Beanie Babies Price Guide – Letter W

Beanie Babies price guide with ones beginning with letter W.


Beanie Baby Hang Tag Gen Tush Tag Gen Price
Wailea The Bear 14 13 $13.99
Wales The Bear 7 11 $4.50
Wales The Bear I Love 12 13 $5.50
Wallace The Bear 5 8 $4.89
Wattlie The Bear 10 11 $3.30
Waves the Whale 4 5 $1.29
Web The Spider 2 1 $149.00
Web The Spider 3 1 $130.00
Web The Spider None 1 $49.99
Weenie the Dachshund 3 2 $16.00
Weenie the Dachshund 3 2 $32.49
Whisper The Deer 5 6 $1.50
Wilbur The Pig 14 13 $19.99
Wilbur The Pig 14 13 $9.99
William The Bear Open Book 7 13 $3.35
Wise The Owl 5 6 $1.99
Wish The Starfish 11 12 $1.90
Wonton The Panda Bear 15 13 $8.55
Wrinkles the Bulldog 4 3 $1.25
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anita morton - 6 January, 2017

i have a black gorilla that has the name tag hippity . its definitely a misprint whats it value

Garrett - 5 January, 2017

Hi, I was just wondering if either of the two beanie babies are worth anything:

1993 Pincher w/ style 4026 inside tag & pvc pellets

1993 Ramsey w pvc pellets


dpareja - 7 October, 2016

I have a Waddle with a 1995 Tush Tag. Can you help me out?

Anonymous - 29 August, 2016

Velvet the black panther?

Teri - 25 August, 2016

I have all of the “wise” owl’s. Is there a price for the collection?

    Love My Beanies - 25 August, 2016

    Probably not a real premium for having the entire set.

Hope - 3 June, 2016

You are missing Waddle the Penguin (12/19/95, Nook the Husky Teenie Beanie Baby #320 printed on tush tag, Stinky the Skunk (2/13/95), Snort the Pig (5/15/95), Slippery the Seal ((1/17/98),
Socks the Sock Monkey (2013 on tush tag), Squirmy the Worm (4/13/2000), Loosy the Goose (3/29/98), Ollie the Octopus (1/31/13), Whiskers the Dog (8/6/2000)

Beverly C - 20 April, 2016

Waddle the Penguin is not on this list. How much?

Anonymous - 5 March, 2016

Why isn’t Wirabear in here?

Yvelynne Williams - 13 February, 2016

waddles worth the penguin is missing and i need a price range

Anonymous - 13 January, 2016

Wisest – Class of ’00

Deb - 10 October, 2015

Wise – Class of 98 ? Is that worth anything?

Ashley Nebel - 10 August, 2015

I have a large beanie baby lamb it is about maybe a foot or less long and it is old has no tags but has the tag on its leg could you email me so I can send a pic? My email is anebel1234@gmail.com thanks

Shelley Herron - 20 July, 2015

Wiggly the squid is missing

Candy - 21 June, 2015

I have a lamb not on he list by number. Fleece #4125. Can you el me wha its worth? It is in mint condition, clean with both tags still attached. Thank you.

    Love My Beanies - 1 July, 2015

    Fleece Beanie Babies are very common and typically sell in the $1-$3 range.

Cassandra - 5 March, 2015

What is wiser worth

Mary Avery - 28 February, 2015

I forgot, also have Snort & didn’t see it on the list.

Mary Avery - 28 February, 2015

I have a 3rd generation Bones, Squealer with red on white tush, Weenie same tush & Spooky same tush. All have tags in great condition. Can you tell me value? Thanks!

Anonymous - 9 February, 2015

I have a 1999 signature bear is it worth much

Cheryl Perry - 28 November, 2014

How do you know what generation your beanie babies are?

Anonymous - 18 November, 2014

What is the value of Whiskers (dog)?

Brice - 17 November, 2014

ALSO i have a beanie baby platimum membership case from 1999 the hang tag says clubby 2 in roman numerals and the tush says clubby it is sealed and unopened the only reason i saw the tushy tag was because i shook it a bit to move the bear around. is this worth anything

Brice - 17 November, 2014

i have a sheep named wooly 2nd gen hang tag 1st gen hang tag where the style number etc is blank is this right? also what would be the price for this? i can email pictures if i must

    Brice - 17 November, 2014

    its a first gen tush tag 2nd gen hang tag sorry

Jeanette - 12 November, 2014

I have a beanie baby named whittle and I cant find it on the list, is it worth anything?

Anonymous - 9 November, 2014

Whisper the Fawn does not appear on list.

Kristin - 20 October, 2014

I didn’t see sneaky the leopard on your list. I’m thinking he isn’t worth much because he has the ty2000 tag but I was curious. Thanks!

nicole jackson - 3 September, 2014

Wiser owl class 07 ’99

Anonymous - 31 August, 2014

Hey, I have “wiser” the owl, class of 99′, anything? I also have Valentina

Bonnie Moehr - 31 August, 2014

I have two Beanie Babies that I can not find on this page. Both are called Red. Both are basicly white with blue and red stars all over. The difference between the two is one has a red nose, red inner ear and red paw pads. Can someone tell me why I can not find them? Are they fakes or something?

    Love My Beanies - 19 September, 2014

    Hello! I believe the story behind those is that several USA Bears were sold in a group. Those are two variations and there appears to be one with a blue muzzle and paws. They are real and were released in 2003.

kim - 14 August, 2014

I have whisper the deer 1997. What’s the value it’s in perfect condition tag in the ear and everything

    Love My Beanies - 19 August, 2014

    Hello! Whisper Beanie Babies typically sell in the $1.50-$4 range.

Sydney - 11 August, 2014

I have Wrinkles the bulldog from 1996 # 4103 and PVC beans. What is its value? Thanks for your time. Where is the best place to sell them?

    Love My Beanies - 12 August, 2014

    Hello! Unfortunately, Wrinkles are fairly common, and you’d be lucky to get more than $3-5 for it online. The only somewhat decent marketplace right now for Beanie Babies is eBay.

Jean - 28 July, 2014

I have a Waddle – 3rd Gen. Hang and 1st Gen. Tush.
I have a Stripes – 3rd Gen. Hang and 1st Gen. Tush. I think it might have dark stripes.
What are their value?

    Love My Beanies - 8 August, 2014

    For the Waddle, you might be able to get in the $10 range. For Stripes, maybe about the same price.

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