Beanie Babies Price Guide – Letter C

This is a Beanie Babies price guide for those beginning with the letter ‘C’. If you are looking for a Beanie Babies value that’s not listed on this page and begins with C, leave me a comment.

Some of the key Beanie Babies worth money on this page are 1st or 2nd Generation Caw’s, 3rd Generation Chilly the Polar Bears, 1st or 2nd Generation Chocolate the Moose, Coral Casino limited Bears, and 1st or 2nd Generation Cubbie the Bear.

Beanie Babies On This Page Worth Money


Coral Casino Bear
Serial Numbered #/588



C – $5
Cabaret -$10
Caipora -$6
California -$3
California Poppy -$4
Canada -$5
CAND-e -$5
Candy Canes -$5
Candy Cat -$5
Canters -$5
Canyon -$3
Cappuccino -$3
Captain -$4
Captain America -$5
Captain Haddock -$5
Captain SpongeBob -$5
Cargo -$13
Cargo -$13
Carl Edwards -$5
Carnation -$6
Carrots -$3
Carvers -$10
Casanova -$3
Casey Mears -$4
Cashew -$3
Cassie -$6
Catsby -$5
Cecil -$5
Celebrate -$4
Celebration -$5
Celebrations -$6
Champion -$5
ChariTee -$4
Charles -$12
Charlie -$8
Charlie -$8
Charlie Brown -$5
Charm -$5
Charmer -$5
Charming -$5
Chaser -$9
Checkers -$15
Cheddar -$5
Cheek to Cheek -$10
Cheeks -$3
Cheery -$3
Cheesly -$7
Cheezer -$4
Cherry Ice -$12
Chessie -$6
Chestnut -$6
Chicago -$5
Chicago Bears -$5
Chicago Cubs -$5
Chickie -$4
Chili -$4
Chill -$7
Chillin’ -$3
Chillingsly -$6
Chills -$5
Chillton -$5
Chilly –See Guide
China -$5
Chinook -$5
Chip -$4
Chipper -$3
Chitraka -$14
Chloe -$5
Chococat -$20
Chocolate – See Guide
Chocolate Chip -$15
Chocolate Kiss -$7
Chompers -$3
Chompy -$5
Chops -$5
Chopstix -$4

Chuckles -$9
Cinders -$3
Cinta -$5
Class of 2004 -$5
Classy -$2
Claude -$4
Clint Bowyer -$3
Clipper -$5
Clover -$5
Clubby -$5
Clubby II -$5
Clubby III -$5
Clubby IV -$5
Clubby 5th Anniversary -$5
Clubby VI -$5
Clubby VII -$5
Clubby VIII -$5
Clucky -$7
Coastline -$3
Coco Presley -$6
Cocoa -$6
Cocoa Bean -$6
Color Me Beanie -$6
Colorado -$6
Colorado Columbine -$5
Colosso -$4
Columbus -$5
Comet -$4
Congo -$3
Congo -$3
Congrats -$10
Cookies & Crème -$9
Cool Cat -$6
Cool Chick -$
Cool Clutch -$14
Cool Teacher -$3
Coolio -$5
Coolstina -$2
Coolston -$3
Coop -$4
Copper -$6
Copper -$6
Coral -$27
Coral Casino -$400+
Coreana -$5
Corky -$5
Cornbread -$3
Cornstalk -$6
Corsage -$3
Cottonball -$3
Count -$4
Countdown -$5
Countess -$3
Courage -$4
Courage -$4
Courage -$4
Courageous -$5
Courageously -$5
Courageousness -$5
Creampuff -$5
Creamy -$4
Creepers -$5
Cricket -$5
Crinkles -$4
Croaks -$3
Crooner -$4
Crunch -$4
Cubbie – See Guide
Cupid -$5
Cupid’s Bow -$5
Cure -$5
Curls -$3
Curly – See Guide
Curtsy -$18
Cutesy -$4


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Kaitlin - 24 July, 2017

I have a dog named chips with no price..

Ricky Crowley - 19 July, 2017

How about calliope dresses like a jester?

Jay - 9 July, 2017

I have a small dog named Cheri with a different type and color of tush tag. I do not see it on the price list

Merranda - 24 June, 2017

What about a dog named Cheri?

wanda box - 22 June, 2017

i got this monkey congo and just want to know how much wroth it is.

Michele - 9 May, 2017

Large clover beanie buddy is not listed anyone know a value?

    Love My Beanies - 10 May, 2017

    I do not list the values of Beanie Buddies.

Anonymous - 9 May, 2017

Large clover how much???

