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7th Generation Beanie Babies Tush Tags

7th Generation Ty Beanie Babies Tush Tags are a drastic difference from previous generations of tags. As the popularity of Beanie Babies grew, so did the amount of counterfeits that hit the market. To combat this, Ty released these holographic tush tags in 1999.

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If you look closely at the back of the tag you will see a faint Ty Logo that looks like a watermark. If you apply heat to the tag, that logo will actually disappear. This was again used to protect against counterfeit Beanie Babies.

The date printed on the back is always the year 1999.

5th Generation Hang Tag Beanie Babies can have 7th Generation Tush Tags.


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  • Linda Dudley says:

    Hi……can anyone please tell me the value, if any, of a Glory beanie baby, tush tag says 1998, but hang tag says 1997. Perfect condition, never handled and still in plastic case, with original card from All Star Game, July 7, 1998, Denver Colorado.

    • Emma Wood says:

      yes about 30,000

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s probably a error that some of the glory beanie babies have, it depends, but since you have an error I will say it cost about $4500, which your far ahead then the amount for lips the fish, which it’s about $100 – $1000. Enjoy being rich beanie fan

  • Etta Smith says:

    I have a 4th generation Patti the Platypus attached to a paper stand behind a heart with a pair of diamond/crystal? baby earring studs. We got this as a donation in the Hospice Resale Shop where I volunteer. It was priced for $140.00 where the item was for sale and reduced to $90.00. Has anyone seen this before? What should we sell it for? Thanks so much for your help. Great site. I learned a lot from it, E

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a beanie bear that arms and legs move and has a gold tag on it is it worth anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well you might have a counterfeit one because there’s no way there’s a gold tag, but if your talking about the 4th generation, be careful there’s some fake ones with the gold full tag so warning ⚠️

  • Anonymous says:

    I love my beanie baby peace

  • MEGAN FISHER says:

    I have a Rumba the tiger and a Frosty the steer, both with red foil ty hearts, the R, and their names with tm on the front of the tush tag, then both have hang tags with 10yrs beanie babies on the front [no yellow star]. What am I looking at? Are they worth more than $2 each?

  • Anonymous says:

    i can not find the value of Clubby ii

  • wendy lankford says:

    I have a seventh generation spangle with no hang tag is it worth anything

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