Bones The Dog Beanie Babies

Bones was a favorite among early Beanie Babies collectors, but so many have been produced that only a handful are worth money. The only Bones the Dog beanie babies that are valuable will a 1st generation hang & tush tag. Here is what a 1st Generation Tush Tag looks like. Here are pictures of Hang Tags Generations 1-4.

In August 2013 an authenticated 3rd Generation Hang/2nd Generation Tush Bones the Dog sold for $26.00 on eBay. It costs around $20 to authenticate a Beanie Baby so you can see there isn’t a whole lot of value outside the 1st generation ones.

bonesBones The Dog
Original DOB: January 18, 1994
Retired: May 1, 1998
Style Number: 4001
Hang Tag Generations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Tush Tag Generations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Bones the Dog Beanie Babies
1st Generation Tags = Worth Something

Any Other Tags – Not Worth Something
Beanie Baby Price Guide

Bones with a 1st Gen Tush Tag & a 1st Gen Hang Tag = Over $100
Bones with a 1st Gen Tush Tag & a 2nd Gen Hang Tag = $50-90
Bones with a 1st Gen Tush Tag & a 3rd Gen Hang Tag = $10-15

Poem Variations:

Bones is a dog that loves to chew
Chairs and tables and a smelly old shoe
“You’re so destructive” all would shout

Bones is a dog that loves to chew
Chairs and tables and a smelly old shoe
Your so destructive” all would shout

Final Line Can Say:
But that all stopped, when his teeth fell out
That stopped, when his teeth fell out

ny yankeesOn March 10, 1998 the New York Yankees did a giveaway of approximately 3,000 Bones the Dog Beanie Babies during a game against the Toronto Blue Jays.  At current market value, these are only worth around $5-10. There was a special commemorative card (pictured) that came with the Bones the Dog Beanie Baby.

On October 24, 1998 Bones made another appearance for a sports team giveaway. The Chicago Blackhawks gave away approximately 5,000 toys to fans during a game against the Nashville Predators.

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    • Hello Sandy!

      I am seeing a couple other Beanie Babies that have an error Derby tush tag that have sold between $10-20. Not bad at all. It’s an interesting Beanie that appears to be somewhat rare.

    • Hello Emily, it looks like you might have a 4th generation bones, as that is when the poems started to appear on beanies. It’s a known error on the Bones Beanies, and probably somewhat rare. I couldn’t find any listed on eBay in the last year with that error. 4th generation Bones beanies are typically fairly common, but most of those appear to have a “You’re”. I’m going to say that your bones is probably in the $10-20 range. Which is considerably more than a regular 4th generation bones with the correct poem. Nice find!

        • It might be a little less than the Bones. I’m seeing about $5 on “slways” versions. Let me know if you find more 🙂

  • I have a Bones style 4001, dob 1-18-94 in what looks to be perfect condition. How much you think I should ask for it if I sell?

    • Hello! The only Bones that have any value are ones with 1st Generation Tush Tags: http://lovemybeanies.com/1st-generation-beanie-babies-tush-tag/ If it doesn’t have a 1st Gen Tush Tag it would be a tough sell, and not worth very much.

      Bones with a 1st Gen Tush Tag & a 1st Gen Hang Tag = Over $100
      Bones with a 1st Gen Tush Tag & a 2nd Gen Hang Tag = $50-90
      Bones with a 1st Gen Tush Tag & a 3rd Gen Hang Tag = $10-15

      All other Bones are essentially worthless, or in the $1-5 range.

  • Hello! So i have a Bones with an error “Your so destructive” instead of “You’re”. But it’s hang tag has been ruined by a sticker witch was put on the tag buy the people who i bought the beanie from. I tried removing the sticker but it was no use. Would my beanie still be worth something? And yes it has style 4001 and p.v.c pellets.

    • Also i have a Peace bear, is it still worth anything? Here is a list of what it has:

      ~4th generation hang tag (I think) With style 4053. Also the tag is slightly damaged.

      ~Rainbow peace sign

      ~Star beside TY, but it has no stamp inside of the tush tag.

      ~Tush tag is copyright 1996 with p.v.c pellets.

      ~Eyes are close together

      Let me know if it’s worth anything!

      • Hello! Unfortunately the Peace Bears have little to no value. Some of the Garcia Bears, which look exactly the same, can have a little value, but looks like Ty made a ton of the Peace Bears.