Murra7y - 13 April, 2017

I have a Camelia , a Clay, and a Colour me Beanie that are not on your list

Matt - 31 March, 2017

Hi there,
I have a Clubby lll from June 30, 2000.
I realized that it isn’t on the list, so I was wondering if you could give me an estimate of what it’s worth?
Thanks much.

Jessica - 29 March, 2017

Hey Cody, I have a Color Me Beanie, it’s a white rabbit with yellow bow on its neck and a green egg on its chest. Any clue if it’s worth anything? I was just looking online and it was ranging from a few dollars to a hundred plus. Any assistance would be very very appreciated

....... - 27 March, 2017

Clubby/ beanie buddie

Denise - 6 March, 2017

Chip the Cat

I have a Chip the Cat wearing a dress and bow. Any information on this beanie?

Eva Gerus - 27 February, 2017

Really would love to send a picture of my TY that I can’t find anywhere else
It a bit bigger than most and TY inc 1992
A white bunny with pink k ears and bow

Anonymous - 27 February, 2017

I have a bunny TY inc from 1992
I’d love to know if I s a rare one since I can’t find it anywhere
It’s a tad bigger than most
Where they Ben made then?

Anonymous - 21 February, 2017

I have a coca cola polar bear in sweater and I dont know how much it is worth it has a tag.

Dawn - 25 January, 2017

Haw a Cawley Crow with wrong swing tag, tag reads Piccadilly???

Chelsey - 10 January, 2017

I have a 1st gen Chocolate the Moose with tag. What would it be worth?

Taylor - 23 December, 2016

I have Claude and see that there are some that are worth a couple thousand. How would I know if the value of this Claude?

peggy - 8 December, 2016

Do we have the value for Claude the crab?

... - 27 November, 2016

You did not have Carson beanie bear

Christa - 23 November, 2016

I have a curly bear with the date of 1993 on the tag. As I have researched the hangtag has a different date. However, I do not have a hangtag on mine. These bears are going for thousands of dollars on ebay but I was wondering what mine is worth without the hangtag. Any advise will be appriciated.

Robyn - 20 November, 2016

Looking for clover

Erin Ebsen - 13 November, 2016

Can u tell me or show me the difference in generation tags both tush and hang.

Bransford Lewis - 27 October, 2016

Looking for clubby

Roger D. Peterson - 22 October, 2016

What about Checkers…Attic Treasure Collection?

RD Peterson

Roger D. Peterson - 22 October, 2016

I have a Carson Beanie Baby attic treasure collection (year 1993). It’s not listed on your site. Any idea what the value is? RD Peterson

Alexandra - 12 October, 2016

Hello! I have Nip the Cat w/ hang tag

Sarah - 5 October, 2016

Hi I have a Chocolate the Moose, 1 gen tush tag, 2nd gen hang tag. Who do you recommend for authenticating it? Because I think it is worth something?

r. jay - 12 September, 2016

What generation is congo

Lizz - 8 September, 2016

I can’t find Cody the bear with arms that move. It has a 1st Gen tag. 1993

    Love My Beanies - 9 September, 2016

    Hello! Cody is from the Ty Attic Treasures line, and aren’t priced with Beanie Babies.

Janet Stratton - 7 September, 2016

I own a curly bear. It has a tag that has word origiinal. On tag inside date of birth ;April121999 tush tag reads 1993 and a space in poem. Also has a tag covering bottom with words surface wash. Has brown nose black eyes Is this Bear worth anything?

Ilana - 4 September, 2016

Hello, I have a chocolate the moose with a 1st Gen tush tag, but no hang tag. Is it worth anything?

    Love My Beanies - 5 September, 2016

    Probably a little bit. Would be worth more if it had the tag.

    burtlittle - 26 February, 2017


Juliana - 30 August, 2016

What is the price on Clubby? Blue bear “official club”

Dana - 28 August, 2016

I have cubbie. 2nd generation hang tag. 4th generation tush tag. How much is it worth?

    Love My Beanies - 28 August, 2016

    Hello! Might want to look again. If Cubbie has a 2nd Gen Hang tag, the only tush tag it can have is a 1st Generation from 1993.

JANET STRATTON - 27 August, 2016

I have a curly bear April 12 199 1993 0n tag on rear beanie tag says original and has black eye brown nose what is it worth

    Love My Beanies - 27 August, 2016

    Unfortunately, Curly bears have very little value.

Elizabeth wyandt - 26 August, 2016

I have a Curly bear, maybe 2nd gen, PVC pellets his tush tag is 1993 and stamped inside the tush tag is 101. Is he rare?

