Snort Beanie Babies Price Guide


Hang Tag Generation: 4th-5th Generation

Tush Tag Generation: 3rd-6th Generation

Value: $5 +/-

Yellow Star Beanie Babies are very common and not rare.

Buddies Version

Larger than regular Beanie Babies

Value: $10 +/-

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  • Hi marry Honeycutt first off it’s not 1000,00 it’s 100,000 and your a liar there’s no way you have that many and I own a snort Bennie baby that has 4 errors and is worth a lot of money

    • I have a bag full of beanybabbys I was trying to look up prices to see how much they are worth I have had them for sleazy 10 years how do I get prices and we’re can I sell them??

      • Well type in how much is the beanie baby and then see if you do not know the name type in beanie baby with what ever you see on it for instance I have a beanie called Erin and is I did not know the name I would type in green beanie baby with a clover on the chest

  • I have a Daisy the cow that was never given eyes, she is a third generation beanie. Could anyone give me some info on this cow and if there could be some value?

    • Toby, you should look and do research on them and find any errors. Then maybe mind a collector or person who wants to buy it at your price.

  • I have Snort with dust prorector on tush and ear tags as well as in a display case in mint condition with no misprings or defects or sewing errors or lopsided anywhere… I’m talking perfect… who’s interested?


  • Hello i recently had a death in the family and are cleaning up there hoarding house, and i have about 200 beenie babies in eithet ziplock bags or in clear plastic boxes in perfect shape. And we want to get rid of them all. I have the royal blue elephant, princess di, i priced a few and there from $7-$5000 each and aome have doubles and triples. I priced two boxes worth, accourding to the online guide and it totalled over $15000 and there are still 5 more boxes. There are even unopened boxes of the trading cards, 4 collector sets unopened, babies from restaurants, babies from other countrys. Babies that i canr even find online anywhere. Now me and my dad could care less about these things, but were not just gonna throw money down the sink, but we wanna get rid of them all in one go for let’s say a third to a quarter there value! Anybody know how we can do that. My name is Jeffery and my number is 2102518508.

    • Jeffrey, since no one is going to tell this, I will. Your beanie babies are probably worthless. Go to ebay and look for one of the ones you think are worth money. Now, don’t look at what people have them listed at. Instead, click on the option in the sidebar that says completed listings. The ones in green are what they are selling for. For instance, the last Princess Diana bear sold for $8. The only way yours are worth money is if they have specific flaws, but you’d have to do the research on that. Just google which ones are worth money and see if you have them. Otherwise, sell them as a lot.

  • Hi,

    I have a SNORT with Tabasco in the poem. It has PVC pellets and has some other tag irregularities from what I understand. What would the value be in excellent condition? Can anyone help?

  • I have the big and small Nook. They have the ear tag and tush tag.
    If interested, drop me a email.

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