5th Generation Hang Tag Cover-ups

When the 5th generation Beanie Babies hang tags started appearing, many of them had dual spelling errors that Ty later corrected on some toys. On the front of the tag, inside the yellow star, the word original is misspelled “ORIGIINAL”. On the back of the tag, the word surface is misspelled “suface.” It’s believed that Beanie Babies: Blackie, Curly, Floppity, Hippity, Hoppity, Peace, Roary, Squealer, Tuffy and Valentino have been found with these two mistakes on them.

Peace Beanie Babies versions with the “suface” misspelling can sell in the $10-20 range.  Many sellers on eBay overprice the error “suface” beanie babies, but they weren’t that difficult to get. 5th Generation Beanie Babies were highly mass produced, there are very few worth anything today.

5th Generation Tush Tags

Ty started using a sticker to correct the “suface” misspelling on some of the 5th generation swing tags. Known Beanie Babies with the sticker correction are: Hippity, Hoppity, Floppity, Peace, Tuffy and Blackie. Those with the sticker all have a special pre-cut sticker with the words “surface wash” printed on it, and placed directly over the mispelled “suface wash.” No attempt was made by Ty to correct the spelling of Original on the front of the hang tags.


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    • Hello Cindy – I’m seeing some of the Peace bears with Original misspelled and the Surface Wash sticker on the back sell in the $10-20 range. With the hippity hoppity floppity bears, it looks like the errors might be fairly common. They are probably worth about $5-10 each.

  • My name is Christine and I have recently came across an estate sale and I ended up purchasing about 100 Beanie Babies. In my search through them I came across a Beanie Babie Hippity that has some unique features. The Swing tag shows Hippity with the following errors “Oriiginal” and “Suface” but the most unique error was the Tush tag showing the name “Hoppity”.

    I have searched the internet for days and cannot find a similar Hippity with all 3 errors for this Beanie.

    Can you direct me to someone I could get this information to and somehow lead me in the right direction on where I should take this to get an estimated value? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for any information you can give,

    • Hello Christine! Errors are very tricky. In the past, they had some value to them. Today, it’s very difficult to get any money for them. I haven’t seen an error Beanie Babie sell for over $100 in awhile. There appears to be many Hippity’s with the spelling errors, but the Tush Tag error might be somewhat rare. It’s hard to determine how many error ones exist. Many Beanie Babies have error Tush Tags and only 1st/2nd Generation Beanie Babies with errors tend to sell for any kind of real money.

      If this was 15 years ago, you might be able to get $100 out of it. Today, you’d be lucky to get $10-15. Hippity’s are some of the most mass produced Beanies made, and even with a rare error, there just isn’t that much demand for them, because there really isn’t a place to go to see how many Beanies with those errors were made.

  • I have a floppity beanie baby with errors. The swing tag has “origiinal” spelled wrong, “suface” and it has a white star instead of yellow on the front of the tag. Is it worth anything

    • Hi! Unfortunately, Floppity Beanie Babies even with the errors only tend to sell for around $5 on their best day.

  • My name is winter and I have a blackie with with errors(the word original is spelt origiinal and the word surface spelt suface) how much could it be worth?

  • I have a1993 Valentino Beanie Baby that has 2 errors. Origiinal on swing tag and Suface on back of swing tag. The swing tag appears to be 5th generation. The tush tag says P.V.C pellets with no number stamped inside. any worth? I have seen the same of ebay that says very rare??

  • Hi love my beanies, thank you for all the great info! I was studying my beanies and in the info above you mentioned the “precut” surface wash sticker. Does that sticker increase value? Also my sticker is on my curly, which is not in your list of named above. Any info would b greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • I have a daisy original beanie baby with a white star instead of yellow,year born 1994!DO u know if it’s worth anything?

  • I have two floppity’s— one has the spelling errors on the hang tag and the other has a style.number/ visit the website/ and different font on the hang.tag — I cant find any info.about this last one!

  • How are you? It seems the last post here was a long time ago but i figured id give this a shot. I recently found a “Hoppity” bear with the common “Origiinal” and “Suface” issue. The only thing a bit out of the ordinary is that it also has a tush tag of “Floppity” while the swing tag says “Hoppity”. Any value here?

  • May 2017.. I just found your info on the correction stickers. you did not suggest how many are out there or if they have any value.
    The one that I have is also not mentioned on your known list. It is Curly with all the other possible errors. origiinal, Fareham Hants with no UK, conflicting dates from hang tag and tush tag, poem has typos ; instead of :, second line not capitalized “you” rather than You, and no space between you! at the end of poem, tush tag has tm and r and red star but no stamp or number on the inside, and then the correction sticker over suface wash reading surface wash on the back of hang tag. He of course has black eyes with a brown nose and I guess what I have seen as a dislocated shoulder. 1965 (kr).
    I saw one that supposedly sold recently on ebay for $29,995 I believe. The only difference was the correction sticker. my big questions in all of this is #1) did it really sell for that much and #2) why, when there seems to be a bunch of them under $10.00 (at least there was. now they have all gone up some, but still pretty cheap in comparison). So, mainly how can I figure out what mine is really worth, or get highest possible price rather than accidently selling (or giving it away) for $10.00? Thank you for you info. It helps!

    • Hello! The dates on the tags being different were how they were originally made.

      Curly bears are some of the most common out there. In recent years there have been internet articles that have claimed these have value, not really sure why. Most tend to sell under $10.

  • My Valentino bear has the suface/ surface wash cover up sticker on it along with the origiinal error and the swing tag that says 1994 but the tush tag says 1993. Any value?

  • I have a Roary with a tush tag “correction” that I have not seen before. Under “Collection” is a shiny sticker that reads “ty”, has a red star that is touching the heart. This sticker was obviously added on. Why? Is this a common thing?

  • Not a single beanie baby is worth more than $5. When you see beanie babies selling for thousands, that’s called money laundering by drug dealers. They sell it to themself to cover the drug money to the feds. Pretty simple.

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