Sortable Beanie Babies Price Guide

This is the same Beanie Babies price guide found on this page, but this is in a sortable and searchable data table.

Beanie BabyHang Tag GenTush Tag GenPrice
Brownie Authenticated11$490.00
Digger The Crab Orange11$132.51
Digger The Crab Orange Authenticated11$255.00
Humphrey The Camel11$350.00
Humphrey The Camel11$395.00
Inky The Octopus Gray No Mouth11$749.99
Patti The Platypus Raspberry11$155.00
Peking The Panda Authenticated11$250.00
Pinchers Korean Tags11$1,800.00
Slither The Snake Authenticated11$250.00
Teddy The Bear Old Face Brown12$128.50
Trap The Mouse Authenticated11$300.00
Zip The Cat11$55.00
Ally The Alligator21$38.00
Ally The Alligator21$62.95
Chocolate The Moose21$44.99
Cubbie The Bear21$41.00
Cubbie The Bear22$30.00
Cubbie The Bear21$115.00
Daisy The Cow21$51.99
Digger The Crab Orange21$125.00
Goldie The Fish21$122.00
Goldie The Fish21$24.99
Humphrey The Camel21$117.50
Legs The Frog21$19.99
Legs The Frog21$13.50
Legs The Frog21$47.95
Legs The Frog21$13.49
Lucky The Lady Bug21$115.00
Lucky The Lady Bug21$115.00
Seamore The Seal21$29.99
Slither The Snake Authenticated21$800.00
Squealer The Pig21$55.00
Squealer The Pig21$50.00
Squealer The Pig21$80.95
Squealer The Pig Authenticated21$44.99
Teddy The Bear New Face Jade21$149.99
Teddy The Bear New Face Teal21$149.89
Teddy The Bear Old Face Brown21$107.50
Teddy The Bear Old Face Magenta21$127.50
Teddy The Bear Old Face Magenta21$91.00
Teddy The Bear Old Face Violet21$91.00
Trap The Mouse21$299.89
Trap The Mouse21$122.50
Valentino The Bear21$15.62
Web The Spider21$149.00
Ally The Alligator32$8.99
Bessie The Cow32$9.99
Blackie The Bear31$19.95
Blackie The Bear32$8.99
Bones The Dog32$12.00
Bronty The Dinosaur31$99.99
Bronty The Dinosaur Authenticated31$60.00
Bumble the Bee31$64.60
Bumble the Bee31$38.51
Bumble the Bee31$16.27
Bumble the Bee31$40.00
Caw The Crow Bird32$50.00
Caw The Crow Bird32$53.00
Chilly The Polar Bear31$169.89
Chilly The Polar Bear31$71.00
Chocolate The Moose31$30.00
Chocolate The Moose32$22.00
Chops The Lamb32$29.99
Coral the Fish - No Stamp32$59.88
Cubbie The Bear31$25.99
Derby The Horse32$34.99
Derby The Horse32$13.90
Derby The Horse32$8.00
Digger The Crab Orange31$75.00
Digger The Crab Orange31$31.77
Digger The Crab Orange31$75.00
Ears The Bunny32$10.50
Flash The Dolphin32$24.00
Flash The Dolphin31$14.95
Flash The Dolphin31$34.89
Flutter The Butterfly31$80.77
Flutter The Butterfly31$42.00
Flutter The Butterfly31$105.00
Garcia The Bear32$59.99
Garcia The Bear32$43.00
Goldie The Fish31$15.99
Grunt the Razorback32$15.00
Humphrey The Camel31$222.89
Humphrey The Camel31$152.50
Humphrey The Camel31$100.00
Humphrey The Camel31$100.00
Inch The Worm31$20.99
Inky Octopus Pink32$32.49
Inky Octopus With Mouth Gray31$107.73
Kiwi The Toucan32$39.99
Legs The Frog31$16.99
Legs The Frog31$12.95
Legs The Frog32$5.50
Lizzy The Lizard32$39.99
Lizzy The Lizard32$20.99
Lizzy The Lizard31$76.00
Lizzy The Lizard32$39.99
Magic The Dragon31$19.89
Mystic The Unicorn Fine Mane32$39.99
Nip The Cat Authenticated31$33.00
Peanut The Elephant32$34.99
Peanut The Elephant32$32.00
Peanut The Elephant Royal Blue31$649.89
Peking The Panda31$100.00
Peking The Panda31$147.50
Peking The Panda31$59.99
Pinchers The Lobster32$35.00
Pinchers The Lobster32$26.00
Pinchers The Lobster32$15.00
Pouch the Kangaroo34$1.29
Quackers With Wings31$9.99
Rex the Tyrannosaurus32$42.99
Rex the Tyrannosaurus31$40.99
Rex the Tyrannosaurus31$69.99
Rex the Tyrannosaurus32$64.99
Rex the Tyrannosaurus Authenticated31$99.50
Seamore The Seal32$15.00
Seamore The Seal32$9.99
Seaweed The Otter32$20.00
Seaweed The Otter32$13.01
Slither The Snake31$199.89
Speedy The Turtle31$24.99
