Beanie Babies Hang Tags

It’s very important to know which Hang Tag your Ty Beanie Babies have in order to determine the value.

Here are links to pages that will help you identify which Generation your Hang Tag is.

1st-4th Generation Hang Tags

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

6th Generation

7th Generation

8th Generation

9th Generation

10th Generation

11th Generation

12th Generation

13th Generation

14th Generation

15th Generation

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    • Typically this means it is a different style and will have the style number listed inside of the hang tag.

  • Can you explain why there are some tush tags with numbers in black. Tush tags with red oval, with Chinese writing and red numbers with in. Tush tags with out any thing on the inside?

  • How common is it for a quackers with wings to have a double hang tag? Meaning 2 heart tags, one inside the other…

  • I have Haunt, but I was looking it over and noticed that the butt tag has 2001 on it and it’s born tag says it was born in 2000. Is this a typeo? Does this raise the price value?

  • I have beanie baby batty, it has both tush tag and gold plastic hang tag with multiple errors. Would this be worth anything?

  • I have a complete set of McDonald’s teenie beanie babies with errors. All in unopened bag. Error…bags have 1998 printed on them and tags have 1993 printed on them. Also OaK Brooke is misspelled. Please let me know if interested

  • I have a strange looking Goatee beanie baby. It doesn’t look like any of the others. It has orange horns and strange yellow eyes with multiple errors on the tag. I looked it up and I can’t seem to find any other Goatee beanie babies that look like mine. Can someone please tell me if this is a real beanie baby?

  • I have beanie babies but don’t know what I got or what they r worth can some body call me

    can someone call me about this matter

    • Suzanne, my mother in law is a huge beanie baby collector, the Princess Dianna can be a very collectable piece, and worth a very large 5 figure amount. Make sure you do research before you sell it.

  • Hello,,
    I have alot of Beanie Babies and really don’t even know where to begin to look all of them up,,could someone please help me out,

  • I have a whole tub of beanie babies a lot of them are fifth generations are those worth any money and also what are the zodiac beanie babies

  • I have Maple, never opened from the Teenie babies series from McDonald’s. Her tag says Strut the Rooster. What do you think it is worth?

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