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6th Generation Beanie Babies Tush Tags

6th Generation Tush Tags will have some distinguishing features, but keep in mind very few Beanies with a 6th Gen Tush Tag are worth money.  Compared to 5th Generation Tush Tags, 6th Gen TT’s are about the same. Ty decided to remove the ® from the ‘Beanie Babies’ in ‘The Beanie Babies Collection” at the top of the Tush Tag. There used to be a ™ after the ‘Collection’ and it was replaced with a ® on the 6th Gen Tush Tags.

6th Generation Front





P.V.C. or P.E. Pellets

6th Generation PVC6th Generation PE






Beanie Babies with the 6th Generation Tush Tag will either have P.V.C. Pellets or P.E. Pellets written on the back.  Having one or the other will not impact the value of your Beanie very much.

Attached Canada Tag

6th Gen Canada6th Gen Canada2






Some Beanie Babies had a double Tush Tag that came with what is known as the ‘Canada’ Tag.  The example above is from a Daisy the Cow Harry Caray version.  It sold on eBay for $14.99 in May of 2013.

China Stamp On Inside

5th Gen 102 Stamp






On the inside of some of the 6th Generation Tush Tags is a stamp that will indicate the factory from China the Beanie Baby originated from. On the example above it comes from factory 102.

More Tush Tag Information:

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