Chocolate Beanie Babies Price Guide

One of the most common Ty Beanie you might find in your own collection is Chocolate the Moose.

There are five generations of Hang Tags for Chocolate. The only versions worth money will have either a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Generation Hang Tag, and a 1st or 2nd Generation Tush Tag.

Chocolate The Moose

Original DOB: April 27, 1993
Retired: December 31, 1998
Style Number: 4015
Hang Tag Generations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Tush Tag Generations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Chocolate Value Guide

Hang Tag Versions Worth Money
1st - 2nd - 3rd

1st Generation: $500+
2nd Generation: $150+
3rd Generation:
*Prices are for authenticated versions

Hang Tag Versions NOT Worth Money
4th Generation
5th Generation

Not Worth Money


Hang Tag: 1st Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
*5 Line Korean Tush Tag
Sold For: $280

Date Sold: May 20, 2017


Hang Tag: 2nd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Sold For: $130

Date Sold: April 16, 2017


Hang Tag: 3rd Generation
Tush Tag: 1st Generation
Authenticated By: True Blue Beans
Sold For: $20

Date Sold: May 21, 2017


Hang Tag: 4th - 5th Generation

Can range from: $0.01-$10

These are the most common versions of Chocolate. Millions were made, thus making the resale value limited. 

Original 9

Chocolate is apart of the Original 9 Beanie Babies group and was one of the very first to be shown off at a 1993 toy show by Ty Warner.

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  • I have the Chocolate Moose that does not have the Style number on the tag. Has the 4th generation hang tag on it.

    • Chocolate is only worth anything if hang tag and tush tag are 1st generation. That is worth the most. If hang tag is first generation and tush tag 2nd generation then they are worth money too. Any generation after that not worth much if at all.

  • I have Chocolate ty beannie style 4015 on tag, but tush tag says “Spot”. Is this worth anything since the hang tag and tush tag do not match?

  • So helpful. Thanks. How do you know which generation a beanie baby is?
    I inhereted a LOT of my moms, who was an avid collector, and need them go to. Do you sell them for commission or know someone who does? I’m in West Hollywood, California. Thank you.

    • I have the most wanted 1st generation beanie babies, I will like to sell
      Chocolate 4-27-93
      Britannia December15, 1997 (not the McDonalds one, the original)
      Glory July 4, 1997 and the butt tag 1998
      Millennium January 1, 1999
      Erin March 17, 1997
      Valentino 1st generation 2-14-94 butt 1993

  • Hi, I have a princess Dianna beanie baby that was a special buy from TY. It came in a plain brown shipping box, came with it’s own display case and is in mint condition. Any idea what it is worth? I have 5, with 3 in the original box not opened

  • I have the chocolate the moose 6th generation tush tag with no hang tag and please tell me the value, I don’t know how to tell the condition.

  • I have a Chocolate Beanie but not sure what it is worth following the discriptions above…
    It has a rainbow star on the tag.

  • I have one that’s apparently hang tag 4th generation and tush tag is 6th generation. Has the red stamp on inside of it. The hang tag’s in a plastic protector. Worth anything?

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