Speedy The Turtle31$19.99
Speedy The Turtle31$50.00
Speedy The Turtle32$29.99
Splash The Whale32$37.49
Spooky The Ghost31$34.99
Spooky The Ghost31$34.99
Spot The Dog With Spot32$39.99
Squealer The Pig32$20.00
Squealer The Pig32$8.00
Steg the Stegosaurus31$64.99
Steg the Stegosaurus31$59.99
Steg the Stegosaurus31$20.00
Steg the Stegosaurus31$89.99
Steg the Stegosaurus31$51.00
Steg the Stegosaurus Authenticated31$60.00
Sting The Stingray31$19.95
Sting The Stingray Authenticated31$47.60
Stripes The Tiger32$19.90
Stripes The Tiger32$10.01
Tabasco The Red Bull31$16.75
Tabasco The Red Bull32$6.75
Tank The Armadillo 7 Line32$19.00
Teddy The Bear New Face Brown32$36.22
Teddy The Bear New Face Brown32$14.00
Teddy The Bear New Face Magenta31$189.89
Teddy The Bear New Face Violet31$111.50
Tusk The Walrus32$12.89
Twigs The Giraffe32$14.63
Twigs The Giraffe32$24.99
Twigs The Giraffe32$6.00
Valentino Authenticated32$50.00
Web The Spider31$130.00
Weenie the Dachshund32$16.00
Weenie the Dachshund32$32.49
Ziggy The Zebra32$34.99
Garcia The Bear43$24.99
Garcia The Bear43$9.00
Libearty The Bear43$6.75
Libearty The Bear 199643$15.50
Magic The Dragon43$3.00
Princess Diana Bear 1997 PVC46$44.89
Radar The Bat43$2.72
Radar The Bat Authenticated43$17.99
Righty The Elephant43$16.99
Sparky The Dalmation43$0.99
Sting The Stingray Authenticated43$27.00
Tusk the Walrus43$1.29
Waves the Whale45$1.29
Almond the Bear57$3.00
Amber the Cat57$3.97
Ants The Anteater56$0.25
B.B. Bear57$4.10
Baldy The Eagle55$3.42
Beak The Kiwi Bird56$1.50
Britannia The Bear56$39.99
Bruno The Dog56$0.30
Chipper The Chipmunk58$3.12
Clubby The Bear56$0.25
Early The Robin56$2.06
Eggbert The Chick57$1.45
Erin The Bear56$0.99
Ewey The Lamb57$3.00
Fetch Golden Retriever56$2.99
Fortune The Panda Bear56$2.80
Freckles The Leopard Authenticated56$30.00
Gigi The Poodle56$1.99
GiGi The Poodle56$2.00
Glory The Bear56$5.99
Goatee The Goat57$0.99
Groovy The Bear58$3.84
Hissy The Snake56$2.29
Honks The Goose58$3.99
Jabber The Parrot56$0.99
Jake The Mallard56$1.81
Kicks The Bear57$1.82
Kuku The Cockatoo56$1.99
KuKu The Cockatoo56$0.99
Luke The Dog57$9.99
Luke The Lab Dog57$4.00
Mac The Cardinal57$3.29
Mooch The Monkey57$2.09
Number 1 Employee Bear 25356$1,200.00
Pounce The Cat56$1.04
Prance The Cat56$2.25
Prance The Cat56$4.00
Prickles The Hedgehog57$2.50
Roam The Buffalo56$1.99
Scaly The Lizard58$5.50
Scorch The Dragon56$0.99
Scorch The Dragon56$1.99
Sheets The Ghost58$4.99
Slowpoke The Sloth58$4.44
Slowpoke The Sloth58$9.50
Smoochy The Frog56$6.50
Spinner the Spider56$1.29
Spunky The Cocker Spaniel56$4.99
Spunky The Dog56$0.80
Stilts The Stork57$9.99
Stilts The White Stork57$6.08
Stinger The Scorpion56$0.25
Stinger The Scorpion56$2.00
Stretch The Ostrich56$3.99
Swirly The Snail58$2.50
The End The Bear58$3.24
Tracker The Basset Hound56$3.25
Valentina The Bear57$1.99
Wallace The Bear58$4.89
Whisper The Deer56$1.50
Wise The Owl56$1.99
Aruba The Fish67$3.43
Aurora The Polar Bear69$3.20
Chinook The Bear69$3.55
Glow The Lightning Bug69$9.95
Lefty The Donkey Democrat 200069$4.99
Periwinkle The Bear69$2.55
Periwinkle The Bear69$0.99
Sakura The Bear 169$11.89
Buckingham The Bear UK79$6.49
Cashew The Bear79$0.99
China The Panda Bear79$3.25
Daffodil The Bear711$4.25
Eggs The Bear Easter710$0.99
Freiherr Von Schwarz Bear711$6.05
Freiherr Von Schwarz The Bear711$6.17
Oats The Horse79$2.93
Pellet The Hamster79$3.25
Pompey The Bear711$5.01
Premier The Bear713$4.50
Prinz von Gold The Bear711$2.04
Purr The Cat710$3.51
Sparks The Bear713$0.99
Sparks The Bear713$5.90
The Beginning Bear79$2.75
Thistle The Bear711$6.00
Thistle The Bear711$9.50
Wales The Bear711$4.50
William The Bear Open Book713$3.35
Addison The Bear810$2.00
