Top Beanie Babies Sales – Jan 2014

pandaTrue Blue Beans Authenticated:
Peking the Panda
Hang & Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Sold For: $795.00
Date Sold: January 5, 2014


Authenticated Beanie Babies, especially 1st Generations ones, sell for more than ones not authenticated. True Blue Beans and Peggy Gallagher are two respected names in the beanie authenticity business. Counterfeit beanie babies were rampant in the mid 1990s, and if I were to buy an expensive beanie baby I’d want it to come authenticated. This beanie was in very nice condition, and combine that with Peking being hard to find with the 1st Generation Hang tag, that is why this one pushed $1,000.00.


ty warner autograph#1 Employee The Bear
Autographed by Ty Warner
Serial Number 145/253
Sold For: $599.99
Date Sold: January 1, 2014


If you were the #1 sales rep in your area for Ty Warner Beanie Babies, he would send you a special autographed Bear. #1 Bears have come down in price a little bit over the years, but I could see these climb back up in value in the future. They are signed by Beanie Babies creator Ty Warner and his autograph is not that easy to come by.

trap the mouseTrue Blue Beans Authenticated:
Trap the Mouse
Hang Tag: 3rd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Sold For: $370.00
Date Sold: January 6, 2014


mysticMystic the Unicorn
Hang Tag: 1st Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Sold For: $299.99
Date Sold: January 1, 2014


webPeggy Ghallagher Authenticated:
Web the Spider
Hang Tag: 2nd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Sold For: $229.99
Date Sold: January 6, 2014

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    • Hello. Still looking to add to your collection? I have 300-350 Beanie Babies I am looking to sell. I also have 300-350 display cases for them. If you have interest let me know, as I am willing to ship them.

  • I have a Employee no1 bear that was signed by Ty Warner, but it wasn’t numbered. I know that there were only 253 made. Under the name where it was signed it is blank.

  • Hi I have around 50 beanies an one rare princess Diana beanie that my mother an I bought when I was a small child. Also have the tie die peace bear and many others text 16063165036 if interested

  • I have around 300 beanie babies if anybody is interested in purchasing them please get in touch with me I have a few very rare ones i have mystic the unicorn that sold last year for 299.00 I also have The Diana bear and at least 6 or 7 very rare ones you can reach me at rtanya072@gmail.com

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