    Love My Beanies - 26 August, 2016

    Curly bears have very little value. The earliest Curly would be a 4th Generation Hang Tag and a 3rd Generation Tush Tag.

Anonymous - 28 July, 2016

You did not have caboose the bear

Tracy Walker - 25 June, 2016

I’m curious about a beanie baby I have, a coral blue Iguana Date of birth October 14, 1997 with a swing tag name of “RAINBOW” and tush tag says “Rainbow” as well. Any ideas of the value. Thanks for any feedback!

Dana - 19 April, 2016

I have a Carnation Cat and every where I’ve looked it says it’s retired. How much is it worth?

Serena O - 20 February, 2016

How much would be Carson the bear be?

Anonymous - 20 February, 2016

What about Carson? He’s or she’s a bear.

Smm80 - 9 February, 2016

I have chocolate moose. I believe 1st gen tush tag not sure on the hand. I see anywhere from $4-$650 on all sites. I’m not a collector as this is the only one I have. I would like to sell it if a decent price. (I’m expecting and would like to start shopping). If anyone could help me by figuring out the price that would be great. Thank you.

Carrie - 30 January, 2016

I have the Chocolate (moose) beanie baby. Looks like 3rd gen tush tag and it has the wrong hang tag (4th gen hang tag “Happy” style 4061). I’m sure it’s not worth anything. Just thought I’d share 🙂

Jenny Ledford - 9 January, 2016

I have a 14″ Cashew bear that was given out by the red cross. The tag begins with A special friend to you I’ll be Let me keep you company etc. I can’t find any information about this bear. Any info would be appreciated. thanks

    Love My Beanies - 14 January, 2016

    Hello! Your Red Cross bear would be considered a Ty Beanie “Buddies” and technically not a “Beanie Babies”. I don’t know the back story about the promotion, but they probably didn’t make that many of them. You see the regular version of Cashew quite often, but the Red Cross version doesn’t come up for sale very often.

Brent Kubischta - 19 December, 2015

I have a Cody style 6030, 1 st gen tush tag, 3rd gen hang tag, it also on the hang tag says collectible in the upper right corner in a green rectangle. What do I have here if anything?

    Love My Beanies - 24 December, 2015

    The Cody bears are apart of the Attic Treasures Collection I believe and would have minimal value.

dewayne - 18 November, 2015

Got a 93 curly red writing on the tag

Randy Carter - 11 November, 2015

I do not see Cawley

Basia - 11 October, 2015

Hi how much are beanie buddies in comparison to the beanie babies

Beth Jones - 29 September, 2015

Clubby is not listed! 1998 Blue Bear with tie dye ribbon Official Club Bear?a

Anonymous - 28 September, 2015

I have a attic treasures ‘Cawley’ with wrong heart tag for Piccadilly’?

Anonymous - 19 September, 2015

I have a chocolate the moose 1st gen is it worth any thing

KW - 5 September, 2015

We have a chillingsly with 2 tags– is that significant?

    Love My Beanies - 7 September, 2015

    The 2nd Tush Tag might be a Canadian Tush Tag.

Ayisha - 5 September, 2015

I have a Curly bear with all the spelling errors on the tags. Is it worth anything? I want to get it authenticated and sell it, but I don’t know for how much!

    Love My Beanies - 7 September, 2015

    Curly bears will have very limited value even with the errors. I wouldn’t get it authenticated.

Debbie Wilson - 8 August, 2015

I can’t find a few of mine on your list. One is ‘Cinders the Bear’, 2000. Another is Schweetheart (monkey) 1999, ‘Cheezer’ 2000, Rocket 1997. I still have the tags for these but they have been removed from them. Does that lower their value?

    Love My Beanies - 10 August, 2015

    Beanie Babies without the tags are a tough sell unless they are 1st Generation.

Anonymous - 29 July, 2015

Hello my name is Taylor (Not Taylor Swift) I have cupid the dog in Mint condition, what is the highest price value

    Love My Beanies - 10 August, 2015

    Cupid Beanie Babies have very limited value, maybe $1-$3.

Anonymous - 25 July, 2015

Cromwell the mouse is missing

Shelley Herron - 20 July, 2015

China the panda is missing.

Bob Faulkner - 18 June, 2015

My sister passed away and I have over 200 Beanie Babies: like a set of 12 (1999) Teenie Beanie, All of 1999 Holiday, Signature, “e”,and Dad Bears. A set of graduation owls. A bag of Zodiac Beanie Babies; Dog, Rabbit,Tiger, Rooster, Snake, Goat, Horse, Pig, Ox, Monkey. A Beanie Ford Clinie Cup. And this is just some of the first box.

