9th Generation Beanie Babies Tush Tags

Ty went back to a loop tag for the 9th Generation Tush Tags, the 8th Generation versions had no loop.

All 9th Generation Tush Tags are Handmade in China and have the year 2000 on them.

There is an eight-digit code inside the loops of 9th Generation Tush Tags.

Beanie Babies with 6th or 7th Generation Hang Tags can have a 9th Generation Tush Tag.

Beanie Babies with 9th Generation Tush Tags are not worth any money.

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Love My Beanies

  • Hi, I am thinking of selling my beanie babies, I have a “Princess” bear with no embroidery emblem and a “1999” holiday bear with what feels like a plastic tush tag, it is pinkish and a single piece, not folded over. I am unsure if they are errors or if they are worth anything. Thanks in advance for your website and your help.

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