Patriot The Bear Flag on Left Foot810$2.49
Classy The Bear910$3.50
Clubby IV The Bear910$4.17
Pierre The Bear910$2.90
Tradee The Bear910$3.30
Tradee The Bear910$3.20
Bam the Ram1011$4.50
Bunga Raya The Bear1011$6.89
Clubby V 5th Anniversary1011$3.55
DAD-e The Bear1011$9.99
Ferny The Bear1011$3.50
Flaky The Bear1011$3.75
Glider The Prehistoric Bird1011$1.29
Graf von Rot The Bear1011$2.36
Harry The Bear1011$2.32
Herschel The Bear1011$2.46
Kanata The Bear1011$3.00
Kanata The Bear1011$5.89
Liberty The Bear Red Head1011$3.50
Liberty The Bear White Head1011$3.70
M.C. The Bear II Mastercard1011$3.26
Mattie The Cat1011$3.30
Mugungwha The Bear1011$3.30
Mum The Bear1011$13.90
Pegasus The Flying Horse1011$7.75
Pegasus The Flying Horse1011$7.51
Rusty The Red Panda1011$10.50
Sampson The Dog1011$3.81
Soar The Eagle1011$3.30
TED-e The Bear1011$2.50
Tooter The Dinosaur1011$4.00
Wattlie The Bear1011$3.30
Zoom The Turtle1011$4.95
Ai Bear1112$5.31
Amigo The Dog1113$3.70
Aussiebear The Bear1113$4.89
Bat-e Halloween1113$4.29
Bearon The Bear1113$4.54
Billionaire Bear #6 #/696 Authenticated1113$182.50
Blessed The Bear1112$3.49
Bloom The Bear1113$6.00
Bo The Dog1112$2.09
Bubbly The Bear1113$3.52
Clubby VI The Bear Blue1113$3.55
Clubby VI The Bear Purple1113$4.58
Clubby VI The Bear Rainbow1113$4.77
Colosso The Mammoth1113$3.55
Cornbread The Bear1113$3.80
Decade The Bear Red1113$4.89
Fancy The Cat1113$3.49
Filly The Horse1112$1.67
Filly The Horse1112$6.00
Fins The Seal1113$4.24
Fridge The Polar Bear1112$2.11
Frisco The Cat1112$4.60
Frosty The Bull1113$2.54
Hero The Bear USA1113$2.09
Kiss-E The Bear1112$4.99
Kissy The Bear1113$14.84
Kiwiana The Bear1112$3.84
L'Amore The Dog1113$6.50
L'Amore The Poodle Dog1113$3.75
LUCK-e The Bear1112$4.30
Lullaby The Lamb1112$1.04
Lumberjack The Beaver1113$2.76
Mandy The Panda Bear1113$3.01
Muddy The Dog1113$3.05
Muddy The Dog1113$4.80
Mukluk The Husky1113$4.95
Nutty The Squirrel1112$3.49
Orion The Lion1113$2.58
Pappa The Bear Orange1112$0.99
Peace Symbol Bear1112$2.70
Ronnie The Bear1112$3.95
Singabear The Bear1113$6.89
Smartest The Owl1112$3.25
Sport The Dog1112$7.95
Tangles The Cat1113$3.55
Tidings The Mouse1113$3.80
Toast The Bear1113$5.50
Twitterbug The Cicada1112$2.09
Valor The Eagle1113$3.30
Wish The Starfish1112$1.90
Yours Truly Bear Hallmark1112$2.09
Zeus The Moose1112$3.54
Zeus The Moose1112$8.38
Always The Bear1213$4.05
Aria The Cat1213$2.33
Arlene The Cat1213$3.75
Atlanta (I Love)1213$7.19
Bahati The Elephant1213$5.00
Bidder The Bear eBay1213$8.00
Big Apple The Bear1213$3.31
Bijoux The Poodle1213$3.99
BLARN-e The Dog1213$4.52
California The Bear1213$2.79
Canada The Bear1213$1.99
ChariTee The Bear1213$4.92
Corsage The Bear1213$4.05
Crinkles Shar-Pei Dog1213$8.89
Crinkles The Shar-Pei1213$4.10
Cutesy The Dog1213$3.80
Demure The Poodle1213$2.99
Denver The Bear1213$3.58
Diggs The Dog1213$2.25
Dotson The Jaguar1213$8.39
Durango The Horse1213$3.95
Eggbeart The Bear1213$3.26
Eggerton The Bunny1213$1.04
Eggs The Bear 20041213$2.04
Eggs The Bear 20041213$6.00
Fleur The Cat1213$5.51
Florida The Bear I Love1213$2.29
Fussy The Cat1213$3.26
Fussy The Cat1213$7.00
Georgia The Bear I Love1213$2.25
Georgia The Bear I Love1213$6.50
Giraffiti The Giraffe1213$4.05
Goddess The Swan1213$2.25
Grizzwald The Bear1213$1.04
Gypsy The Cat1213$7.99
Hannah The Bear1213$6.00
Hannah The Bear1213$8.45
Hawthorne The Bear1213$2.82
Hers The Bear1213$2.02
Hers The Bear1213$7.50
Honey-Bun The Dog1213$2.50
Huggins The Dog1213$4.15
Huntley The Bear1213$2.75
It's A Boy Bear1213$3.31
It's A Girl Bear1213$2.75
Jack The Bear Black Nose1213$3.40
Jack The Bear Black Nose1213$5.55
Jack The Bear Flag Nose1213$4.50
Jaz The Cat1213$3.05
Jimbo The Elephant1213$5.99
