Ty Attic Treasures Price Guide

In 1993 Ty released the Attic Treasures line of toys. Most probably don't realize these are different from Ty Beanie Babies. 

Attic Treasures never reached the value and popularity that Beanie Babies did. Despite that, there are some Attic Treasures that do have some value. 

Like Beanie Babies, Attic Treasures values generally depend on the tags it has. The earliest versions, ones with 1st Generation tags, are typically worth the most. 

An easy way to tell if you have a 1st Generation Attic Treasure is that the tag will not open like a book.

1st Generation Attic Treasures are: Clifford, Dexter, Digby, Emily, Fraser, Gilbert, Henry, Jeremy, Morgan, Nicholas, Nola, Pouncer, Reggie, Squeaky, Tracey, Tyler, Whiskers and Woolie.

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1st Generation Attic Treasure Tags

Attic Treasures Letter - A

Attic Treasures Letter - B

Attic Treasures Letter - C

Attic Treasures Letter - D

Attic Treasures Letter - E

Attic Treasures Letter - F

Attic Treasures Letter - G

Attic Treasures Letter - H

Attic Treasures Letter - I

Attic Treasures Letter - J

Attic Treasures Letter - K

Attic Treasures Letter - L

Attic Treasures Letter - M

Attic Treasures Letter - N

Attic Treasures Letter - O

Attic Treasures Letter - P

Attic Treasures Letter - Q

Attic Treasures Letter - R

Attic Treasures Letter - S

Attic Treasures Letter - T

Attic Treasures Letter - U

Attic Treasures Letter - V

Attic Treasures Letter - W

Attic Treasures Letter - X

Attic Treasures Letter - Y

Attic Treasures Letter - Z

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  • I think it’s so kool that Ty Bears are still being played with, collected and sold. I have seen a lot of error bears and I have two that I have been unable to compare with/to.
    Bernie the lovable St Bernard with a tush tag that has his name as “Bemie”
    and a fun Congo with a “Mystic” tush. Will you please reply if you have one of these bears or know something about them? Thank You, Jack

  • I have a Piccadilly Attic Treasure with the Azalea swing tag. It contains a few spelling errors on the tag as well. Brown hush tag, pvc pellets Clown outfit is multi-colored. Any idea on the value? Email is blasecrown@gmail.com

  • I have a piccadily bear in the rainbow clown outfit with the error attic treasures azalea (rabbit) tag, the burgandy tush tag has misprinted punctuation, no star on tush tag, tush tag states Reg. No. PA 1965 (KR), tags say 1993, and that he is filled with the P.V.C pellets (which I researched and are the original beanie babies pellets before they started using PVE.). He looks like new if not new, and his head is jointed/moves. How much would he be worth and where to sell him?

  • I have an attic treasure Beanie Baby, Blue Bear named Azure, but the tag shows Georgia, Follow the Rainbow. Can not find any info on it.

  • I have a Steg with Rex swing tag. He seems to have the appropriate eyes, humps on his back and appropriate coloring and fur. Has anyone heard of this “error”?

  • Any collectors out there I have hundreds of beanie babies even the more coveted ones/rare ones anyone know where to sell them.

  • I have a 1993 Ty Esmeralda Witch Bear with pvc pellets, tag does open like a book so i think its 2nd gen. “That Old Black Magic!” Reg No PA-1965(KR), handmade in China. And a few others from the Attic Treasures Colelction, any idea on worth? I have a few others from 4th generation and a few other beanie bears made for special occasions like 2000 bear etc. I’ll post on ebay, im from san antonio, tx. thank you

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