Erin Beanie Babies Price Guide

Hang Tag Generation: 5th
Tush Tag Generation: 6th

When Erin was released in January of 1998, Ty dealers were limited to just 12. This caused secondary prices on Erin to rise at the time to over $200! 

Ultimately many more Erin's were made and today you should be able to buy one for around $5.

$5 - Mint or New Condition
$0.00-$0.50 - No hang tag

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  • My all time favorite. I remember I was like 10 and my sister and I stood outside in a massive line before opening. We all picked a numberā€¦. My sister got lucky and yes, only 12 of each were to be availableā€¦. She comes out with princess and Erin. The search was so fun for those years

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