Beanie Babies Tush Tags Info Guide

Knowing what tags your Beanie Babies have will help tell you what they are worth. There are slight, but noticeable differences between the generations of tush tags.

Click on the links for more information on these generations of Beanie tags.

Tush Tag Generation Guides:

1st Generation Tush Tags

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  • I have a bongo beanie baby (name on tush tag) with a swing tag for twigs. I have seen a lot about tag errors on other beanie babies, but nothing about this particular error. Any ideas?

  • I have a Mystic and the writing on the tush tag is in yellow. I can’t find anything, anywhere on it. Please help me. Is it a fake? Is it extremely rare? I have no clue what it’s worth.

  • I have a 1993 mcdonalds Nook the Husky Teenie Beaniei have hang tag. tush tag but on tush tag there is a R 3 C stamped on it can you tell me anything about it I was getting my babies ready to sell and seen this thank you

  • Hello, I have 5 1996 PVC pellets Peace Bears All with 2 tush tags and have no clue why they have 2 tush tags. I’ve never seen anything like this before, are they worth anything? All have tag protectors and are in plastic boxes.

  • I have a Roam.beanie baby with tag and it says 1965KR at bottom too what does it mean?.plus tush tag doesnt have a star on the tush tag why is that?

  • HI – I have been trying to figure out why there’s an extra label on the tush tag of one of the Bongos. I have 2 bongos from the same year, except one has an extra fabric label , bigger than the tush tag, right next to the tush tag with a serial number says 2086484, “this label is affixed in compliance with the Upholstered and Stuffed Articles Act”
    Can someone please help me identify why?

  • So I recently order 4 beanie babies. And I have one that has no tush tag at all. There aren’t any remains of one either. Almost like it was never there. What does this mean? Is it a fake? Is it a manufacturer error?

  • I have several beanie babies that have a handwritten number on the inside of their tush tag (i.e., 5 or 9) and a couple with a handwritten letter (i.e., D, E, N, etc.). Does anyone know if this has any significance? Thanks!

    • I just found Princess with a number 4 handwriiten inside the tush tag. It had a “stamp” too but its totally obliterated, probably why the number was written on ?? had to be done befoe being sewn in

  • i have a “chip” that didnt come with a tush tag! Purchased new by my mother in a hospital gift chop that she worked in. It has neverleft her collection and she NEVER removed ANY tags. anyone else ever run across this????

  • I have a old Beanie Baby BEAR “Blackie” with a round/flat object inside (about the size of a silver dollar) ??

    Is that unusual ?

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