Joaquim The Bear1213$2.27
Jumpshot The Giraffe1213$7.96
Juneau The Husky1213$19.99
Kansas The Bear I Love1213$3.49
Killarney The Bear1213$4.02
Laptop The Dog1213$2.75
Legend The Dragon1213$8.75
Legend The Dragon1213$10.50
Li Mei The Elephant1213$3.52
Louis The Mouse1213$3.25
Louis The Mouse1213$1.99
Luca The Dog1213$4.01
Marshall The Horse1213$2.79
Marshall The Horse1213$3.01
Minneapolis The Bear1213$0.99
Moosletoe The Moose1213$1.00
Mystique The Tiger1213$2.79
Mystique The Tiger1213$3.99
Nami Black Rhinoceros1213$2.99
Nara The Bear1213$4.00
Nermal The Cat1213$8.50
New York The Bear I Love1213$2.99
Odie The Dog1213$3.75
Ohio The Bear I Love1213$2.25
Ooh-La-La The Poodle1213$6.00
Pennsylvania The Bear I Love1213$4.00
Philadelphia The Bear I Love1213$2.24
Pinata The Bear Black Nose1213$1.04
Pinta The Bear1213$3.24
Pippo The Bear1213$9.99
Poet The Monkey1213$3.11
Poet The Monkey1213$4.88
Pooky The Bear1213$14.97
Sam The Bear Blue1213$10.00
Sam The Bear White1213$4.25
San Francisco The Bear I Love1213$3.49
Santa Maria The Bear1213$2.04
Scotland The Bear I Love1213$5.00
Siesta The Donkey1213$3.51
Silver The Bear1213$7.00
Sis The Dog1213$4.25
Sis The Dog1213$8.89
Slick The Fox1213$8.50
Snips The Bear1213$8.50
Squidward Tentacles The Octopus1213$39.90
Sundar The Snow Leopard1213$7.89
Swinger The Monkey1213$12.59
Tiny Tim The Mouse1213$3.26
Truly The Bear1213$3.30
Union The Bear Flag Nose1213$3.50
Union The Bear Flag Nose1213$7.00
Victory The Bear1213$0.99
Victory The Bear1213$4.05
Wales The Bear I Love1213$5.50
Yapper The Dog1213$8.50
#1 Teacher Bear1313$2.04
Adore Valentines Bear1313$4.94
Alberta Wild Rose1313$4.04
American Blessing The Bear1313$4.00
Aotearoa The Bear Black Nose1313$10.50
Bonnet The Bear1313$4.25
Books The Bear Red Backpack1313$3.29
Caipora The Golden Lion Tamarin1313$9.00
California Poppy The Bear1313$1.99
Colorado Columbine The Bear1313$5.99
Colorado Columbine The Bear1313$3.30
Croaks The Frog1313$3.17
Curls The Bear1313$2.99
Curls The Bear1313$8.98
Delights The Bear1313$5.05
Dimples The Bear1313$5.51
Dimples The Bear1313$5.53
Dundee The Dog1313$6.30
Dundee The Dog1313$6.30
Eggs The Bear 20051313$2.54
Eggs The Bear 20051313$6.00
Eggs The Bear 20061313$3.25
Elbrus The Bear Harrods Logo1313$11.00
Fairytale The Unicorn1313$14.90
Fluff The Cat1313$3.24
Flurry The Bear1313$8.09
Free The Bird Blue Chest1313$7.29
Fumbles The Monkey1313$2.50
Georgia Cherokee Rose The Bear1313$0.99
Ghoulianne The Ghost1313$2.49
Grams The Bear1313$3.42
Harrison The Bunny1313$3.00
Hobo The Dog1313$5.90
Holy Father The Bear1313$2.75
Holy Father The Bear Canada1313$17.00
Hoops The Bear1313$13.29
Hug-Hug The Bear1313$9.99
Icepack The Bear WWF1313$7.40
Icing The Seal1313$2.25
Illinois Violet The Bear1313$3.25
John The Bear1313$1.75
Juggles The Bear1313$9.65
Kiss-Kiss The Bear1313$10.99
Mardi Gras The Bear1313$3.01
Masque The Bear1313$2.25
Masque The Bear1313$10.26
Mastercard The Bear V 51313$2.75
Mississippi The Bear I Love1313$2.14
Moonlight The Cat1313$3.49
Muff The Cat1313$9.98
Mystery The Sea Creature1313$14.64
New Jersey The Bear I Love1313$3.25
New Zealand The Bear I Love1313$5.99
Ohio Scarlet Carnation The Bear1313$3.00
Ontario White Trillium The Bear1313$5.89
Oriel The Fish1313$3.24
Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel Bear1313$3.75
Pretzels The Dog1313$9.99
Pride The Lion1313$14.90
Pungo The Wolf1313$8.99
Ratzo The Rat With Candy Corn1313$4.75
Senna-Kun The Dog Brown Paws1313$49.99
Shooting Star The Bear1313$19.00
Singapore The Bear1313$1.99
Snookums The Dog1313$3.33
Snoops The Raccoon1313$5.90
Spuds The Dog1313$4.15
Stubby The Pig1313$6.90
Thomas The Bear1313$4.25
Tibby The Dog1313$6.36
Tunnels The Dog1313$4.10
