Quackers Beanie Babies Price Guide

Determining the value of your Ty Quackers Beanie Babies will come down to what tags it has. 

Some examples are shown below with final sale prices. Quackers with a Yellow Star on the front of the hang tag – are very common and not worth very much. 

The rare valuable Quackers Beanie Babies will have either a 1st or 2nd Generation Hang Tag.

Look up your Beanie Babies Tags here.


Hang Tag Generation: 2nd Generation

Tush Tag Generation: 1st Generation

Authenticated By: True Blue Beans

Sold For: $630

Date Sold: November 2014

Hang Tag Generation: 2nd

Tush Tag Generation: 1st

Authenticated By: True Blue Beans

Sold For: $334

Date Sold: May 2020

Buyer left positive feedback


Hang Tag Generation: 2nd

Tush Tag Generation: 1st

Authenticated By: Peggy Gallagher

Sold For: $255.00

Date Sold: June, 2017

Hang Tag Generation: 2nd

Tush Tag Generation: 1st

Authenticated By: True Blue Beans

Seller received positive feedback

Sold For: $211

Date Sold: July, 2017


Hang Tag Generation: 4th-5th Generation

Yellow Star on Hang Tag

Very Common


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  • I have a quakers from 1993. It no longer has hang tag. But the tag that is attached says 1993 TY INC. Is this worth anything? Thanks so much.

  • I have a giraffe with the penguins name on and a penguin with the giraffe the penguins name…excellent condition…both retired by now…i have had them for over 20years….Rosemarie

  • Susie’s Antiqes & Collectables many ty beanie babies inpkg.full numbers from1-18.also many tybeaniesinboxes & manyvaritiesin threes of each.many in bags doubles threes of some .if photo doesn’t show it will soon.IM taking bid.NUNBER1–18 IS A FULL SETINBAGS.PLEASE MESSAGE MEOR EMAIL ME.THANKS

  • I have the original set of beanie buddies plus a winless quackers beanie buddy all mint. If interested call 1 910 628 6430

  • I have a nanook with a quakers hang tag and the tush tag says nanook. Many many errors. Is it worth anything?
    Also have a Valentino with many error and a 3rd generation tush tag with a 4th or 5th gen. Hang tag. Is that worth anything. Also have the original iggy that actually says iggy on the rush tag. Not rainbow like the ones everyone else came across. The hang tag is missing tho. I got him about 16/17 yrs ago and thought I missed out cause mine didn’t say rainbow. Are any of these worth anything?

    • If like to know if tagless have any value or if I’m just wasting my time having into them. Which would be a Shame bevause there’s a couple heart drops to the floor beanies in the tagless lot. Like quackery halo bear fortune snort Cody bear tin tin bubbles and more. Are they worthless?

  • I have a wingless Quacker that has a push tag saying it’s from the UK and dated 1983. The tush tag is black and white 1 st generation with the dat 1993 and of course the with the P.V.C. Pellets. Is this considered rare and how much should one list it at.

  • I have several beanie babies with flat tush tags, not curled . What does flat tush tag mean?
    I must say your site is extremely informative and very well organized. I appreciate the work you must have put into it. Look forward to hearing from you about flat tush tags.

  • I Have a all white bear Libearty style 4057 with a brown nose has the U.S.A flag on chest with red and blue ribbon around neck the tush tag says fortune.
    Has any one has any info on this

  • I have Pelican style 4026 1993 in mint condition, kick 1999 bear in mint condition,Bones 1994, Rover 1996, Chocolate Moose 1993 Valentina red& white 1994 Hope Bear (2) Holiday Bear 1988 , Congo Gorilla 1996, and a lot more from 1993 to 2,003 all in mint condition message me or email me thanks

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