Swirly Beanie Babies Price Guide

Hang Tag Generation: 5th
Tush Tag Generation: 7-8h

$3 - Mint or New Condition
$0.00-$0.50 - No hang tag

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Love My Beanies

  • Finally the TRUTH!! . I was working at a florist in 1997 when the princess bear came out & started the rumors . It immediately was sold for $100 & to this day a ton of people think it is worth a fortune. I made quite a bit of money for our churches at the carnivals we ran. Over $23 thousand from 1997 for a total of 5 years . I had to know what was going on , so I went to all the beanie shows, went to Naperville & met the gals, joined the beanie baby club & could write a book on what went on. I have the magazines, met Ty at one of the shows & watched as he is still making money on the new ones! I learned a lot from Becky & Peggy & try to help those who will get scammed. There were 5 carnivals in our area in the 90’s & I was asked to get involved . I ran a beanie baby booth for years & helped raise money for our Catholic Schools ( who are in financial trouble & slowly closing. I stood I many lines when they were hot. I hosted them ( and still have many. ) because I thought the carnivals would continue. With COVID the whole world changed. I tell people who ask me about them, but it because you like it, but you will never make money on them. The gals told when they came out, how they called mostly hospitals to get those 1st generations. A lot of mine went to nursing homes, soldiers, Easter Egg hunts, etc. I still have many that I just let kids pick through! I never regretted what I did, but never made any money. My profits went to the schools.

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