Twirls The Bear1313$4.47
Twirls The Bear1313$3.95
You're Special The Bear1313$3.30
Aces The Bear Las Vegas1413$9.00
Admiral the Penguin1413$5.38
Alana The Bear1413$2.99
All Star Dad1413$1.37
Allegro The Duck1413$4.95
Anchor The Whale1413$7.00
Austin The Kangaroo1413$9.99
Bali The Dragon Shedd1413$9.37
Bearning Love Elvis Bear1414$6.79
Casanova The Bear1413$5.75
Charlie The Monkey1413$10.90
Clubby VII The Bear1413$3.55
Courageousness The Bear S.O.1413$3.90
Dooley The Dog1413$8.39
Dooley The Retriever1413$14.50
Eggnog The Bear1413$4.24
Farley The Dog1413$6.15
Farley The Dog1413$9.95
Feder-Bear ATP Tennis1413$12.99
Finn The Shark1413$11.90
Forever Friends The Bear1413$4.29
Funky The Bear1413$3.42
Furston The Sheepdog1413$19.90
Groovey The Bear Floral1413$3.99
Hamley The Bear1413$10.89
Homeland The Rooster1413$4.30
Homeland The Rooster1413$4.55
Independence The Bear Blue1413$2.95
Janglemouse The Mouse1413$2.35
Jinglemouse The Mouse1413$4.25
Johnny The Bear 4-H Club1413$13.39
Jurgen The Bear1413$3.52
Leaves The Bear1413$9.50
Leaves The Bear1413$14.39
Lollipup The Bichon Frise1413$14.99
Lollipup The Dog1413$17.49
M.C. The Bear Beanie VI1413$3.05
Magenta The Dog Blue's Clues1413$11.99
Mascotte The Bear1413$3.01
Nana The Bear Grandma1413$9.50
New Year The Bear 20071413$0.99
Outlaw The Black Lab Dog1413$9.90
Pal The Dog1413$5.29
Papa The Bear1413$5.03
Pinkerton The Cat1413$3.49
Quivers The Ghost Bear1413$4.50
Raine The Bear1413$8.50
Raine The Bear1413$9.00
Rowdy The Dog1413$3.15
Slamdunk The Giraffe1413$14.00
Sneakers The Dog1413$10.89
Snowbelles The Bear1413$9.50
Snowbelles The Bear Red1413$8.89
Snowbelles The Bear White1413$8.89
Snowdrop The Owl1413$10.66
Summertime Fun The Bear Toronto1413$7.00
Summertime Fun Toronto1413$7.00
Tootoot The Elephant1413$3.30
Wailea The Bear1413$13.99
Wilbur The Pig1413$19.99
Wilbur The Pig1413$9.99
You're A Sweetie The Bear1413$3.30
ABC's The Bear1513$4.00
Alex The Lion1514$2.25
April Fool The Bear1513$3.95
Baaabsy Bag1513$9.62
Baron Von Pyre1513$5.56
Berry Ice1513$3.16
Cargo The Dog1513$10.00
Carvers The Bear1513$8.80
Cherry Ice The Bear 20071513$4.99
Chessie The Cheetah1513$14.99
Deputy The Dog1513$8.89
Docks The Dolphin1513$2.75
Docks The Dolphin1513$9.00
Enigma The Monster1513$29.89
Fauna The Bear1513$4.00
Fitz The Irish Setter1513$2.25
Flora The Bear1513$4.00
Flora The Bear1513$7.00
Floxy The Lamb1513$2.27
Gingerspice The Bear1514$11.89
Giving The Bear1513$9.09
Gloria The Hippo1514$11.99
Gratefully The Bear1513$2.57
Guam The Bear I Love1513$10.95
Kasey Kahne #9 Bear1513$8.49
Leelo The Leopard1513$4.95
Leelo The Leopard1513$4.95
Lemonade Ice The Bear1513$5.43
Marsh The Frog1513$3.49
Nibble The Bunny1513$2.35
Niklas The Bear1513$3.58
Oakdale The Mouse1513$6.38
Piran The Bear Black Nose1513$9.68
Ponder The Frog1513$3.24
Ponder The Frog1513$5.13
Riggins The Dog1513$3.49
Rootbeer The Bulldog1513$9.20
Salute The Bear Ty Store1513$8.89
Shake, Rattle Beanie Elvis1514$8.90
Slapshot The Penguin1513$9.00
Sparklers The Bear1513$6.69
Stirring The Mouse1513$3.75
Summerfest The Bear1513$0.99
Sunnie The Giraffe Purple1513$15.99
Sunrise The Sea Turtle1513$13.95
Swinger The Monkey Evan Almighty1513$4.25
Swiper The Fox1513$7.99
Swiper The Fox1513$8.89
Teegra The White Tiger1513$11.90
Tumba The Gorilla1513$15.99
Wonton The Panda Bear1513$8.55
Billionaire Bear 12 Ty Auto #/3571613$340.00
Gus The Gecko Red Eyes1714$13.90
Tux The Dog1713$14.90
Copper The Dog1814$4.99
Missy The Monkey1814$6.89
Sledder The Husky1815$6.50
Billionaire Bear 15 #696 Ty Auto1915$156.05
Freezie The Penguin1915$8.87
Hydrant The Dalmatian1914$3.80
Hydrant The Dog1914$3.71
Merlin The Cat1915$4.95
Rainbow Sock Monkey1915$6.99
Rainbow Sock Monkey1915$9.95