Katie - 14 June, 2015

Quick question I have a Claude the crab teenie original beenie copyright 1993 is it worth anything?

    Love My Beanies - 14 June, 2015

    Hello! Unfortunately the Teenie Beanies are not worth anything.

Anonymous - 29 April, 2015

I sent for Campbell soup beanie babies quite a few years ago. Are they worth anythibng?

Lexi - 31 March, 2015

hi there! I was wondering if you know how much the “clubby” bears are worth. I have clubby, clubby II (with spelling error on swing tag) and clubby IV. I saw something that said the clubbyII is worth something. any info is welcome thanks!

savannah - 22 March, 2015

I have a curly 1996/1993 with all the errors I was wondering if you could help me price somw others I have.?

Tracy redburn - 27 February, 2015

How Do I find out why some are way more like princes di I have 3 of them as well as peace bears Valentina and Valentino ect, I want to get some money but really don’t know what to do thanks any suggestions will help Tracyredburn@gmail.com

Donna - 21 February, 2015

I have chocolate moose ear tag1993 tush 205 in mint condition

Jessica - 21 February, 2015

I have a champion from 2002 and halo 2 aswell but not listed, how much are they worth?

capebretonpiper - 18 February, 2015

what about Cheri?

Anonymous - 6 February, 2015

Hi, I have a 3rd generation hang tag Cody bear. Know how much it’s worth?

Kristy - 18 January, 2015

Looks like everyone including myself are looking for the value of Congo..
Please advise..
Thank you 🙂

Lynette - 14 January, 2015

I have a 1993 Attic Collection Cawley not on the list. How much is it worth.

    Love My Beanies - 23 January, 2015

    Hello, they tend to sell for about $3.00 on eBay.

Anonymous - 28 December, 2014

they should have it by years. cause i have them from early 90s up to 1999 retire, no more years. it is so long to look for the ones that i am looking for.

Katie N Felix - 26 December, 2014

I have so many I’m not sure how to tell tags apart. But I have a couple of “beanie kids” one is cutie and the other is rascal. It’s a boy and girl set. Just wondering if you could help me out on what they might be worth?

PB - 21 November, 2014

I have a Congo ape style 4160 that I do not see on your list here. DOB 11/9/96

Anonymous - 18 November, 2014

What is the value of Champion from 2002?

Patricia Windom - 9 November, 2014

I have a gorilla Congo with a tag on tush. Don’t see it listed, do you have any idea of its value?

Ronda Hill - 7 November, 2014

Hello, I have a Congo with no Tag, but tush tag says 1996

Anonymous - 6 November, 2014

Missing Congo

Kelly - 4 November, 2014

Hello, I do not see Congo listed here. Is there an estimated value for this beanie?

Chris - 2 November, 2014

How about a 1996 Congo?

karmen - 18 September, 2014

What is the value of a “Congo”?

nicole jackson - 2 September, 2014

Congo style 4160

kathleen cox - 23 July, 2014

would love to know value of wrapped untouched mint condition offcial beanie club bear
thx so much

one more please 1999 signature bear value

    Love My Beanies - 24 July, 2014

    Hello! The Official Club Beanie Babies don’t have much value, maybe $1-3 at best, looks like a lot of people joined the club back in the day!

    For 1999 Signature Bears, here is some information on those: 1999 Signature Beanie Babies

Zack - 14 June, 2014

I have a huge collection of 4-5th gen beanie babies, all in mint and excellent condition. Where is the best place to sell them?

    Love My Beanies - 15 June, 2014

    Aside from trying to sell them locally, the only real option is eBay as that appears to be the largest marketplace for them.

      Anonymous - 15 June, 2014

      I think I have some of the most collectible ones for the 4-5 gen. Including Peanut, Chocolate, Happy, the platypus, Peking, and more.

Jo - 11 June, 2014

How about a clubby II platinum edition (4992 – BBOC all sealed in carry case?

    Love My Beanies - 11 June, 2014

    Hello. I am seeing some Clubby II Platinum kids sell in the $5-10 range online.

kimberly sloan - 7 June, 2014

Whats the value of a offical club ty collection clubby Reg. No. Pa. 1965 (kr)

    Love My Beanies - 8 June, 2014

    The Clubby Bears are fairly common, and were made during the height of Beanie Babies popularity. Only $1-3 on a Clubby.

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