Beanie Babies Price Guide – Letter D

This page is a price guide for Beanie Babies starting with the letter D.  Some of the key ones are 1st or 2nd Generation Daisy the Cow and Orange Digger the Crab.

Beanie Babies On This Page Worth Money


Daisy The Cow
1st & 2nd Generation Versions = $$$
4th Generation and later (pictured) = worthless




Digger the Crab – Orange
1st or 2nd Generation Hang Tags = $$$$$




D -$5
Dabbles -$5
Dad -$5
Dad-e -$5
Daffodil -$4
Daffy Duck -$5
Daichi -$20
Dallas Cowboys -$10
Dear -$4
Dear Dad -$5
Dear Grandma -$6
Dear Grandpa -$5
Dear Heart -$6
Dear Mom -$6
Dear One -$6
Dearest -$3
Dearly -$4
Decade -$3
December -$4
Deke -$6
Delights -$6
Delilah -$10
Demure -$7
Denny Hamlin -$6
Denver -$4
Denver Broncos -$8
Deputy -$5
Derby – See Guide
Destiny -$6
Detroit Tigers -$6
Deuce -$4
Deutschland -$4
Dewi -$75
Diddley -$5
Diego -$8
Digger – See Guide
Diggidy -$6

Diggs -$4
Dimples -$7
Dinky -$5
Dippy -$5
Discover -$27
Divalectable -$11
Divalightful -$5
Dizz -$13
Dizzy -$5
Doby -$3
Docks -$7
Dominion -$6
Donatello -$6
Donkey -$7
Doodle -$5
Doogie -$3
Dooley -$9
Dora -$7
Dora Del Tenis -$1
Dory -$5
Dotson -$10
Dotty -$4
Down Under-$7
Dr. Jack the Helping Dog -$18
Dreamer -$3
Drumstick -$8
Dublin -$5
Duchess -$5
DUCK-e -$3
Duckers -$5
Duckling -$15
Duke -$7
Dundee -$7
Durango -$4
Dusty -$33
D’Vine -$5
Dwynwen -$75


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Robert - 6 July, 2017

i have a frog Dart I can’t find on the guide, dob November 22nd 2000 it’s tag has a sparkly star on it

carolina rubio - 7 April, 2017

hello im trying to get rid of my beanie babies. if interested contact me at carito.rubio0426@gmail.com

beaniebabie fan - 30 January, 2017

Hello there I like to collect the Beanie Babies to Beanie Babies Boo’s I stating to collect the Beanie Babies last Summer…
so I have 77 Beanie Babies and I have 4 Beanie Babies Keychains
have a great day

    Love My Beanies - 20 March, 2017

    Nice! Best of luck with your collection!

Peggy - 8 December, 2016

What is the value of Derby with the fluffy mane?

Anonymous - 4 April, 2016

I dont see Dog on here. Wat is a zodiac collection? It still says beanie baby collection on it

bobbie - 28 February, 2016

Whats the value of the orange digger with 3rd gen swing tag and 1st gen tush tag?

Anastasia Bryant - 16 December, 2015

I was mistaken on my last comment, I have almost 60 beanie babies that are in pristine condition. Just the few I have priced are very valuable. I will be selling them for a very good price once I have looked them all up. I will list them all with their numbers in a few days. If you may be interested in purchasing them please contact me with the information I posted on my last comment. Thank you.

Anastasia Bryant - 16 December, 2015

I have about 50 beanie babies that I inherited. I am pricing them as of now, in a day or two I will make a comment on this page. I will sell them cheaper than they are worth. They are in perfect condition, heart tags are in perfect condition as well. I know the few inhave looked up already are valuable. If you may be interested please look for my next comment. My name is Anastasia. I live in GA. You can contact me at 865-399-5898. Thank you.

Ed - 25 August, 2015

What about Devlin 3rd generation third version

Shelley Herron - 19 July, 2015

I have the Chinese Zodiac Dragon. I don’t see it here, or in the number/symbol category. Any ideas about this one?

maddy chavez - 27 February, 2015

I have an orange Digger but cant figure out which one he is? Help? And if anyone is interested send me your number via comment and i will be in touch!

john canine - 1 February, 2015

cleaning out the house to sell and found ex’s collection. Any proceeds will be used towards my son’s college expenses since she is now MIA and won’t be contributing a dime.

karmen - 18 September, 2014

What would be the value of “Dragon”?

heidi chobot - 2 September, 2014

I have Derby horse dob 9/16/95 style #4008 lite brown- no price is listed – what does that mean?
I also am filling this out as an insurance claim loss- should I go by these prices listed or use another source for collecting insurance money on my loss of excellent condition ty babies? is there a different site or price list to use?

Heidi Chobot

    Mike - 25 October, 2014

    Unfortunately the market for collectible beanies has come and gone many years back. I happened to be in the right place at ths right time and enjoyed tracking down the latest release and reselling them at profit. The best thing to do with beanies is to love them. I know it sounds sappy but they are cute and they make a cherished gift to little ones 🙂
    A few years back, I gave a 50 piece assortment to a children’s hospital to be handed out to the little children who were in the hospital. I know from my own experience how scary it can be for little ones away from home in a scary place. Just to have a friendly face give you a soft beanie to cuddle helps the scariness.

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