    • Hello Rebekah! It’s a nice find to have one with the poem error ‘Your’. The value is somewhat limited even with a perfect tag. With a mint tag it might be worth in the $10 range. With the tag in a non-mint state, a little less than that. I’d hang onto it, since there aren’t that many with that error.

  • I have a 4th Generation Bones Beanie. The tush tag says 1993 but the ear tag says born in 1994….Style 4001. It also says You’re instead on Your. Any value? Thank you so much for your site and willingness to help.

  • I neef help on figuring out what my items are worth. I have 1997/1998/1999-05 McDonald’s Twinkie beanies in bags about 26 of them. I also have what I think are 3rd generation bears/Panda/Koala. Mel has pvs pellets and 1993 tush tag and swing tag in mint condition. I have 11 others from around 3rd generation these were my grandma’s.

  • Hi. I have a kangaroo beanie baby with the tag named Bones. Style 4001 and it’s birthday is 1/18/94. Is that worth anything? It looks like the wrong tag on the wrong beanie baby.

  • my names alex, just found out i have a first gen bones from 1994 with the tag and in great condition. email me for pictures and info.

    • The only Bones worth something will have a 1st Generation Tush Tag. With the error, maybe $1-$10.

  • Is the Bones with the weird error at the end of the hang tags (the “that all stopped when his teeth fell out) line.. is that one worth any more? Or was it not that common?

  • HELP! i have a bones with first generation tush tag but no swing tag ): how much is this worth? ALSO, if beanies have pvc pelletes and are from 1993 but have star on tush tag. All woth 5th generation swing tags. Worth anything more than 10 or not?

  • i have an “The Attic Treasure Collection” Rabbit named, “Azalea” with a 1st generation tag and an usual brown tush tag. Is that worth anything?

  • I have a Bones with Swing and tush tag. Tush tag says 1993, handmade in China with no stamp in the inside of the tag. the swing tag has a misprint. The last line reads “That stopped, when his teeth feel out!” Can you help me figure out what value it has?

  • Hi, I have a bones. The swing tag says It’s from 1994, but the tush tag says 1993? Would that error be worth something? The poem says “You’re so destructive all would shout” and “That stopped, when his teeth fell out”. Is that rare or no? Made with P.E. Pellets. (Don’t know what that is lol). I think the swing tag is 5th generation and the tush tag is 6th, sadly. However, on the inside of the tush tag it has a large number 2 written in it?

    • Hello! The dates on the tags are how they were originally made. The other factors won’t impact the value that much. Bones are typically worth something if they have a 1st or 2nd Hang Tag. All others are fairly common.

  • I purchased ist edition of bones some 20 years ago at hallmark. I don’t know why it has a collar mabe of chain with a heart blue has name and bithday?
    Also year 1/18/94 .

    I also have swoop, tush tag has like rubber covering whole tag. Can not see threw it.curly also has it to

  • I own large Beanie Babies not listed: Ace, Bamboo, Bengal, Muffin and Sherlock. I would like to know how much they are worth. Excellent condition


  • I have a Bones, Patti, has yellow star “Original Beanie Baby” on tag, and tush tag says handmade in Indonesia, were purchased in Europe in the early 1990’s.
    One Germania bear purchased late 1990’s has silver “The Beanie Babies Collection” on tush tag and yellow star tag. Could you provide approximate value? I looked on the list but was unable to specify due to my description above. Thank you

  • I have 1993 Bones w swing tag born January 18th 1994 I obtained him in 1993 I would like to know what he is worth he is in excellent condition not discolored in any form nor shape and he has the actual beanies in his legs and body no stitches worn or torn excellent condition now my grandson 25 years later has bones the 5th generation I guess it would be I haven’t had a chance to look at his tags could someone please tell me what these are worth

  • I have 3rd generation hang tag on Bones with first generation tush tag. Nodate in hang tag, date on tush tag is 1993

  • I have a Bones, Style #4001. DATE OF BIRTH 1-18-94. With 93′ P. V. C., Tush Tag The Hang Tag Star is white, not yellow. Can’t find anything on that. Is it just ink error when changing style of hang tag to book style opening?

    • most likely, the tag was exposed to sunlight and has faded over time. the stars on faded tags look white (the rest of the tag may only look slightly faded or may look pink). tags with stars are 4th+ generation, so a bones with this tag is worth $1-5.

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