Claude Beanie Babies Price Guide

Hang Tag Generation: 4th-5th
Tush Tag Generation: 3rd-6th

$4 - Mint or New Condition
$0.00-$0.50 - No hang tag

$5 - Mint or New Condition
*Upper Case Version*

$5 - Mint or New Condition
*With Canadian Tush Tag*

$0.10 - Mint or New Condition
*McDonald's Teenie Beanie*

Authenticated Value - See Guide

There is so much fake information about Claude the Crab Beanie Babies it's astounding.

Blogs and websites will falsely claim the Claude is worth $10,000 or more.

Nobody is paying $10,000 for Beanie Babies!

Claude Beanie Babies were made during the peak popularity of Ty products.

Tens of millions of Claude Beanie Babies were made. None of them are rare.

Errors on the tags will not impact the value of your Claude!

4th Generation - Claude

4th Generation

Lowercase Name

Uppercase Name

Uppercase versions were reportedly released on Mother's Day 1997.

5th Generation - Claude

5th Generation

Canadian Tush Tag

McDonald's Teenie Beanie

Teenie Beanie Tag

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  • Discovered I have a Teenie Beanie which is the pelican (scoop) but the name on the tag is Bongo which is for a monkey. Can’t find any information about value or if common error at the time

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