino The Bear would be greatly appreciated, thank you, have a nice day.

  • I have several beanie babies that I need to find a value on I’m looking to sell them

  • I found a beanie baby bear britannia with its teenie. I don’t know much about it but I need help to be pointed in the right direction to find more info. Anyone can help?

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