Beanie Babies Price Guides & Books:

Hang Tags & Tush Tags

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Donna Case - 1 March, 2017

I am confused where did they get these prices from obviously you can’t go my eBay cuz people are buying them in error of too much money based on wrong reports there has to be some Priceless that can be considered usable by all and trustworthy

Margaret - 28 February, 2017

I have beanie babies dating from 1996 to 97 but they have made in china. What would they be worth

Joy - 18 January, 2017

Your Beanie Baby site is my Favorite
Easy to navigate
and I can feel that it was thoughtfully created.
With kind regards,

Marlene - 14 November, 2016

I have several beanie babies…many Peace…also have 2 Garcias if anyone interested please email me at: mhahn@hahnmsllc.com
I have them all in Rubbermaid containers & I can categorize them ASAP…
Just want to clean out from my storage room…
But I’m not just going to “give” them away either…
Only serious interest please…

Valerie - 7 November, 2016

I have a first edition Peking Panda, I noticed it sold for a lot more if authentificated. How do you do that and where could I sell it??
Thanks in advance for advice

Susan Thomas - 1 November, 2016

I have Curly. Heart hang tag says born in 1996, but tush tag says1993 . Has a brown nose, Great condition. I also have Peace. Heart tag in plastic cover. Great condition also . I also have Valentino. Hang tag says born in 1994, but tush tag says 1993. Has a brown nose . I want to sell them !

summer - 20 October, 2016

Hi i have a collection of several beanies some with hang tag some without and about 7 more all tags help pleasebut all in excellent condition need to know what and where to go from here want to sell asap.listed below are some
kicks (mint bear) 1999 signature (brown bear) hippity (mint bunny) princess (purple bear) velvet (black cat) ally (alligator) erin (green bear) all have tush tags all re perfect condition
no hang tag
also i have glory bear still in plastic maple bear still in plastic curley (brown bear ) both tags great butch (dog) both tags great inch teeny both tags great cheri scotty pup) both tags great nip (cat)tags great hoppity both tags great groovy (peace bear tags great and abt 7 more all tags great help


Donna - 21 August, 2016

I have Spangle the bear (DOB 6/14/99) and it doesn’t seem to be on your list. Can you tell me how to find the value?

wayne - 7 August, 2016

I have over a thousand Beanie Babies that I collected between 1999 and 2002. During that time I purchased quite a few that came out prior to 1999 and probably have many of modest value. I lost interest in collecting sometime in 2002 and put them in the attic. They are all in large plastic containers (perhaps 30?) stacked in my attic and they take up a HUGE amouns of space. I have some Princess Diana Babies that I have not even taken out of their boxes and about 15 postal containers that I have not unpackaged as yet. I also have about 100 Buddies to match many of the Beanies. All are in “Mint” condition and if anyone wants them, they can have the entire batch for $1000. But you will need a LARGE SUV to haul them away. I really do have that many.

davidgarnett310@btinternet.com - 23 July, 2016

I have a princess Diana beanie bear in excellent condition I bought of an old lady a few years ago it doesn’t have the ty cardboard tag but has a reference number on the cloth label and a date reg number pa 1965 (kr) do you think it is worth anything ?

Ammy - 9 July, 2016

Hi, I wonder if you could help. I am looking to sell ‘Gobbles’ the turkey. She has the Gosport /Gasport mis-spelling with 5th Gen Swing Tag and 6th Gen Tush Tag. I’ve had a look on eBay and it looks like the price is anything from £2 to £80! I am a little confused. Any idea on a real value? Thanks

diane s schnake - 8 July, 2016

i have the little chipmonk named “Chipper” beanie baby with the tag still on and in good shape.. Any ideas as to its worth?

Breanna - 13 June, 2016

Couldn’t find Fleece, Slippery, or Schweetheart in your price list. Any idea of pricing for those three?

Stephanie Weise - 2 June, 2016

I looked on ebay and there are people selling beanies for tens of thousands of dollars because they have an error on the tag — I have many beanies with the “Origiinal” and the “Suface” errors, but would never ask that kind of money! What’s the deal with the errors?

Cameron - 21 May, 2016

I am currently in the process of moving and have come across two large bags full of original beanie babies. 3 of them include two Princess Diana beanies, and one Peace bear. I would really like to know the value, if any, and what process i should go through in order to sell them

Karen - 14 May, 2016

Hi, I am trying to find any info. on my cubbie Chicago cubs 2nd convention beanie baby I can. Such as how many were given out, was there a commerative card with it, and what the approximate value would be. I have tried looking all over with no luck. Any ideas???

Anonymous - 7 May, 2016

Say there is a hang tag that has the date of birth with one year, 1997 for example, and the tush tag has a copyrighted year date that is different, 1998 for example. Is there any extra value in those beanies or is it pretty common. I’ve been finding multiple different beanie babies in a collection like that.

    Love My Beanies - 10 May, 2016

    Hello! The dates mis-matching on the tags were how they were originally made.

