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Updated Beanie Babies Price Guide

Below are some final sale prices in 2023 for Beanie Babies listed for sale online. The price list is in alphabetical order.

Know Your Beanie Babies

Rare Beanie Babies have RARE tags!
Beanie Babies with 1st Generation Tush Tags typically are the most valuable!

Beanie Babies Hang Tag Guide

Beanie Babies Tush Tag Guide

This Tag is Not Worth Money

Beanie Babies Hang Tags with a "Yellow Star" on the front are not worth money! These are the most common Beanie Babies produced.

There is a TON of misinformation about Beanie Babies prices online. This is the only accurate free price guide on the internet!

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More Research

1st Generation Beanie Babies

Find out which Beanie Babies can have a 1st Generation Hang Tag and Tush Tag, making them the most valuable of all Ty Beanie Babies.

Beanie Babies Hang Tag Guide

Know what Hang Tag your Beanie Baby has.

Beanie Babies Tush Tag Guide

Tush Tags, especially 1st Generation versions, can be easy to spot and a quick way to learn about your Ty Beanie Babies.

Beanie Babies Worth Money

See what Beanie Babies have sold for big money over the years!

Beanie Babies Error Price Guide

Discover what errors exist on Beanie Babies and if it impacts the value.

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Sell Your Beanie Babies

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Authenticated Beanie Babies Price Guide
Price guide for authenticated Beanie Babies

Most Beanie Babies are not worth very much money, do not make the mistake of buying a $10 price guide to tell you they aren't worth anything.

If your Beanie Babie doesn't have a hang tag, it's not worth very much.

Beanie Babies with a Yellow Star on the Hang Tag are rarely worth money.

Error Beanie Babies are rarely worth money.

  • Tasha says:

    I can’t find a price for “Star”. Its not an old generation but it has a brown nose and black eyes. Is that normal?

  • Tasha says:

    Why do some people sell Gobbles for thousands and others in the same generation for $100. How do you know?

  • Jaime says:

    I have a couple of mistake rares.. does anyone know a collector who will pay top dollar or any leads.. thanks

  • Emily Deam says:

    Does anyone know about a manufacturer called Royal Beanie and if they have any value? Have white Beanie with colored stars and 2000 on front mad by Royal Beanie with tag on it.

  • Helen says:

    Does “mean” Runner have any added value? I didn’t see Daisy, Darling, Dart, Horse (Zodiac), Rabbit (Zodiac), Schweetheart, Scruffy, or Spike on the price guide. What is their value?

  • Jessica G Escobar says:

    HI, I have two questions;

    I have a 1997 Iggy with a tongue and the bright pink colors; How much is it worth?
    How do I get my Beanies authenticated?

  • Rev.Kymm Blair says:

    I have a princess Diana, original perfect condition, was told it might b worth alot, can’t seem to find anything does anyone know how i can find out? God bless for your time.

  • Anne says:

    I have 3 beanie babies that have a pink hang tag with a white star (rather than yellow). Does anyone know what this means? They are: Kicks, Fortune and Hippity. Thank you!

  • Julio Cruz says:

    You are missing Spike The Rhino

  • Jerry Cullen says:

    How much is the “coco Presley” worth? It’s chocolate brown with a “Reeses” orange bowtie.
    2007 is the date on the tag.


    I have 3 Beanies with cranberry colored tush tags – Georgette, Cawley and Bonnie They look to be 3rd generation by their Hang tags, but I cant find them listed in your price guide. Are these knock offs?

  • dan says:

    i have about 100 beanie babies,. Is there anyone or any where to take them and get an assessment of what I may have? Thank you

    • Jodie says:


      There are several videos on YouTube posted by the TY Beanie Babies company that discuss different babies and their value. There are also several well-noted appraisers. Becky’s True Blue Beans is one that is used a lot. Peggy Gallagher Enterprises seems to be more esteemed among the appraisers. Both will return your bears with certificates of value.

      *I am not affiliated with this site.


  • Emerald Pitts says:

    Yes I have a bong the monkey beanie baby and have no clue what generation it is due to it not having a hanging tag but I think it is a 1st generation due to i had it in 1998 when i was born it does however have the tush tag but you cant make out what the writing on was on it because it looks that old and faded and kind of shredded like but still in one pice and the body is in great condition its is tan with tan tail .is it still worth anything? and can you tell what generation it is from my description ?please and thank you!

  • Beanie King says:

    Your comments about Beanie babies having no value with a yellow star. They all just about yellow stars, and it’s a false statement. Your guide is full of inconsistencies and errors or lies. One of the 2. Why you even exist is anybody’s guess. It’s not because you are accurate or relevant. I see hundreds selling for 100 times your listing’s.

    • John Toensfeldt says:

      Could you share which ones are selling for so much as I have about 900 older beanies and would be interested if they have real value

      • Jodie says:


        I have the TY Beanie Babies videos on YouTube to be very helpful. I also search on eBay for the certified bears that have been appraised. They will have certificates and be boxed. The lister usually tells quite a bit about the bear in the description. These two things have given me a general idea of what I am looking for in my collection. You can also determine from there if you have any in your collection that you feel should be appraised. The certified bears on eBay include the appraiser information.

        *I am not affiliated with this site.


    • Steven Johnson says:

      Beanie King, I believe there are those people that wish to lower our perception of the value of beanies so it makes it more affordable for them. They say errors are rarely worth anything. I don’t see that as a factual statement. I guess it’s hard to believe it, until you see it.

  • Susan Linscomb says:

    I don’t see here how much Peanut Royal Blue is worth

  • Shawn says:

    I have alot of original retired ty beanie babies that are rare in perfect condition. Looking to sell the whole lot of them. Hit me up

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a set of Beanie Babies from McDonald’s. 12 of them are they worth anything. Still in original packages never been open.

  • Louise Hoffman says:

    Where is the best place to sell your beanie babies

  • Mary Ann Riley says:

    I have a box full of beanie babies and in mint condition…

  • beanieslover says:

    I was wondering if any of my beanies were worth anything because I bought them at antique stores and they all have their swing tags and almost all of them have errors according to other websites. I’m only 12 so I was hoping I could get some good advice on beanie babies

  • beanieslover says:

    my beanie’s names are listed below if you wanted to tell me if they are worth anything:
    signature bears 2000,2001,2002
    mcdonalds scoop (unopened)
    mcdonald’s patti (opened)
    (rainbow outfit) piccadilly

  • Frederick P Rau says:

    Yes, I just bought a box of beanie baby, and I wondering which ty price guide book will be best for me to sell them? I have peace,Valentino,curly,millennium,halo Erin and holiday teddy and others! Please, let me know. Thank You Very Much

  • Amanda L says:

    I have an Azalea that I don’t see here

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