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Glory Beanie Babies Price Guide

Glory was released in May 1998 to the delight of Beanie Babies fans who were looking for a patriotic USA Beanie from Ty. Prices for Glory bears did elevate as this was the time of huge popularity for Beanie Babies.

Today, Glory Beanies are very common and can be had for under $5.

Style Number: 4188
Introduction Date: 5/30/1998
Birthday: July 4, 1997
Hang Tag Generation: 5th Generation
Tush Tag Generation: 6th Generation
Value: MINIMAL $1.00-$5.00

Oddities & Errors:
Upside Down USA Flag – $50-$100 (Authenticated)
No USA Flag

Counterfeit versions exist, sometimes featuring a different poem.


Glory Beanie Babies