    Anonymous - 26 July, 2016

    Mistakes are a good thing, the value difference is insane!!

lynzie - 3 May, 2016

i have a chipper chipmunk ty beanie and he has a honks hang tag. is this worth anything ? I cant find anything about it. thanks lynziemarie29@gmail.com

Sandy - 7 April, 2016

Hello, I am in the process of moving and would like to find out the value of multiple beanie elephants. I have two peanut style 4062 born 1-25-95 with tags.
I also have two trumpet born 2-11-2000, Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous - 6 April, 2016

I have a lot of beanie babies on the list dose it matter if there authenticed or not will the prices be same ?

KM Kelly - 3 April, 2016

How can I tell which version of Princess Diana beanies that I have

Kathryn - 29 March, 2016

I can’t seem to find the price for a bear named MAPLE. It’s a white bear with a Canada flag on the chest. DOB July 1, 1996.

Brian - 24 March, 2016

You should put dates of sale next to the prices. It’s pretty important if there aren’t going to be links to the actual listings (which would be better).

    Love My Beanies - 25 August, 2016

    The eBay listing expire and are eventually removed from eBay’s website.

Brian - 24 March, 2016

Zip the Cat can’t have 1st gen hang tag and a 1st gen hang beanie (brown teddy) can’t have a 2nd gen tush.

Sabrina Andrews - 22 March, 2016

I have Eve with a brown hang tag and tush tag her legs are able to be moved she has stuffing in the legs and arms body filled with the PVC pellets She has a flower wreath on her head and a lace wrap shaw / cape I have looked through your list and she is not on there do you have any idea her value I also have 2 others that have the brown tags and clothing on them

Q - 1 February, 2016

where can i sell first and second edition original beanie babies?

    Love My Beanies - 5 February, 2016

    The most active marketplace for Beanie Babies is eBay.

Kim - 31 January, 2016

Does anyone know where I can find a white sparkly frog beanie? My son had one years ago.

chris - 27 January, 2016

I have some some of the mcdonalds limited edition beanie babies are they worth anything

    Love My Beanies - 31 January, 2016

    Hello! Unfortunately, McDonald’s Beanie Babies do not have any value.

Ruth - 17 January, 2016

Hi I have probably close to 100 beanie babies. My mother-in-law bought them for my girls. I would like to get rid of them all. What is the best way to go about it. I don’t understand what 1st generation and all that means……H E L P

    Love My Beanies - 17 January, 2016

    eBay is the only active marketplace for Beanie Babies.

Ann Elizabeth - 16 January, 2016

If anyone is of interest I have Patti, 1st generation, along with the tag.

Dawn - 25 December, 2015

Looking for unique beanies like zodiac or mythical and so on

Lee - 18 December, 2015

I have three of four tubs full of beanie babies from the 90’s for sell. Only serious collectors please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee Mathis - 18 December, 2015

have several tubs full of beanie babies…..love to sell them

Anonymous - 6 December, 2015

I have a collection of bear beanie babies. Among the collection are Britannia, Princess and Valentino. Anyone interested in purchasing?

Lisa - 25 October, 2015

My daughter has tons of beanie babies in mint condition with tag protectors and a lot in the protective cases. She is looking to sell the collection. Where would the best place to do this be?

    Love My Beanies - 26 October, 2015

    Hello! The only real active marketplace for Beanie Babies is eBay.

    ishkibable - 26 October, 2015

    I’m still interested in beanies with 1st, 2nd, 3rd gen hang tags. Can contact me at ishkibable at gmail dot com.

      LeAnne Hotchkiss - 13 November, 2015

      I have massive first generations and wanted to rid myself of them in a lot. If there are any in particular you are looking for, please email me. Mine are in excellent condition, have tags and tush tags. Never played with

      Sarahhoward80 - 9 February, 2016

      I am not a beanie collector but somehow I have chocolate the moose. It looks like an original first gen. I don’t know how to tell but it has the tag on the ear and one on the tush. Help!

      Leonie lindhorst - 23 June, 2016

      I’ve got a lot of beanies in mint condition .lm in need of financial help.whatever will help .

Deanna - 12 October, 2015

Hello, I have been researching and researching beanies that I have. I’m having great difficulty in the tush tags generation identification. Might you be able to answer a few questions or look at a few of my pictures and explain them to me so that I can move on to the next step in selling them please?

Elaine - 25 September, 2015

I am looking to sell individually our collection. Where is the best site to post them?E

    Love My Beanies - 27 September, 2015

    eBay is the only active marketplace for beanie babies.

JON OLD - 14 September, 2015

Why is there a small and large Lips fish? I do not see a listing. THANKS.

Stacee - 7 September, 2015

I agree, a downloadable pdf file would be GREAT! I use to print those off every 6 months to every year…now I can’t seem to find a printable checklist.

JOYCE BEZEK - 4 September, 2015

How do you tell the beanie’s generation?

Crystal Allen - 4 September, 2015

I have about 300 beanie babies… all have tags and in good condition. I apologize if I missed this on the site already but how should I go about getting them authenticated? I would really rather not spend very much money before I get a return. Thank you in advance for your time

Anonymous - 2 September, 2015

I have a Mystic Unicorn (#4007-1994), a Blackie Bear (1994) and a Peace bear (1996) among my collection. Can you tell me what they are worth?

