Beanie Babies Tush Tags Info Guide

Knowing what tags your Beanie Babies have will help tell you what they are worth. There are slight, but noticeable differences between the generations of tush tags. Click on the links for more information on these generations of Beanie tags.

Tush Tag Generation Guides:

1st Generation Tush Tags

1st Generation Beanie Babies Tush Tag

2nd Generation Tush Tags

2nd Generation Tush Tag

3rd Generation Tush Tags

3rd Generation Beanie Babies Tush Tag

4th Generation Tush Tags

4th Generation Beanie Babies Tag

5th Generation Tush Tags

5th Generation Tush Tags

6th Generation Tush Tags

6th Generation Beanie Babies Tush Tag

7th Generation Tush Tags

Hang TagsGenerations 1-4

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Brittany - 15 August, 2017

Valentino Beanie Baby has many errors in Mint Condition in a Mint Condition Box
1. One Eye Bigger than other
2. Tush Tag 1993 Ty tag says February 14,1994
3. Semi colon instead of colon on date of birth
4. PO15 5TX without UK
5. Original with two i’s Origiinal
6. No stamp on inside of tush tag
7. Brown nose black eyes
8. Circle r and Trademark on tush tag
9. Bear was introduced on 01/07/95 and retired on 12/31/98
10. Says Suface on Swing tag
11. Has a 5th Generation Swing Heart Tag
12. P.E. Pellets
13. Extra space between Handmade in China

Sue - 6 August, 2017

Please tell me what the following mean.
It is inside the tush tag of my Zodiac Dragon

avery paulson - 18 July, 2017

i have a Lawrence camel, the attic treasure collection, with a 3rd gen tag, but idk the tush tag. it is Dark purple almost rasin color tag with a 1993 date on it. Is this standard? or worth any money?

Dawn - 3 July, 2017

I need information about tush tags please.ok if it has a number and/or stamp that means factory made correct ?
Less or no value ?

Kelsey - 25 June, 2017

What is the difference between the beanie babies that on the tags one says retain or return?

Maura - 11 June, 2017

I have a Cubbie Beanie Baby. The tush tag says “Twigs” from 1995. PVC pellets, hang tag has a yellow star. Any idea on value? Thanks!

Shirley Williams - 11 June, 2017

I have The End Beanie Baby in excellent condition. On the hang tag there is a space between the last word of the poem and the exclamation point. Also, I cannot find a date on the hang tag. Any thoughts?

Marcia - 5 June, 2017

I have acquired a large collection of beanie babys and am using your site as a guide for pricing as I take inventory. I have one called Schweetheart that I didn’t see listed in your price guide. Hangtag 5th gen, tush tag 6th gen (? – it has the hologram). What would he be worth?

Donna Clemons - 1 June, 2017

I have a peanuts dark blue beanie buddie. The tush tag does not have stars and it is embroidered. Reads shell 100% Tylon. Back reads Ty Inc. 1998. Oakbrook Il. But at the bottom it says handmade in china. BPE pellets. Is it worth anything. No hangtag.

    Love My Beanies - 1 June, 2017

    Without the hang tag it has minimal to no value.

Eric - 21 April, 2017

I have a sixth generation princess beanie baby with the stamp 410 on the insaide of the tush tag but something caught my eye. Also on the inside of the tag is a penciled in capital letter L or number 7 written inside of it. I was just wondering what this meant? Thanks!

    Love My Beanies - 23 April, 2017

    The writing was probably from a previous owner.

    Christy - 20 July, 2017

    Do you have a picture of the penciled letter? I have 5-6 different beanie babies with a penciled like letter or number on the inside of their tush tags (some of the markings look like grey ink or pencil, but marks look to have been deliberately made because there is a definite starting point to the stroke..). I bought them new so there was no previous owner. They have also been stored away, and no one else has handled them.

Tevin Bronaugh - 17 April, 2017

I have a beanie baby with a red embroider tush tag. It has a white heart with ty in red. And the rest of the lettering in what. Says made in China and a 1993 copyright.

    Love My Beanies - 17 April, 2017

    Probably from the Ty Attic Treasures line.

Rich - 9 March, 2017

I’ve noted Beanies for sale on Ebay that advertise tag errors….the tush tag has one date and the hang tag another date. Is this actually a misprint?

    Love My Beanies - 20 March, 2017

    It’s not an error, its how they were originally made.

Deborah Mitchell - 16 May, 2015

I cannot find a hang tag on your site that is like the one on my Woolly. The front of this one looks like the front of the 2nd gen. tag pictured, but on the other side it has TY, INC 1995 in red (with copyright sign before 1995. Then below that, in black ink, it says “Oakbrook, IL……………..PE Pellts, hand made in Chine.” Below that it has the black CE under it. Can you tell me anything about it?

    Rob - 2 January, 2016

    woolly is a plush, not a beanie baby. look for “plush and classic” site.

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