Is Princess Gasport Error Worth Anything?


I have one of the Princess Diana Beanie Babies and it has “Gasport Hampshire” on the Hang Tag, (spelled wrong should be Gosport) does this make a difference? Is it worth anything?

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Some recent sales of the Gasport error Princess Beanie Babies have been in the $6-$10 range on eBay. Ty donated over $20 Million to the Princess Diana Memorial Foundation from sales of the Princess bear, a significant gesture. What that means though is that there are several million Princess Beanie Babies in existence. People who have paid big money for any Princess bear would have been better off donating that money to charity.

Princess Beanie Babies on eBay

The Gasport error is very common on many other Beanie Babies and you can check some values on our Beanie Babies Error Page.

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  • I have this bear too , no spelling errors.. but on the tush tag in between the fold there is a oval red stamp that is in chinese or something with a number… does this mean anything ?? i have several like this

    • The oval stamp with a number in it indicates the factory which it was made. All beanies with that stamp and any number in it have been mass produced and are basically worthless. Sorry

  • why is the princess diana bear on e bay worth 150000 ,cause my purple one has all the same numbers and the year 1997?

  • Mine says Fareham hants and not Gosport. Had from new and its Indonesian. Is this likely to be worth anything? There’s no space on poem and polyester fibre and PE pellets. Nothing inside tush tag. Its 1997.

    • Mine says Fareham as well. The spacing that people refer to is not in the poem, but the 4 lines below it.
      All profits…..
      (Line Space here)
      Diana Princess of Wales…

      Apparently the ones without the space are worth something.

  • I have a princess beanie that has hang tag marked Millenium & butt tag is Princess …worth anything ? I also have a Princess buddy Charity not PVC & I’m not sure how to price to sell ,can you give me an idea ?

  • I recently watched a show and they was talking about beanie babies worth and they said the princess Diana bear is worth $75,000 you have to watch out for people they know its worth a lot but just lie to scam you out of your bear and then turn around and sell it

    • No, people lie about it being worth a lot so they can sell it for more than $2. There’s plenty of expensive offers on Ebay and nobody buys them, even people selling them for cheap barely get anything.

  • I have a Blizzard beanie that has NO red star on the butt tag that is right next to the TY heart. Of the 700 plus beanies that I have, they all have the star. Do I have an error and is it worth anything?

  • I have a princess bear. It has a Gosport error. It says Gasport. Also it’s tag fell off but I still have it. Any tips?

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