Alex - 30 August, 2015

I have an Osito bear, with original swing tag on ear, in very good condition. How do I find out its value? Thanks

    Love My Beanies - 30 August, 2015

    Hello, unfortunately Osito bears have very limited value.

chris leboeuf - 10 August, 2015

I have a Valentina 1999TY INC beanie with red lettering . It does not have a tag on the ear. The tag on tush is red lettering one side the other side is a silver stamp and THE BEANIE BABY COLLECTION blended in. Bett

Ashley - 10 August, 2015

Hi. I have an inky the octopus, pink, mint condition with only a creased hang tag. It has 7 legs instead of 8. Any price? Please respond, thanks.

beanie buyer - 9 August, 2015

Hello i am looking to buy beanies for $10 a beanie

    Taylor - 16 August, 2015

    How many are you looking for I have totes and totes full of them

      Bell - 30 August, 2015

      Are you looking for certain Beanie Babies or any one of them

    Lisa - 25 October, 2015

    My daughter has boxes of beanie babies. Are you still looking?

    Sandie Lori - 22 November, 2015

    I have SEVERAL rare, retired, with many EXCLUSIVES if there is something specific you’re looking for? The majority are bears that I have left and a small amount of none bears. Some buddies also. You can either reply to this post with requests? Or contact me personally.Just like to point out…most are exclusives as I was once an avid collector and trader.

      Brian - 1 December, 2015

      Do you have 1st-3rd gen hang tag beanies? If so feel free to message me at ishkibable at gmail dot com

        Anonymous - 29 April, 2016

        Hi Brian…I JUST realized you replied to my comment that I somehow even forgot I made. So sorry. All my beanies were from the 90’s so I’m sure they’re the generations you were looking for if still looking? The email acct. I used for this forum is one I BARELY EVER use so that’s why I didn’t see your comment. If you’re still looking please let me know thx.

    Jacob - 28 February, 2016

    Hello, are you still looking to buy? I have quite a few I would like to sell.

    Anonymous - 26 June, 2016

    lI have 50 in very good condition, I will sell you all of them

Michelle - 3 August, 2015

I have a Chipper chipmunk that has 3 legs. Mint condition. Any worth?

Holly Camorata - 21 July, 2015

In my collection, I came across 2 beanies that appear to be third generation hang tags. One is Purrcy and the other is Checkers. Thanks to your very, very helpful website, I was able to find that they are probably fakes. The inside of the the handtag says The Attic Treasures Collection with a small TM after it. It goes on to have several lines, each beginning with the small circled R. After 1 it say, Ty, Inc.; Oakbrook, Il. U.S.A. After the 2nd circled R it says Ty Europe Ltd. ; Fareham, Hants; PO15 5TX UK. After the 3rd circled R it says Ty Canada; Aurora, Ontario. Under that it says Handmade in China. THEN, I looked at the tush tag and it is BROWN! It has TY in a heart with a circled R to the right under the heart. So, I can probably assume these are not authentic. correct? I also found a brown baby with a Valentino tag on it, yet the tag says Curly. The back of the hang tag says “Please remove all swing tags before giving this item to a child. Then it says “Return tag for reference For ages 3 and up. Then there is a little sticker at the very bottom the says “surface wash”. Another fake probably? Thank you for your help. Holly Camorata

    Love My Beanies - 21 July, 2015

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    The Purrcy and Checkers are authentic Ty products. The Attic Treasures Collection is another line of Ty products that I believe released in 1993. They weren’t as popular as Beanie Babies, a lot of collectors felt they had too old school a look. Here is a website that has a lot of information on the Attic Treasures Collection: http://www.salsattic.com/

    It’s possible the Curly Bear is most likely real as well. Many Beanie Babies came with incorrect tush tags due to the high volume they made back then, it was hard to catch mistakes from happening. While it doesn’t impact the value very much they are interesting to find.

    Let me know if you find any other Beanie Babies.

Kristina - 14 July, 2015

I have a hope bad beanie with misprint tags the years are different. Worth anything?

    Kristina - 14 July, 2015

    I ment hope bear not bad lol

    Love My Beanies - 14 July, 2015

    Hello! The years being different on the tags is how they were originally made. Hope Beanies don’t have much value, maybe $1-$5.

    Brian - 15 July, 2015

    I don’t understand how so many people find this site, which someone spend a lot of time filling with a wealth of information, and then quite abruptly get too lazy to simply search through it. There’s a whole page about prices of errors http://lovemybeanies.com/beanie-babies-error-price-guide/ . Stop being lazy people!!!

mmk - 4 July, 2015

i have a first edition bongo with its tag from 1993
with light tan tail
and a 713 stamp on the back of it
any idea how much it costs?

Brian - 5 June, 2015

You seem to be sorting the tag generations as strings rather than as numbers. This is causing it to have 10, 11,12 etc. to come after 1 and before 2. I imagine this would be an easy programming fix.

Also, would it be possible to have this as a spreadsheet file to download? There should also be a way for the community to be able to help you add to this so that we can help you record prices from sold eBay listings 🙂

    Love My Beanies - 5 June, 2015

    Hello, the sorting problem should be fixed, thanks for letting me know.

    People are free to leave some of their prices in the comments, I will add ones that I can verify. I hesitate to let people add their own prices on their own when most don’t really know what version they have most of the time.

faran - 1 June, 2015

I have 2 legs the frog beanie babies.. they say the exact same thing and have the same tags BUT one of them has a different font on it and the tush tag has a star on it that the other one does not.. worth anything?

    Love My Beanies - 2 June, 2015

    One has 4th Generation tags and the other is a 5th Generation. Neither have any real value.

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