2nd Generation Beanie Babies Tush Tags

A good way to know if you have a 3rd Generation Hang Tag Beanie Baby, is if it has a 2nd Generation Tush Tag.

Ty got more creative and changed the way they designed the Tush Tag from the 1st Generation and added a pretty heart and red lettering to their bottom tags.

There are a few subtle variations in 2nd Gen TT’s and those are pictured below.

Dates on the 2nd Generation Tush Tags are the same as the 1st Generation versions, either 1993 or 1995.  

Tush Tags that are in nice condition can impact the value of the Beanie Baby as sometimes the Red ink will fade or the tag will have creases and wrinkles.

For Ages 3 And Up

It’s a little difficult to notice, but at the bottom of this 2nd Generation Beanie Baby Tush Tag is the words “For Ages 3 And Up”.

It’s believed that some of the very first 2nd Gen Tush Tags had this while the versions printed later did not.  From all the 2nd Generation Tush Tags I’ve seen, the letters ‘CE’ is printed at the bottom.

As a general rule Beanie Babies with the 2nd Generation Tush Tag are not worth as much as Beanie Babies with the 1st Generation Tush Tag. For one, if the beanie has a 2nd Gen Tush Tag, it will have a 3rd Generation Hang Tag. The popularity of Beanie Babies had caught fire a little bit and more of the 3rd Gen HT/2nd Gen TT plush toys were mass produced.

Some of the popular Beanie Babies with a 2nd Generation Tush Tag are: Garcia The Bear which was a tye-dye themed bear that payed homage to Grateful Dead singer Jerry Garcia.  Rex the Tyrannosaurus is a popular Beanie Baby and can sell in the $25-50 range depending on the condition.

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  • i have what i think is a one of a kind tag error beanie, it is “sly the fox” and says as much on the hang tag, but the tush tag-clearly a factoty sewn tag-says “stinky” the name of the skunk beanie. i have never seen nor heard of this error, nor can i find reference to it anywhere. any input?

  • Jim in Illinois
    My wife and I have a few hundred Beanie Babies. I don’t think many of them are worth anything because I think they are later generations. Anyone interested e-mail me at Y2JImmy917@yahoo.com. We have a mint condition Princess Bear.

  • I have a Squealer that has 2 tush tags. One is a regular beanie baby tag the other is a tag for the upholstered and stuffed articulate act.

  • I have a second generation Blackie Bear with original spelt with 2 I’s after the g. How much is it worth if anything? It is in mint condition!

  • I have a 1988 princess Diana beanie baby bear in mint condition I was wondering how much this is worth if it’s worth anything at all

  • I have recently acquired a 2nd GEN Beanie baby named Peter with “Trick or Treat ” listed underneath the name. I have further researched and without being an expert in the field, I presume that he is most genuine. I also have very many others that are in excellent condition that may be of interest.
    If you are a collector and have the time and true knowledge of the real history Beanie babies. Please contact me at Robertcharles7127@gmail.com

  • I have a Cubby beanie with second generation tag, the tush tag does not have the name Cubby or any name on it. Is that an error?

  • I have 2nd generation 1993 Valentino. Can anyone please tell me how much this would sell for. I believe he has PE pellets.. I also have a few others 1993 and 1995 with red and white tush tags. They are in mint condition. Is there a store in New Jersey or NYC i could take them to?

  • I have a collection dated 1993-1997? A lot of them have the errors listed on eBay looking to sell all 80 + . All in excellent condition though about EBay but don’t want to sell something worth a lot for nothing. Do you have any recommendations.

  • I have over 200 ,looking to sell,were sizeing down in house,lot 2 nd generations.
    Fortune,4steg,3choc moose
    4claude,and many others.

  • I hAve first addition pinchers, 1993 also 1996 peace bear feb1 1996 ,..Scoop first edition 1993,,,,Jabber the parrot with tag error BD- 10/10/1997 tag error 1998 ,,, Doby 1993 … very Rare Waddle 1993 also RAre Paenut 1993 ….Zip the black cat 1993 plus many others 3189536467 Louisiana. Text first please so u don’t show as spam . Waddle. Snake Inch 1993 burgundy tail first edition…Bones 1993 ,,, Twigs 1993 … Mel 1993 teenie beanie… Loosy 1998 mallard duck … Pinchers is super rare . Very first edition top 9 !!!! Make offer …. Black bottom tags . Very rare all … mint condition

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