6th Generation Beanie Babies Tush Tags

6th Generation Tush Tags will have some distinguishing features, but keep in mind very few Beanies with a 6th Gen Tush Tag are worth money.  

Compared to 5th Generation Tush Tags, 6th Gen TT's are about the same. Ty decided to remove the ® from the 'Beanie Babies' in 'The Beanie Babies Collection" at the top of the Tush Tag.

There used to be a ™ after the 'Collection' and it was replaced with a ® on the 6th Gen Tush Tags.

P.V.C. or P.E. Pellets

Beanie Babies with the 6th Generation Tush Tag will either have P.V.C. Pellets or P.E. Pellets written on the back.  Having one or the other will not impact the value of your Beanie very much unless it's a Princess Bear.

Attached Canada Tag

Some Beanie Babies have a double Tush Tag that came with what is known as the 'Canada' Tag.  The example below is from a Daisy the Cow Harry Caray version.  It sold on eBay for $14.99 in May of 2013.

China Stamp On Inside

On the inside of some of the 6th Generation Tush Tags is a stamp that will indicate the factory from China the Beanie Baby originated from. On the example above it comes from factory 102.

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  • Hello. i have A scheweed with a holographed tush tag but its a solid tush tag. It is like the first gen. It doenst loop around. It is white with red letters. Any idea what this is because I cant find it any where.

    • I think it’s becouse this is a new version of the tush tags and aren’t part of the beanie babie collection. Sorry if I am wrong.

  • Hi was hoping you could help me I have several tush tags with silver on them or holographed square on them and if you look closely at the hologram it says beanie baby collection and underneath it says made in china. I do not see any of them in the tush tags you have. If you would like I could send a picture

  • I have a white beanie it’s arms and legs move, the tag is tan and says th and the top says collection. The tush tag is maroon with silver letters and says 1993 can you help me identify it

  • I have a 1998 Beanie Baby called Fuzz. I looked it up, it was worth a nice amount of money. The trush tag is in great condition, if I wanted to sell it where would I start to get the value of what its worth.

  • Love my beanies,
    How about the Mc Donald beanie babies?
    I was looking them up I came across my same beanie for 15,000.00

    Birthdate 1996 tush tag 1993
    I have others birthday date 1996 tush tag 1996???

    I also have a curly tush tag 1993 birthday day 1996. And curly bears made in 1993?
    Thanks for any help!

  • I hope someone can help me. I have a beanie baby morrie that has black letters and numbers stamped inside the tush tag instead of a red chinese stamp. This beanie baby is the Canadian version. Do you know what that is? Also some of my other canadian version beanie babies have no stamps inside the tush tag even though they are made in china after 1998.

  • i have a mint white bear with a brown tush tag and a no star hang tag. It’s name on the tag is “amore” it has a red heart on chest that reads i heart u. I thought the fat letter hang tag with no star was an early beanie. Any info here? Thanks:-)

  • Hi
    I have “Batty” beanie with a 6th generation tush tag with what appears to be large number “4” written on the inside of the tag. Can you help identify it? Thanks, BTW – your site has been very helpful.

    • Hello! Stamps will typically indicate the factory from China the Beanie Baby originated from. If it’s writing, it could be added there after it was purchased.

  • Hi. I have a pink Gracie with a pink 6th generation tush tag. It looks like it was a dye error or something, but the there are no errors or discoloration on the fabric. It looks like the white Gracie’s, but it’s pink. I can’t find any information on this one and there are no other one’s that are pink online. Can you help me with this one?

  • I have just over 700 beanie babies, its moms old collection. how do i find a correct value and then how to sell them all.

  • I have alot of beanie babies with numbers stamped on inside of rush tag but they’re black instead of red and are not circled…

    Some have two tush tags

    • what does black numbers in side the tag 4f41lww51 what does that #list mean as in how much is his value please let me know. thanks. Amber h

  • I have a Halo II beanie baby bear that I just noticed has slightly misaligned wings. Is that considered enough of an error to be worth anything? Not sure if it has any other errors.

  • Hi can you please contact me by email i have some really really rare ones I’d like to share with you and I need your opinion,thank you

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