Beanie Babies Price Guide #1-4H

Beanie Babies price guide for the ones that didn’t start with a letter. Included on this page are the Holiday, Signature and Happy New Year Bears. The semi-valuable Beanie Babies from this list are the Zodiac ones that were exclusively released in the Asia-Pacific region.

Beanie Babies Worth Money On This Page


2006 Zodiac The Dog
Style Number 46051
Special Asia-Pacific Release
Value: $29.90+
More Information


#1 Employee Bear -See Guide
#1 Teacher $6.45
123′s $4.19
1997 Holiday Teddy Bear $2.31
1998 Holiday Teddy Bear $4.37
1999 Holiday Teddy Bear $3.64
1999 Signature Bear $2.63
2000 Holiday Teddy $5.19
2000 Signature Bear $3.13
2001 Holiday Teddy $2.01
2001 Signature Bear $2.23
2002 Holiday Teddy $4.15
2002 Signature Bear $3.35
2003 Holiday Teddy $4.48
2003 Signature Bear $2.67
2004 Holiday Teddy $4.49
2004 Signature Bear $2.91
2005 Holiday Teddy $1.80
2005 Signature Bear $5.06
2006 Happy New Year Bear $5.50
2006 Holiday Teddy $8.08
2006 Signature Bear $4.10
2006 Zodiac Dog $29.90
2007 Happy New Year Bear $5.75
2007 Holiday Red Teddy $8.99
2007 Holiday Green Teddy $6.95
2007 Signature Bear $6.98
2007 Zodiac Pig $10.50
2008 Happy New Year Bear $6.90
2008 Zodiac Rat $16.95
4-H $5.47


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Darlene - 26 June, 2017

What about the Zodiac Horse. Any info on that one? I do not have the year, as someone else has it in hand.

Schellene gage - 27 November, 2016

Thank you so much for this list it helps a lot so I have some many and did not no there value I had all the first fifteen years and lost them in microbursts and I just started collecting them amain

Jacinda Hill - 7 July, 2015

I have a LARGE collection . Everything from Ronald McDonald House Charities Beanies still in pkgs, Happy Meal Beanies still in pkgs., Original Beanies, Holiday Beanies, Birthday Beanies, Box sets, American Trio, International Bears II, much more.
I am looking to sell the whole collection, some I have duplicates of.
Need to know best place to list them for sale.

Robyn Adams - 4 February, 2015

What about the Attic Treasure beanies, the Teenie beanies, the Jingle beanies, or the graduation themed beanies? I have 4 ATs, 2 (1996) Teenies, 1 Jingle, and 1 graduation (Wisest the owl)

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