Blackie The Bear Beanie Babies

Like all Beanie Babies that were apart of the 1st generation, Blackie The Bear versions with the 1st generation hang and tush tag can be worth money.

Finding a 1st generation Blackie can be somewhat challenging, but getting one from another generation is quite easy.

The only Blackie Beanies that have any real value in the current market are 1st generation or some 2nd generation ones.

Typically Blackie’s with 1st generation tags can sell for over $100.

Recently an Authenticated 2nd Generation Hang Tag – 3rd Generation Tush Tag Blackie only sold for $24.99 on eBay. It typically costs around $10-15 to get a Beanie Baby authenticated so you can see even nice Blackie’s that aren’t the 1st generation versions are not worth very much.

1st Generation Tags = Worth Something
Any Other Tags – Not Worth Something

The Chicago Bears and Boston Bruins have done promotions giving away a Blackie Beanie Baby and some of those can be worth $5-15. Those promotions were done in 1998. The 1st generation Blackie Beanie Babies are the only ones worth something.  Be sure to check your Beanie Tags to know which version you have.

Beanie Babies Hang Tags:

Beanie Babies Tush Tags:


Blackie The Bear
Original DOB: July 15, 1994
Retired: September 15, 1998
Style Number: 4011
Hang Tag Generations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Tush Tag Generations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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  • OH I have blackie the bear the first generation in A 1 condition and was wondering how much it is worth.and where can I sell it.I also have other first generation beanie babies.

  • I have a Blackie Bear, 1st Generation, Tush tag has:made in China,1993, PVC pellets. I bought it at a Cracker Barrel before Beanie Babies were popular. It doesn’t have the “heart” tag, since I bought it before they were collectibles. Still like new. How much is it worth?

    • Hello! That’s unfortunate it doesn’t have the heart tag as that could bring some value. As it sits, it’s maybe only $5 or so. It could of had either a 1st-3rd Generation Heart Tag. There is no way to tell which one it had, which is why it hurts the value a lot.

      • I have a blackie Beanie Baby that has first generation heart tag and first-generation tush tag they’re both in tact its in really nice condition, what do you think it’s worth and who can I sell it to you I know it’s a first-generation for the tag on the on the butt looks really weird

        • A 1st/1st Blackie would have significant value, over $100. You would want to get it authenticated first if there is any question about the tags.

  • I have a first generation black bear. My son took off the hang tag but i kept it. Is it still worth something?

  • Hi my name is Dawn, we have a blackie beanie baby the hang tag says 1994 #4011 and the tush tag says 1993 made in china and pvc pellets, he is in wonderdul condition even still has the original plastic cover over the hang tag.. What could he be worth?

    • Hello. Blackie Beanie Babies have value if they have a combination of 1st/1st Generation Hang and Tush Tags or 2nd Generation Hang Tag with a 1st Generation Tush Tag. There are links on this page to help you identify which one you have. The dates on the tag alone will not tell you which generation you have.

  • hello. my name is Lindsey. I have several beanie babies, I could and would greatly appreciate some help on finding out what they are worth. Can anyone here help?

  • Hi! I have a Blackie with a 3rd generation, variation 4 hang tag and a 1st generation tush tag. Is it worth anything?

  • Hello! I have a 1st generation Blackie the Bear with rare hangtag errors 1993 tush tag with 7-15-94 inside hangtag, 1965(KR), and PVC Pellets. Its in great condition and I’m looking to sell it.

  • I have well over 200 beanies 38 are bears all 2nd generation. I also have the teenie beanie bear collection that McDonald’s offered plus 3 other sets of teenie beanies that were from McDonald’s. I also have 3 of the bags offered for the kids meals from the teenie beanies promotion. Any ideas on selling them

  • I have a Blackie Beanie Baby with a 5th Generation Hang Tag and a 3rd Generation Tush Tag. Hang Tag has misspelled Original-Origiinal and the Tush Tag has misspelled Surface-Suface. It is handmade in China. Could anyone tell me if it is worth anything and if so how much? Thanks

    • Hello I was just wondering if you got any reply from your question because I have the same one including tags.
      Could you please let me know if you heard anything from this thanks.

  • I have over 500 beanies i am wanting to sell whole lot. From 1993-2006 many first generation. If interested please contact me asap.

  • I have 2 blackie the black bear d.o.b. 5-4-98. From the Melbourne card expo 2000. They are numbered 131 and 139 I am unsure their value and if they are rare. Any information on these would be much appreciated.

  • I have a blackie bear not sure if its worth anything but tag says 1993 its in a case when i got it so haven’t open it to read all the tags

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